La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

In this article you’ll find out my review of LA Cafe nightclub in Manila.

To make it clear this place is mostly fully of hookers.

For the past years of going over the countries and cities in Asia, checking on what’s the best thing to do in a particular place will be that easy for you.

Well, as a person who has been doing the job for a couple of years, you can already say whether the place you are in is a good one or not.

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la cafe, La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

Manila is indeed a very good place for entertainment where you can find clubs, bars and other nightlife scenes all over the city. As you go over all those clubs and bars in Manila, you would surely have a hard time finding the place that best fits your needs and taste especially if you are the person that has been into world-class clubs and bars in some other countries but with this guide or let me say review, you would have an idea on what you can see and find in the Café.

It is actually a bar that can be found in Ermita, Manila and all though Ermita has a bad image of being a dirty area with all those crimes, you can still find a number of both locals and foreigners visiting the place.

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The said bar is one of the top party place in Manila where you can definitely have fun in any definition you see ‘fun’ and it was already able to prove this for the past years. LA Café do have its dance floor upstairs that everyone loves with its live music but what you would really love and appreciate with LA Café Manila are the following:


Are you the person who visits the club to check on some girls and eventually have one that you would take to your place?

If you are looking for one then you don’t have to look further anymore for LA Café Manila has a lot of it inside the club.

la cafe, La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

The club does have a lot of Filipino hookers and unlike with some clubs and bars you’ve been to, it doesn’t have any bar fine nor requires you to buy those expensive ladies drinks to the girl you’ve got.

When it comes to the price of the freelancer, make sure you’ll be able to ask her first with her price before you go home with her.

You can find their Facebook page here.

There are many Manila ladyboys here as well so I advice you ask her gender if you’re unsure.

Asking the freelancer her price for the night would eventually save you from over pricing. There are actually some instances where these girls would charge you with their services more than what you have expected so make sure this won’t be an issue for you too.

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The price for their short time services do usually ranges from 1500 up to 2000 pesos but if you are good with negotiations, you can surely have her with only 1000 pesos and when it comes to their long time, it is strictly 1500 to 2000 pesos but with this price, you can already have her until morning.

As a guy who visits this place, I am going to tell you now that it won’t be hard for you to find a lot in here. There are indeed a few of them who would just have their hands rapped into your arms when you get inside escorting you to the club and hoping that you would eventually pick her for the rest of the night.

By the way, I wanted to emphasize as well that some of the freelancers working here in LA Café are a bit old so you don’t have to get shocked if you see a lot of them in the place; you just have to wait a bit longer and for sure, their would be a younger freelancer in the place that you would definitely like.

Drinks and Bar food

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious that LA Café offers drinks since it is a club but what you don’t know is that they also have their food that is indeed a great one for a club.

Yes it does have a good food that’s absolutely perfect for those men who wants to have a full stomach first before having enjoyment with his freelancer.

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Opens 24/7

It is open every day for 24hours thus the club gives its clients all day long to have fun 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (if they can though) which is I think one of its best habits has and keeps dragging locals and foreigners who loves to party visit the place that often.

Being able to visit a club and eventually have fun is indeed a good idea but what if the club will soon close for the night? I guess for a party person who still wants to have more excitement hates this experience but if what you are visiting is a 24-hour operational club, I guess this one wouldn’t be a problem to you.

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Also, if you are going to compare this place to other clubs in the city who are only operational in 3 to 4 days a week, I guess LA Café Manila do still have the bigger score. When a person wants to party, they would definitely look for a way to do it but if their favourite club is closed, how can they do it? LA Café Manila is open every day thus if you wanted to have a bottle of beer or spend the rest of the night in the club then you won’t have a problem with it.

la cafe, La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

The place was actually been shut down for a moment because of Ermita, Manila’s mayor and been reopened with a new name (Manila Bay Café) but after the mayor’s departure, then got its name back and as well as its fame.

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la cafe, La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

With this article, it would surely help you on having an idea on what LA Café Manila is so, get yourself done already and have a great night.


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