Thai Girl Vigilante Facebook Groups Target Farang Men

So a few months ago, a broke expat friend of my went on a date with a Thai girl. He was in a pretty bad state financially, and should have been booking his flight home rather than going on dates with no money, but there’s a lot of fucked up farangs here.

Anyway, he took the girl to some 200 baht buffet. Come bill time (420 baht), he totally ignored it and made the girl feel so uncomfortable, that she eventually paid up. The girl didn’t want to pay nor did she expect to pay, as my friend asked her on the date and she agreed.

It just was out of sheer embarrassment of waiting 15 minutes for my broke friend to pay up, that she paid after constant nagging from staff.

I know, I need to find new friends.

Later that day, my friend messaged me saying the date went well and she paid for everything.

Fast forward 12 or so hours and one of my Line chat groups was going off. It turned out that Thai girls have private groups on Facebook (you won’t be able to join), where they discuss farang guys, upload pictures, show off their boyfriends and bad experiences.

There are a number of groups, most are friendly but a few do go full retard and hate on us pretty hard.

After this Thai girl’s bad experience, she uploaded a picture of my friend that she took at dinner into the Facebook group, and told over 10,000 girls in Bangkok what happened. My friend’s girlfriend was in that group and she sent him the print screens of the Facebook update.

I won’t be posting screen shots of the post, but it received hundreds of likes huge amounts of engagement from girls in the group.

They outed his name, where he was from and what he did.

Over the next few days, as my friend was talking to other girls, a few happened to be in the group and told him where to go:

, Thai Girl Vigilante Facebook Groups Target Farang Men

What goes on inside These Thai girl groups?

These Facebook groups are like online forums. Girls mostly post pictures of farang models, dates they’ve been on, boyfriends and other relationship style posts. Most are either showing off their boyfriend, asking for relationship advice, sometimes they ask if anybody has dated a guy and upload their photo into the group.

Every now and then, they post up a farang guy who has done something bad (cheated on girl, used her etc) and call him out and make others girls aware. But usually it’s fun stories and good experiences like the one below:

, Thai Girl Vigilante Facebook Groups Target Farang Men

If you are the kind of guy who treats Thai girls unfairly or with no respect, I’d be careful because it may  end up biting you in the ass. You won’t be able to find these groups as they are mostly hidden and in Thai.

If you have a Thai girlfriend, you can get her to type keywords into the Facebook search. I have links to the groups, but see no value in posting them here.

I mean even if you do find them, they will not accept you into the group.

My opinion on these groups

There are a lot of bad dudes out here who have no respect for Thai girls, while I’m not supporting the white knights of Bangkok, I think their group is kind of cool and valid. There is tons of information for us guys about Thai girls, it’s only fair that they have their own resource, right?

, Thai Girl Vigilante Facebook Groups Target Farang Men

It seems Thai girls are getting smarter. They are leveraging social networking to stop western farangs walking all over them.

They appear to be advancing in intelligence as well. They found out that farangs are now creating fake Thai girl profiles to join their groups. As a result, they have made the joining process of each group pretty strict.

I just thought I would let my readers know in case you’re one of the small percentage of guys who treats Thai girls badly. If you’re, you may want to be careful on how you interact with girls in the future.

I’ve been in one group for over a month, these girls rarely post bad things unless the guy has been a total dick and done something outrageous. Most of the time it’s good stories and dating advice.

There was another group called ‘Toxic farang’ which was a bit more mental but it appears Facebook has deleted that group for some reason.

These groups are quite large but on the scale of things very small (oxymoron). There are over 12 million people in Bangkok, and the average group contains around 5,00-20,000 girls, less than 1%.

Did you know about these groups, and what do you think?


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