Best Dating Apps in Asia (2024)

So far this year, I’ve been doing a bit more online dating to meet more locals when traveling, and a couple apps have stood out. I’ve been having a lot of success with them and wanted to go over some of the pros and cons.

Best Across Asia

AsiaMate Review: Your Gateway to Meeting Local Asian Singles

If you’re jetting off to Asia for a quick trip or planning a more extended stay and you’re looking to mingle with local Asian singles, I’ve recently been using a new platform called AsiaMate. While still relatively new, I’ve been having a lot of success because their users seem to be more active than other platforms. And the biggest benefit is while some other platforms only have users in one country, I’ve been able to use AsiaMate all across Asia.

Benefits of AsiaMate

Just like in other parts of the world, online dating in Asia can be a goldmine, but AsiaMate offers a unique twist. The platform caters to a wide range of countries across the continent, so whether you’re in the neon-lit streets of Tokyo or the bustling markets of Bangkok, you’re covered.

However, keep in mind that Asia is vast, and work culture varies significantly. In places like Japan or South Korea, work can dominate life, meaning people might not be free to meet up at the drop of a hat. But don’t take it personally if someone says they’re busy for the next couple of weeks – they likely really are swamped with work!

The key to success on AsiaMate, much like Thai Friendly (which I will discuss later), is to start your quest 2-4 weeks before you plan to arrive. This lead time allows you to build rapport and schedule dates for when you land.

And if you’re wondering about language barriers – they’re less of an issue on AsiaMate. The platform is popular among English-speaking locals and expats alike, making it easier to connect without constantly flipping open a translation app. That said, a willingness to learn a few phrases in another language can go a long way and is appreciated by potential matches.

Using AsiaMate Effectively

When setting up your profile, be clear about your travel plans and what you’re looking to get out of the app. Are you exploring, looking for friends, seeking a cultural exchange, or interested in dating? Transparency is key.

Remember, first impressions count, so dress smartly in your profile pictures – leave the beachwear for the beach.

Meeting Up

Setting up a date might require patience and understanding, especially considering the varied work hours and cultural commitments across Asia. But with some planning and flexibility, you can enjoy memorable meet-ups and potentially more.

Final Thoughts

Joining AsiaMate could be one of the best moves for your Asian adventure. Whether you’re looking for friends, cultural exchange, or romance, starting early and communicating clearly will set you up for a rewarding experience.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of Asian dating? You can sign up for for free and start exploring. And don’t forget to drop your experiences and tips in the comments – I’d love to hear how you’re making connections across this vibrant continent.


Thai Friendly is the top online dating site in Thailand, and from personal experience, it’s a goldmine for meeting Thai women. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on my own adventures and those of my friends on how to navigate and get the best out of this site.

Understanding the Thai Friendly Landscape
The array of women you’ll encounter includes everything from hardworking day-jobbers and fun-seeking university students to freelancers. But here’s the twist – they’re mostly interested in Western men. From my journey, I’ve categorized them as follows:

Navigating Thai Friendly vs. Western Norms
The dynamic here is different from the West. Within days of setting up my profile, I was bombarded with messages. It’s a proactive culture. Some girls might be coy about their intentions, but clear, respectful communication clears the air.

  1. Regular Women: These are your average local women, often in mid-level jobs. A friend of mine met his long-term girlfriend in this category. They’re genuine and typically looking for a good time or a serious relationship.
  2. Professional Women: Higher earners with degrees. I’ve had enlightening conversations and dates with women from this group, reflecting a mix of ambition and curiosity about the world.
    Mature Women: Over 30s and often with rich life experiences. A colleague found a deep, meaningful connection here, ideal for those looking for maturity and stability.
  3. Financial Seekers: They exist, aiming for a lavish lifestyle at your expense. I learned to spot these profiles quickly – lavish requests are a red flag.
  4. Ladyboys: They are open about their identity. Always check profiles to avoid surprises, as a buddy of mine learned unexpectedly.

Setting Up Real Dates
From my experience, planning ahead pays off. I usually start chatting with potential dates two weeks before my trip. Despite their busy schedules, many Thai women are eager to meet if you present yourself well – clean, friendly, and respectful. A personal tip: a friendly opening line that shows you’ve read their profile works wonders.

Insider Features of Thai Friendly
The search functionality is stellar. I once refined my search to meet someone in a remote part of Thailand, and it was surprisingly effective. Also, video calls before meeting up have saved me from potential mismatches – a feature that’s worth its weight in gold.

Personal Summary and Advice
Thai Friendly has been a ticket to enriching experiences for me and my friends. It’s more than just finding dates; it’s about connecting with a diverse range of women with different backgrounds and stories. A respectful approach and genuine interest in their culture have always been my keys to meaningful interactions. Whether you’re seeking fun, friendship, or something deeper, start the conversation early, and who knows where it might lead you. Remember, most Thai women value respect and sincerity – start with that, and you’re halfway there.