Best Airbnb Rentals in Bangkok

When someone messages me about staying in Thailand, I pretty much always advise them to use Airbnb over hotels. Not only do you get more value for money, you save a lot of the bullshit you get with hotels in Thailand.

In this article I’m going to tell you why Airbnb is better than hotels and the best Airbnb rentals in Bangkok based on price.

Airbnb or hotels in Bangkok?

There are a gang of reasons why I dislike hotels in Bangkok, such as:

Stupidity – Bangkok isn’t quiet, if your hotel is facing the main road or construction site….

bad time meme

In a western hotel, the staff are competent to know this and will put you in the quieter side of the hotel if the rooms are free. In Thailand, they are too busy playing games on their phone to give a single **** about you and put you where they want.I’ve had friends been put opposite construction sites when entire rooms on the other side of the hotel were free.

I’ve had friends been put opposite construction sites when entire rooms on the other side of the hotel were free.

Value – hotels in Bangkok aren’t offering as great value as they once did. For 1,500b you get a small 17sq room, with no kitchen and sometimes no balcony. It can be annoying to leave your room at 11am when the sun is blasting to get breakfast after a drunken night out in Bangkok. With Airbnb

With Airbnb rentals most will have a kitchen for you to cook if need be, provide towels and toiletries (yes some hotels in Bangkok won’t have toiletries if you go low end).

Because I want to make money – you should also use Airbnb because further down this page I will repeatable be posting my affiliate link to Airbnb, which gives me and every new Airbnb user (that’s you) a free $27 voucher to spend on their next stay.

You basically get a free night.

Using my links help you support my little site and allows me to stay in Thailand making ends meat, while writing about cool things to do to improve your quality of holiday.

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I posted direct links to the best Airbnb apartments in Bangkok below, but to get your free credit, you have to join up using the link above only.

Best Airbnb rentals in Asoke and Nana

If you will be visiting Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza on a regular basis, getting an Airbnb rental in Asoke and Nana is your best bet. You’ll be able to walk to and from the bars and take Thai bar girls home discreetly.

They are both close to Terminal 21 (huge mall) and there are dozens of Thai and western restaurants at all price levels.

Note: You can bring girls back to all the Bangkok Airbnb rentals I’ve listed below. I’ve done dat dere research so you don’t have it. All Airbnb rentals are near Sukhumvit and no longer than a 7-minute walk from the BTS and have WiFi.

Budget range ($)Apartment here. Great location next to Sukhimvit 11, walking distance from BTS Nana, and for $30 you won’t find a better budget room on Airbnb in Bangkok for this location.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV. Studio room.

Mid-range ($$)Apartment here. This is in between Asoke and Nana and it will take you about 7 minutes to walk to either BTS, but you’re in a quiet street away from the main road. It’s a 10b motorbike ride to the top of the soi.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, pool, hot-tub, gym, washing machine. 1-bedroom.

airbnb asoke

Baller range ($$$) – Apartment here. This Airbnb rental is a little further away from Asoke to avoid the RLD, but close enough to there in 5 minutes if you want. This area is a little more slow and relaxed than the two listings above.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, pool, gym.  2-bedroom.


Airbnb rentals in Phrom Phong

If you plan on using Thai friendly to meet girls, visiting the red light district from time-to-time and upscale bars, getting yourself an Airbnb rental in Phrom Phong is you.

It’s easy to find for Thai girls, and you’re one BTS stop from the red light district and Thong Lo the trendy/upscale part of Bangkok. It can be a bit of a cluster fuck as this area gets pretty busy after 5pm as there are two massive malls here.

It’s also very close to a lot of happy ending massages and nuru massages.

Budget ($)Apartment here. This Airbnb rental in Phrom Phong is a little away from the BTS (6 min walk)  but for the price you’re not going to find much better in this area.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, pool, gym. Studio.


Mid-range ($$) – Apartment here. Great location as you can walk to Thong Lo in less than 8 minutes. Close to Sukhumvit so you’ll be able to grab taxis no problem. Value wise this is one of the best condos I’ve listed my best Airbnb apartments for Bangkok article.


  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, pool, 24 hour check-in, washing machine, smoking allowed. 1-bedroom.

airbnb-rental-phrom-phong2Baller ($$$) –  Apartment here. Two beds and two baths, do I need to say anymore? Just read the reviews to see how good this place is.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, pool, hot-tub, washing machine, 24-hour check in. 2-bedroom.


Airbnb rentals in Thong Lo

If you want to meet hi-so Thai girls and tell your mates back home you’re a sick kunt because you didn’t pay for sex in Thailand, Then Thong Lo is you (if you don’t go into any number of the semi-hidden brothels in the area).

I would advise everyone who wants to avoid Bangkok ladyboys and Thai hookers to stay here, as it’s one of the biggest expat areas in Sukhumvit.

Budget ($) Apartment here. This is Varrzon Residence, the condo I reviewed on my website before. You won’t find a cheaper Airbnb rental in Thong Lo than this that offers a nice and clean room. Walking distance to the BTS.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, washing machine, gym. Studio

Mid-range($$)Apartment here. 15-second walk to Thong Lo BTS and a condo I actually wanted to stay in when I got back to Bangkok. Keyne Condo, was only built a few years ago and is directly on Sukhumvit.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, washing machine, gym, pool. 1-bedroom.

Baller ($$$) – Apartment here. A little further away from the BTS than the other two rooms in Thong Lo, but this Airbnb rental in Bangkok is top notch. Walking to the BTS takes around 4 minutes.

  • Features: Wi-Fi, TV, washing machine, gym, pool. 1-bedroom.


Can I bring girls to my Airbnb rental in Bangkok?

Hosts will state in the description whether you’re allowed to bring guests back or not.

If you found a room and are unsure, just tell them you’re travelling with your girlfriend and when you do bring a girl back from Thai Friendly, they won’t say much.


A lot of Airbnb rentals in Bangkok are managed by cleaners and you never actually see the host anyway. I’ve used Airbnb in Thailand several times and most of the time I’m greeted by the maid.

All the rentals I’ve listed above allow you to bring guests back.

I found another room I like, but it’s not from your list, how do I know if it’s good?

If you don’t like any of my suggestions above, simply leave a comment below with the link to your Airbnb rental, what you plan on doing/seeing and I’ll chime in on what I think about the location and area.

Over to you

If you’re coming to Bangkok in the next few months, if you join Airbnb through my link here, you’ll save $27 off your first rental.

Support my site, have a good time and if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

PS: I’ll be updating this article in the next few months to show Airbnb rentals in other areas of Bangkok such as Koh San Road, Siam and Ekkamai if people want to know decent places to stay.

want-27-off-your-first-airbnb-booking*Click here and sign-up to Airbnb and receive $27 free credit*

I posted direct links to the best Airbnb apartments in Bangkok below, but to get your free credit, you have to join up using the


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