9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok

In this article I will discuss the best places to get sex in Bangkok. I will be talking about both paid and free options, what the going rate is and everything you need to know about getting sex in Bangkok on your first trip.

9 ways to find sex in Bangkok

1. Dating sites

The more guys come here the more they realize that pipe-lining (setting up dates) before they come to Bangkok is the best way to get sex in Bangkok for free. Joining sites such as Thai Friendly you can quickly have 30-50 girls message you if you sign up for a paying membership. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Post a few pictures of yourself in well-dressed clothes and start talking to a few girls and organise dates when you arrive. Using dating sites in Thailand is nothing like back home. If you get the paid membership that puts your profile on the first page, as long as you have white skin you will get at least 10-30 message a day. Read this to see my review of Thai Cupid.

2. BKK Vice

Our team at BBK Vice has over 10 years of experience in the industry. BKK Vice has some of the best collections of very attractive, professional massage therapists in town.

All rooms and suites will be brand new with the interior design based on Miami 70’s style and the hit classic “Grand Theft Auto”. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok
Located only a few minutes walk from BTS Phrompong Station, BKK Vice is ready to give you a pleasurable experience at a very reasonable rate, starting from 2,000 THB.

Visit www.bkkvice.com and add them on Line @bkkvice for more details of their services, girls, and room types.

3. Daisy Dream

If you’re looking for a soapy massage in Bangkok, there’s no better place than Daisy Dream. You can enjoy the ultimate soapy massage experience in one of their 5-star VIP Jacuzzi rooms. Everything from the selection of girls (over 30 at peak time) to the furnishing and feel of the lounge and rooms are great. If I have a friend coming to Thailand who wants an amazing massage experience, Daisy Dream is where I tell them to visit. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok You can visit their website here: daisydream.club

4. Aya Bangkok

One of the newest soapy massage places in Bangkok. Created as a true temple of sanctuary for gentlemen and couples, AYA is an enchanting OASIS, an escape from the frenetic city of Bangkok, surrounded by architectural treasures from Morocco. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Their website does not show much explicit content. Yet, the girls at Aya, some of whom worked at the infamous Eden club before, are among the best performers in Bangkok when it comes to a very happy ending. You can find their website here: ayamassagebangkok.com

4. Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

If you want a safe and discreet experience then I suggest you check out the Body Bliss Massage website in Bangkok. They offer a range of extra special massages to your hotel or apartment. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok They have dozens of girls to choose from, prices are pretty good and they have a list of services you can try. You can visit their website BodyBlissBangkok.com

5. Smooci

If you’re here on holiday or business and want a discreet way of meeting hot girls, then Smooci is by far the best way in Bangkok to get sex. Using their online website you can book any of their escorts and they will visit you in your hotel or apartment. Prices start from around 3,000b upwards: sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Once booked, you can use Google Maps to track her location giving you enough time to get ready and ensure that she is actually coming. You can view their range of girls by visiting their website: www.Smooci.com

6. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong

If you go to either of these you will be expected to pay. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong are the three main red light districts in Bangkok. Cowboy and Nana are located pretty close to each other and is then a 10-minute walk, while Patpong is a fair bit away and you will need a taxi. On average barfines start at 600-800 baht with Thai bar girls costing 2,000 for short-time and 3,000 or more for a long time. Some clubs charge a 1,000 baht bar fine and as much as 3,000-4,000 for a long time. It’s always best to ask the bar before you go and take a girl home. Sex in Bangkok in the red light districts is usually pretty safe, the girls are tested every 3 months and they won’t steal from you as can go back to the bar and complain. Read this article to know more about Thai hookers or the price of sex in Thailand.

7. Nightclubs

Getting sex in Bangkok for free is certainly a possibility in Bangkok nightclubs. Places such as Funky Villa, Route 66 and Onyx have a small amount of bar girls while Levels and Insanity is 90%+. If you want to get sex in Bangkok for free, then go to the bars mentioned above or meet up with a girl from Thai Friendly in the club. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok If you pick up a prostitute in one of the clubs, you don’t pay any bar fine. You should discuss with the girl before hand how much she wants otherwise she may end up asking for more than you would have liked to paid. On average prices start from 1,000 baht up. If the girl is really hot, 2,000 baht or more is not uncommon.

8. Massages

All sex massage in Bangkok cost money obviously. The amount you pay varies from place to place. For more information check out my posts on soapy massage in Bangkok, Nuru massages in Bangkok , Kapoo Clubs and happy massages in Bangkok. If the massage is listed as 2,000 baht or so, this includes the sex. If the massage is labelled at 300 baht, this means you pay the girl in the room.The price is up for negotiation but is usually at least 1,300 baht.

9. Day game

If you like to go up to Thai women in the day and ask their number or LINE ID, day gaming in Bangkok is awesome. There are dozens of malls you can visit and talk to girls, day markets, night markets and various events that you can find on Facebook or Meetup. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Bangkok has over 12 million people and the best way to meet girls when you’re not using dating sites is offline. It’s best to go around areas such as Siam, Silom or Sukhumvit as there’s a greater chance girls speak English. Almost all Thai girls hanging at Koh San Road will speak English. Going up to girls in Bangkok is nothing like back home in the west, most will be scared, shy or shocked if you go up and start talking. I find it’s best to say you’re lost and you’re looking for directions to the BTS or a coffee shop.Then just before you finish the chat, ask if you can add them on Whatsapp or the Line app then meet them later in the evening for a date.
  • Note: you will find that a lot of Thai girls will give you their number but very few will message you or flake. This is because they are just being nice and don’t want to embarrass you by saying no. Thailand has a very safe face culture.
This method can also work well in the red light areas of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza after 8pm with freelancers on the street, and is one of the cheapest ways to get sex in Bangkok. It’s not uncommon for girls to go back to your room for 1,500b, after 3am as low as 1,000b.

Practice Safe Bangkok Sex

I know a lot of people who do not use condoms when they are having Bangkok sex, even with hookers. I always advise everyone to use a condom when they sleep with someone for the first time. Even if you have sex in Bangkok for free by pulling a girl, still use a condom. The STD and HIV rate in Bangkok is reality low and seldom do I here my friends catch anything. But nether the less always practice safe sex in Bangkok. Most bar girls are checked every 3 months and have been told to always use a condom with customers. You can usually ask to see their cards to see when they last got tested. Related: find the best soaplands in Tokyo for sex and learn where to meet girls in Osaka. Freelancers work alone and most won’t bother getting tested as often because it cost them money. They are also less educated about safe Bangkok sex and are more likely to sleep with other people without using a condom.

Can anyone get laid in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a great place because people care less about your looks than western cities. I mean sure it helps to be good looking, but often times you just need to be well dressed and clean shaven and girls will give you attention. If you’re coming to Bangkok looking for sex, avoid wearing vests or flip flops on a night out, dress in a t-shirt or better and trousers or chinos. Dressing the right way here goes a long way with normal Thai girls and working bar girls in Bangkok. It can be harder for Indian and black guys to get laid but nothing you can’t overcome by being nice and friendly.

How much does it cost?

Bangkok sex prices greatly vary depending on what it is you want. Overall the prices are much cheaper than other places, sex in Hong Kong or  girl in Macau will cost 5x the price of Bangkok. If you meet a girl in a nightclub, you could be paying anywhere from 1,500 upwards for sex in Bangkok. If you go to a go go bar then prices are going to start from 2,500b upwards for short-time, and 3,500 or more for long-term. Most massages shops have fixed prices ranging anywhere between 2000-300b. However if you want to try a soapy massage then prices can range from 2000-10,000b. Bangkok sex prices cost more when you visit go go bars or soapy massages where girls have different prices. If this is your first time in Thailand and you want the best value sex in Bangkok, I would check out Soi 24 near Phrom Phong. Prices in all shops are around the same and the service for the most part is good too. If you’re every unsure about Bangkok sex prices, always ask before hand to avoid any issues later.

Where to stay in Bangkok to have the best chance of getting laid

Ideally, you want to stay in the Lower Sukhumvit Area between Asoke and Phra Khanong. This is where you can find the highest amount of bars, clubs, go-go bars and massages. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Asoke and Nana is the red light district, here you can find dozens of go go bars where you can pay for sex, freelancers on the street and a handful of after hour night clubs. In Thong Lor and Ekkamai you have dozens of bars with normal Thai girls and clubs.  If you meet a girl from a dating site she is much more likely to come to meet up if you are in Sukhumvit because the BTS is there, and there are lots of bus routes coming into this area. You can find more info on the best places to stay in Bangkok by checking out my Best Airbnb rentals in Bangkok article. You could decide to stay in other areas such as Ratchada or Lad Prao, but getting to the best spots in Bangkok can take as much as an hour and girls might not want to go back with you. To increase your chances of getting sex on your next Bangkok holiday, stay in lower Sukhumvit. Above is a Google map of Sukhumvit which starts off at Phra Khanong. If you move up the map you will go past various BTS stops, stay anywhere beteen Nana and Phra Khanong and you’ll be golden. Related: learn why you should not use Tinder in Thailand and where to party in Hua Hin. sex in bangkok, 9 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok Want to get laid in Bangkok for free, then read this article. And there you have it! The lowdown on how to get sex in Bangkok.

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