Angeles City Nightlife Guide

In this article I’ll show you the best places in Angeles City nightlife.

Many people agree that one of the best destinations for sexpats and tourists is Angeles City.

It is just a couple of hours drive from Manila. If you want to shy away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, then Angeles City should be your destination. If you have been in Angeles City more than once, you might have heard of its famous nightlife spot – Fields Avenue. It is not difficult to locate the area because the area is just inside Clark Air Base.

, Angeles City Nightlife GuideWhy Angeles City?

Price is one of the main reasons why foreigners choose Angeles City over Manila. Sex in Manila costs more than Angeles City.

Once you have paid for the bar fine, you can be able to take the girl out for the night and have full sex with Philippines hookers for as little as 1,800 pesos (which is around US$40).

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, Angeles City Nightlife Guide

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Angeles City Girls

Asian girls are far different from Western women.

Filipino women are far more willing to please their partner. The only difference with Angeles City girls is you wouldn’t really notice that they are in there for business. They mean to pleasure their customers. Your money is all worth it.

There are different types of girls in Angeles City that you can hook up with:

Bar girls – these women are obviously working in bars around the area. Once you walk inside a bar, sooner or later one of them will approach you and accommodate you to keep you company. You can be able to take them out for the night as long as you pay the bar fine (and everything else is included).

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These ladies can speak quite good English so you can be assured of a “conversation.” Just walk up to Fields Avenue and you will be able to pick one of these Angeles City bars that can show you how to have a good time if you are planning a holiday in the Philippines.

KTV girls – KTV is karaoke. If you want to flex your vocal chords, you can visit one of these places. Of course, there will always be girls who are available to keep you entertained as long as you pay.

Freelancers – Fields Avenue is considered a walking street in Angeles City. You can be able to hook up with prostitutes/ freelancers just by walking along this strip. It is not difficult to recognise one, as long as you are on it at the right time (business starts as early as 6pm until the wee hours of the morning)

Angeles City Girls have much better English than Thai or Vietnamese girls. and are cheaper than girls in Manila if you’re paying.

Angeles City Nightlife

Angeles City nightlife is not different from any other sex destinations in Asia. Angeles City is one of the biggest red light districts. You will be able to see Americans, Europeans, Australians and mostly Koreans who frequent the area for a quick and casual fun.

In terms of cost it”s very cheap and nothing compared to prices of sex in Hong Kong.

By day, Fields Avenue seems quiet. However, there are also daytime bars you can go to in case you are bored and have nothing to do during the day. When the night comes, the street turns into a lively, colorful and vibrant scene. You will see different foreign men escorted by their Angeles City girl for the night.

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Here are just some of the best places to go to for a great Angeles City nightlife experience:

Carousel – one of the famous bars in Angeles City. True to its name, upon entering you will see a carousel at the center of the stage. This carousel is not for kids. It is packed with about 20 women dancing in the carousel. Beers and food is not that expensive in this place, but security is tight in the area.

Atlantis – this is another famous bar that lights up Angeles City nightlife. They are open as early as 7 pm and closes as late as 4am. So you know that nightlife is alive and well in Angeles City.

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The place hosts different events to keep their customers interested and attract newcomers. Of course, women here are also good looking so this is a place to go to.

, Angeles City Nightlife Guide

Crystal Palace – if you are into pole dancers and coyote girls, Crystal Palace is the place you should consider visiting. It is located in Angeles City Entertainment District and houses hot and beautiful girls ready to have their patrons entertained with their sexy dancing.

These places are not the same as Thai soapy massages or erotic massages in Bangkok which are brothels, these are go go style bars.

, Angeles City Nightlife Guide

Golden Nile – Golden Nile is one of the biggest establishments in Angeles City. It is about 5 story high and can accommodate 140 people. They are open from 6pm to 6am. Once you enter this bar, you will see lots of slim Filipino girls clad in white bikinis. Drinks are priced 105 pesos and ladies drinks around 175 pesos.

Love & Music – Love and Music bar seems a little bit outdated compared to other bars that have been renovated. However it still has kept its reputation for being one of the best in Angeles City.

The place houses 60 dancers. Local drinks are quite cheap compared to the others with price starting at 95 pesos and ladies drinks are between 150 to 200 pesos.

Manila is much cheaper for sex than Shanghai and sex in Macau.

Club Lancelot – If you are into themed venues, you can go to Club Lancelot. You can be able to see sexy dancers in a medieval castle setting. They have a happy hour discount that starts from 6pm to 8pm. Girls in Club Lancelot are average looking compared to the other clubs.

Club Asia – one of the best clubs that you can go to when you are in Angeles City. Located along the strip of Fields Avenue, the club offers a modern Asian theme. They house 50 dancers where you can be able to see them wearing red bikinis. The stage is right in front so everyone can be able to get a great view of these sexy dancers. They are open from 7pm to 4pm and drinks are also reasonably priced.

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Lollipop Bar – located in between Gecko’s and La Bamba, Lollipop bar is not too hard to miss. One of the reasons why men flock this area is because of the girls and their service.

They are open from 2pm until 2am. It is a small bar that can accommodate 30 people but I guess you will just have to leave once you pop.

The Price and Experience

Are you ready to take an Angeles City girl back to your place? You might have read earlier that one of the great things in this place is that you only get to pay for everything once. If you have paid the bar fine, then you don’t have to pay for the girl for her service. You can give her a tip though, if you like the service and you are good to go.

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Once you walk in a bar in Angeles City without a “date,” you will usually get approached by their “friendly” girls. She will strike up a conversation and ask if you would like to buy her a drink.

So your local drink will be around 100 pesos and ladies drinks ranges from 150 to 200. She might go for another drink and then will ask if you would like to take her out for the night. Pay the mamasan her bar fine and take her to a nearby short time hotel for a fuck.

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Bar fines vary depending on where you are. In Perimeter, a girl usually costs around 1,500 to 2,000 pesos while girls in Fields Avenue can go between 2,500 to 3,000 pesos. The difference?

Nothing really, maybe it is only the name of the place.

, Angeles City Nightlife GuideWhere is your best spot in Angeles City? 


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