Best Dating Sites in Philippines

Online dating is a great way to meet Filipino women. Many of these girls are bored with nothing to do all day and after they get done looking at who commented on their most recent Facebook posts they surf over to a dating site to chat with some boys. Some of them are looking for a husband, others a friend, a hook up, or some money. All of their profiles will claim they just want a god fearing man to take care of them, eventually you learn to not even waste your time reading the profile.

This is the most time efficient way to meet Filipino women because you can contact so many of them so quickly from the comfort of your own home. There is no going out to a disco or roaming a mall involved, just type point and click and you have thousands of girls to communicate with.

You can interact with more girls in one day online then you will in the real world in a full year. You don’t need to have long drawn out conversations with most of these girls either. Many are bored with nothing better to do and will gladly accompany you for a night out as long as “you treat right?”

What Are the Best Dating Sites for the Philippines?

I have had the best luck on Filipino Cupid and Pinalove. There are certain things about these sites that give them a leg up on their competition.

Maybe the biggest difference between them and other sites is that they allow multiple pictures. This way a girl can’t just post one airbrushed and photo shopped picture to deceiving you into thinking she is way hotter than she actually is. They still will pick their best pictures to show but at least you will get multiple angles to see them from.

Online dating, Best Dating Sites in Philippines

Another reason these are two of the better sites is because they do a very good job of keeping the scammers away. You can report girls that are only asking for money or are ladyboys lying and saying they are really girls.

This allows you to have a little bit more trust compared to some of the other sites that just have a free leash to do anything you want. One semi popular site in particular (Tagged) is just a huge waste of time.

You can tell as you are looking through the pages that these accounts aren’t real. You will see white supermodels claiming to be in some province of the Philippines, doesn’t take a genius to realize to stay away.

Create a profile on these sites, put up a picture of yourself and set your location to any major city in the Philippines and messages will start flooding in.

Search whatever cities you are going to visit and send out messages to the girls that catch your eye and try to set up meetings with them. They are pretty flaky so be sure to have some backup options.

Which one do we prefer?

Both sites work well, Pinalove is simpler to use but has less features, while Filipino Cupid is a bit harder to use but provides more features. To maximize the amount of dates or player pool of girls, use both, they hardly cost a lot and you should be able to fix up several dates or meetups pretty easily.

Online dating, Best Dating Sites in Philippines

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