Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok

In this article you will learn where to find Gentlemen club’s in Bangkok.

If you are fond of the Bangkok nightlife, you should have heard about gentlemen’s club.

There are several gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok that sometimes it is difficult to pick which one you should go to.

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, Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok

You can’t enjoy the Bangkok nightlife in just over a night, but if you are in transit and would have to spend the night in Bangkok.

You can try to visit maybe one or two gentlemen club Bangkok to have the taste of an upscale night lifestyle, that is if you have the money to spend. Most of the g clubs costs more than the usual nightclub or go go bar.

Here I have listed down the gentlemen club you can find in Bangkok and perhaps it might help you decide which one is the best to spend a few hours and your money (because we all know that drinks and women are especially expensive in these types of places).

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, Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok

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, Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok

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The Lounge Club

The Lounge is a gentlemen club in Bangkok located on Sukhumvit. Is it also referred to as a Coyote Bar or Club because there are several coyote dancers. It is not hard to miss as it is located at Thonburi Plaza Entertainment Complex.

The place is great and has good vibe. Girls are not too pushy so you know that you will have a good time.

The Pimp

The Pimp is one of the best coyote or gentleman’s club Bangkok. Membership costs 20,000 and that include 12 bottles of hard liquor; that would be like 1 bottle of liquor per month. Other perks of members include discounted price for drinks (270 baht) while non-members pay 330 baht.

I can tell you that the women from the Pimp are absolutely stunning. They also hold themed parties to make sure that the clients are entertained all through the night. Pimp club is located on Pracha Uthit Road.

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, Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok

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Maiake Club

Maiake Club seems to be a gentlemen club Bangkok that would be not too expensive to go to. This is because their membership has a wide range of options.

You can become a member with as little as 10,000 baht and that gets you 7 bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label. The only downside with this place is that girls are timed when they get to sit with you which is: 1 drink for every 40 minutes. So it would seem like you will be paying 500 baht per hour for the girl to sit and hang out with you. Girls are quite attractive but not as stunning as compared to the others.


Exotica is another gentleman club in Bangkok where it houses stunning and attractive girls. The place actually looks really great and with a place like this, you really need to suit up. Membership can go as little as 30,000 baht and that includes 9 bottles of black label.

They also host themed parties to keep everyone entertained. Exotica Gentleman Club Bangkok is located at Sukhumvit Soi 55.

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Big Apple

This is not really a gentleman’s club but more of like a coyote club. If you would like to get a feel of something like of a g club without the high price then the Big Apple is the place to go to. You can be a member for a minimum of 6,000 baht and get 3 bottles of Red Label.

Mixers are free of charge. The interior of the Big Apple Gentleman Club Bangkok is more of a pub rather than the swanky g club with posh sofas and tables, etc. The venue is located in Lat Phrao.

St. Moritz Bangkok

St Moritz Gentleman Club Bangkok which is located Sukhumvit Soi 11. Hands down this place is like the best when it comes to g clubs. Drinks are priced at 360 baht.

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Girls working here at this club are absolutely stunning. Most of the girls working are not dark skinned and not pasty white so you can say that they are really attractive especially with Western men.

Another thing is that most people who come here are the rich and elite men of Thailand. Membership fee costs 35,000 baht. I give it a five star rating and if you are looking for a good gentleman club in Bangkok then St. Moritz is the place you should visit.

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Model Club

This is a fairly new club so there is not much to say when it comes to popularity. I have never been to this club yet but I have heard rumors that girls working there as hostess are aged 16 or 17.  This is another place for you to check out.

The Club

The Club Gentleman Club Bangkok is another new club located on Patpong Road. Membership fee is 10,000 for 4 bottles and includes a lot of perks such as 250 baht for beers, 320 baht for cocktails. You will be able to sit with coyote dancers costs 320 baht for every 40 minutes.

They also have European dancers which charges 800 baht for every 30 minutes and you can get a private room dance for 5 minutes that costs 1,000 baht per person. Pretty expensive and would need you to take your credit card out when you visit The Club.

White Lioness Bangkok

White Lioness Gentleman Club Bangkok is one of the exclusive clubs which featured Russian and European showgirls or dancers. However, this has been shut down because I believe that because of the high price and its location means that there is no business. A new business will be or have opened called Club 12.

The Sky Club & Lounge

The Sky Gentleman Club Bangkok is located in Suanluang and has 2 divided rooms. There are also upscale private karaoke rooms. Membership fee which is priced at 10,500 baht can get you 5 bottles of Black label and 20% discount on food, beverage and karaoke. The most expensive membership fee runs at 102,000 baht which includes 65 bottles of Black Label Whisky. This is a very busy coyote club because there are a lot of clients, but the only downside is that you have to know how to speak Thai.

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You would just have to come early to make sure that you get the best girl otherwise they are already booked.

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, Top 10 Gentlemen Clubs In Bangkok


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