14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

This article is about happy massages in Bangkok (hand jobs) and erotic massages, if you want information on normal non-sexual massages then go back to my home page.

Anyway, so you’re coming to Thailand and thinking of getting a happy ending massage in Bangkok / rub and tug massage, hand job massage or whatever you want to call it, but you don’t know where to go?

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article. Well you’ve come to the right place, in this blog post I will list dozens of places in Bangkok where you can go and get yourself a nice happy ending massage. Hell it would be rude to come to Bangkok and not get one! If you’re looking for normal Thai girls in Bangkok check out my post on finding a Thai girlfriend or how to get Thai girls in nightclubs.

Getting a hand job massage in Bangkok is not easy to find if you don’t know where to look or if you’re not staying in the tourist areas.

There are thousands of massage shops here, not all will actually offer you a hand job massage or happy ending massages services. If you want to roll the dice and take a chance, always ask for a private room or an oil or aromatic massage as they will usually be done in a private room. I’ve talked more about this later in the article.

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BKK Vice

Our team at BBK Vice has over 10 years of experience in the industry. BKK Vice has some of the best collections of very attractive, professional massage therapists in town.

All rooms and suites will be brand new with the interior design based on Miami 70’s style and the hit classic “Grand Theft Auto”.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

Located only a few minutes walk from BTS Phrompong Station, BKK Vice is ready to give you a pleasurable experience at a very reasonable rate, starting from 2,000 THB. 

Visit www.bkkvice.com and add them on Line @bkkvice for more details of their services, girls, and room types.

Daisy Dream

Daisy Dream is one of the most exclusive happy ending Massage Parlor in Bangkok bringing sophistication in a one-of-a-kind 1900’s Shanghai-style décor. You get the vibe that you wandered into a high-class Asian bordello in some time past.

Despite how nice the place is, the prices at Daisy Dream are surprisingly reasonable. You will be invited to select one (or several!) beautiful and highly skilled massage therapists and she will guide you upstairs to one of their luxury rooms for an experience you will not forget easily.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

You can visit their website here: daisydream.club

Aya Bangkok

One of the newest happy ending massages in Bangkok.

Created as a true temple of sanctuary for gentlemen and couples, AYA is an enchanting OASIS, an escape from the frenetic city of Bangkok, surrounded by architectural treasures from Morocco.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

Their website does not show much explicit content. Yet, the girls at Aya, some of whom worked at the infamous Eden club before, are among the best performers in Bangkok when it comes to a very happy ending.

You can find their website here: ayamassagebangkok.com

Erotic Tantra Massage (Udom Suk)

If you’re looking for something a little more remote and not in the main tourist areas, Erotic Tantra Massage is for you.

This shop is less than 5 mintue walk from BTS Udom Suk and they offer over 10 types of different massages on offer.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

You can get a full price list and their massagues by checking out their website at www.erotictantramassage.com

Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

Body Bliss Massage is a new but very good outcall massage where you can get handjobs in Bangkok. They offer services for both male and females.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

They have a range of massages including soapy and prostate . You can view all their girls but visiting their website at BodyBlissBangkok.com


Smooci is an online only escort service that allows you to book girls from your laptop or mobile directly offering a wide range of erotic massages in Bangkok. Smooci also allows you to see where they are in real-time which is ideal as you don’t have to wait for hours in your hotel or apartment.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

At any one time they can have as many has 30+ girls to choose from, you can learn more by checking out their website: Smooci.com

Happy ending massages in Sukhumvit Soi 11

Ask any taxi or tuk tuk driver and they will know this place, if you’re close to the MRT or BTS, just head to Asoke MRT or Nana BTS and get off, it will be less than a 2-minute walk to this Soi.

To find the massage shops you need to walk up about 150 meters and before you know it, you will be welcomed by several average looking Thai girls varying from 22-45 asking you for erotic massages services in Bangkok.

The girls will be sitting on some steps that go into a little gangway full of massage shops, you can just make your way through and take a look around.

When you get to the end of the gangway, just take a left and there will be a few more massage shops. You can always ask for the 4 hand massages, this is when 2 girls massage.

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The image below is taking from Soi 11, this is the 2nd floor as you reach the end of the gangway you can go up some stairs and find more shops:

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

Prices vary but for a handjob massage / happy ending massage you’re looking to pay a flat 500 baht fee, excluding the actual massage which starts from 300+ baht I think. You can ask for other services too, prices just depend on how good you can negotiate and rooms vary from place to place, with air-con in all massage shops. Soi 11 rug and tug massages in Bangkok won’t give you a high-class experience, it’s a bit more wham bam thank you mam.

To give you some ideas of price, I have had friends who paid as much as 1,000b for a hand job from what I consider a real hot girl, whereas full sex can start from 1,000-2,000b. This price does not include the massage (you can ask them to just skip the massage they are not very good here anyway).

The best time to go is after 9pm, they are usually open 24/7 though, it’s a little bit seedy, the rooms are really small, and you can sometimes hear the guy next door having sex or being tossed off. Here’s a few more pictures of what to expect when you are on Soi 11.

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Girls will be cat calling you and asking if you want a hand job or extra services.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

Below is a map of popular nightclub Climax, there are a dozen sex massage shops on Soi 11 about 50 meters before it. Please note Climax is now closed.

Update (Dec 2017): many of the massages on Soi 11 have now closed. I do not know if this is a perment move or tempoary but it seems they are trying to clean up Soi 11 and make it more toruist friendly.

You’ll need to go elsewhere to find Sex in Bangkok.

They closed the famous night club Climax in 2017 which was popular to find hookers.  If you have any more news you can leave a comment below.

Update: (Dec 2018): It appears no new erotic massages in Soi 11 will open up. It looks like they are trying to clean up this area and keep the massages to Soi 4 and Soi 23.

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Rug and tug massages in Soi 33

Best way to get here on the BTS is to go Phrom Phong or tell a taxi driver Soi 33, as you walk about 100 meters up the Soi, you will start to see massage parlous. Not all of them offer the happy ending service, but you should get an idea from the way they are dressed and their personalty. If you’re still unsure, once inside just ask them if they provide “extra” services such as rug and tugs or even full sex.

If you go to the end of the Soi on there’s a place called Rakuten Spa, although it looks very nice and clean on the outside and even the reception, a lot of the girls offer extra services from around 500 baht upwards, which is the going rate for a happy ending massage in Bangkok.

Update (Dec 2017): prices at Rakuten have risen as of late, you need to tip around 1,000b or more to get a handjob.

Rooms here vary depending on the massage shops you visit, you can always ask to have a look around before you get your massage. Most will offer a nice little private room, air conned and maybe even a shower, unlike many places in Soi 11. Expect the prices for a hand job here to be a lot more than Soi 11, due to the better rooms and service.

Prices for full service start around 1,800b upwards for 1 hour. You can pay less you can pay more, it really depends on how much the girl likes you and vice versa.

You will know when you’re at the massages because the girls will start grabbing your hand and asking you to come inside the shop. I last visited December 2017 and all the girls were girls, there are no ladyboys working in these massages, or at least not on my last visit.

Soi 23 HJ in Bangkok

Soi 23 is in Asoke, the best way to get here is via the MRT or BTS and get off at Asoke. Walk into Soi Cowboy and out the other end then turn left, after around 20-40 meters you will find a few massage parlors. here you’ll find various girls offering to give a number of massages services including a happy ending and more if you want.

You can also find plenty of erotic massages in Asoke, don’t be fooled by the girls saying they will give you a Thai massage for 400 baht, read between the lines.

The rooms tend to be much better than at Soi 11, all usually private with a shower, but feel free to have a look before you go in

Kitty Spa, Pretty Model Massage in RCA

The Kitty Spa is located in R.C.A very close to Route 66, They also offer you a happy massage but at a cost. I have never been but my friends tell me the girls are pretty hot and the rooms are covered with Hello Kitty bedsheets and wallpaper. The staff doesn’t understand too much English either, so it may just be best to ask for the Menu. A massage starts at 1,000 baht, with extras starting from 1,500 baht, they are open from 12 pm- until 4am.

Map Locations for Sukhumvit massage shops

Here’s a quick map location on how to enter Sukhumvit 1-5, 4, 11, 23 and 24-26.

Around Nana and Asoke there are dozens of go go bars and beer bars that have Thai bar girls working there and Thai hookers.

Kapoo Clubs

You can also get erotic massages in Kapoo Clubs, see my article here about Kapoo Clubs in Bangkok.

How much should I pay for a hand job in Bangkok?

Prices tend to vary from place to place, the standard rate seems to be around 500 baht for a hand job in Bangkok, this is excluding the actual price of the massage. Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t

Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t do it for less than 1,000 so just pay whatever you’re willing to pay. Tips are not necessary but not uncommon either, it’s really up to you. Soi 11 would be your cheapest place for a happy ending massage, but you’d also get the worst service and rooms, Soi 33 and 23 would cost a little more, but the girls tend to be cuter and much better-looking rooms.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

You pay for your massage upfront normally before you go into the room.

Update (Dec 2018): prices for the most part have not changed since I wrote this article. It still costs between 500-100 baht for a hand job depending on the venue and girl.

Prices for erotic massages in Bangkok that include full service are still about the same, the new places do charge a bit more but you get a much better room.

What exactly happens during the massage?

The massages usually last for 1 hour unless you have asked for a longer one. They may sometimes ask you to take a shower, which is in the same room they sit down and you shower while they watch. You can always tell them to leave and come back once finished if you’re feeling shy. You then go into the massage table, fully naked just covered in a towel, and then get a

They may sometimes ask you to take a shower, which is in the same room they sit down and you shower while they watch. You can always tell them to leave and come back once finished if you’re feeling shy. You then go into the massage table, fully naked just covered in a towel, and then get a 45-minute massage which can be very poor to average most of the time.

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Then she does the deed, cleans you up and asks if you would like to take a shower or not. You could ask for her number or Line ID at this point to get her to come to your apartment later (you’ll have to pay her).

What do the rooms look like?

The cheaper the price the worse the rooms are usually. By far the worst rooms I have seen happen to be on Soi 11 pictured below:

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

As you can see there is only a thin piece of wood that separates you from the next so called room. In soi 11 they don’t have private rooms so if you want something better then you better go elsewhere. Soi 11 is also next to a few Bangkok clubs so if you come here at night, there may be other people being drunk and loud.

If you’re loud during sex or the room next to you is full, you will hear them.

If you go to any of the shops I have listed above in this article, they do offer private rooms that offer more space and look much better:

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

The better the room the more you’ll pay. You can ask to take a look at the room before you go and pay so feel free to ask them and whether they have VIP rooms.

Can you ask for handjobs in a normal massage shop?

You should never ask them out right. What I suggest you do is book yourself an oil massage, this will mean you’re in a private room alone, or at least there are curtains closed so nobody else can come in. For most oil massages in Thailand, you will need to strip to your boxers.

I suggest taking off your boxer shorts and just lying on the bed naked, head facing down. Then the ball is in the massage girl’s court and she can decide. From my experience if you do this at most massages they will ask you for extras although it’s not always the case.

Happy ending or Yoni massages for women in Bangkok

If you’re a woman and want a happy ending massage, follow the exact same advice I gave on this page. Some Thai girls will be happy enough to provide you with the service. If you want a tantric massage from a guy or the full monty, then I’ve listed a few massage shops above that have guys who can offer you what you want.

Please note there is no women’s only happy ending massage in Bangkok. If you don’t mind asking, you can visit a shop and ask them to bring a guy for you the following day.  Don’t be shy, they get these types of requests all the time.

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There’s not many options for erotic massages for women in Bangkok, the shops I’ve listed above do offer services for women, so it’s best you contact them directly.

How do I know if a massage shop in Bangkok offers erotic services?

There are many ways you can gauge whether a massage shop in Bangkok offers extra services such as handjobs, Bangkok blowjobs bars or full sex, they include:

Tourist areas – massage shops near Soi Cowboy and Nana are much more likely to offer extra services than shops located near tourist malls or markets. Just think about it for a second, who visits Nana and Cowboy? Men looking for girls.

Who visits malls and night markets? Couples and backpackers.

This isn’t to say all massage shops near Nana and Cowboy offer handjobs, but there’s a greater chance than a massage shop located in Siam which is a popular area to shop. In these areas you can tell because the girls are calling you and usually dressed up in skirts and a lot of make up.

Happy ending massages are not just limited to the red light district in Bangkok, you can still find them in other areas such as Thong Lor or On-nut.

Neon lights – if a shop has neon lights outside, that is a good sign that they offer sexual services, the shop front will also have tinted windows so you cannot see inside from the outside.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

For example, the sign above and the ones behind it are obvious what they offer. If you see a cluster of shops next to each other like this, they offer sexual services.

  • Note: some massage shops cater to Korean and Japanese customers only and will not allow you inside. They are easy to spot because they only use Japanese text, the one above uses English and Japanese and is fine for westerners. These shops are hidden and not so easy to find, so chances are you’ll never see them anyway.

Women outside – if there are women sitting outside the massage giving you cat-eyes and grabbing you to come inside, this is another sign that the massage offers extra services.

Shop messages– some shops will state that they do not offer any happy endings or extra services and for you to report them if anyone does ask. Needless to say these do not offer additional sexual services.

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Big massage chains – Health Land and Asia Herb are both massage franchises that you can find all over Thailand. There are several in Bangkok and non-offer sexual services, but they do offer great massages (usually).

It depends – on the girl. You might visit a massage shop once and are offered nothing, then the second time you go in, you’re offered full sex or a handjob. There are a number of factors that go into finding a normal looking massage that offers a happy ending in Bangkok.

As I mentioned already if you want a happy ending always get an oil, aroma or a massage where they put oil on your body. Nobody will offer you an handjob, blowjob or full sex if you get a foot massage or Thai massage.

Foot massage are usually done on the ground floor where people can walk past and see.  A Thai massage involves you wearing baggy clothing and you’re normally in a room with other people who are getting one too.

Only with an oil massage do you get a private room, or at the very least a private partition where nobody can come in and see what is happening.

Where can you find the sexiest girls for hand jobs?

There are a few hand job joints across Bangkok that I’ve listed above called Kapoo Clubs. They usually have girls between the ages of 20-25 who are studying at university and are giving massages with hand jobs to make money on the side.

Here is a picture of such girls that cost 2,000b for a massage + HJ:

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

These girls only offer hand jobs (maybe a blowjob if you can convince them) and prices start from 2,000b upwards. The quality of their massage is usually average and you usually have to pay extra (500b) for them to give you a massage naked.

I know some of them offer body 2 body massages with happy ending service for 200-2500b depending on girl, but don’t expect to get full sex here. It also helps if you can speak Thai.

Keep in mind for that amount of money you can visit a very nice soapy or get full service, or even join a dating site and meet girls of the same quality for free.

If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article.

Happy ending, 14 Best Happy Massages in Bangkok

Then the real fun starts, this is where the Thai girl starts to give you a sensual massage before going full retard and starts performing the actual happy ending massage. Once you explode and she cleans you off, they usually give you a cup of tea and you’re on your way.

You pay for the massage at the counter usually, and for the extra services directly to the girl, this is not the case for all massage shops, but usually what happens.

Where is your favourite hand job place in Bangkok?


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