Best massages in Ortigas and Pasay

Are you in desperate need of a getaway and can’t afford but can’t escape from work even for a day? Consider visiting a spa.

The massage takes less time yet the result feel like a month on vacation. If you are in the Philippines, Pasay massage is the best treat for your mind and body.

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Pasay massage, Best massages in Ortigas and Pasay

By now you might be asking, which massage in Ortigas and Pasay has best value for your money? Luckily, this post intends to give our readers not only the type of massage available but also the best parlors to get massage in Ortigas and Pasay.

Kindly note that we shall be listing non-sexual massage in Ortigas and Pasay. If you are looking for something erotic, we have a detailed post on where to get happy ending massages in Manila or my guide on the best go go bars in Manila.

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Also, this list is not ranked.

Flow Spa Massage Ortigas

  • Address: Marco Polo Hotel, Meralco Ave, Ortigas Centre, Pasig
  • Open hours: 9 am – 12 am daily
  • Cost: from 1,800

After meandering the aggravating traffic of the city, would you believe if I tell you there is a peace of heaven on the 22nd F of Marco Polo hotel in Ortigas?

This prestigious parlor offer a range of relaxing and nourishing treatment using marine-based products from France.

Their signature treatment is perhaps the Flow Massage, a combination of Thai and Hawaiian massage.

Pasay massage, Best massages in Ortigas and Pasay

Don’t let the bustling city life take a toll on your body. Schedule an appointment with this spa for a massage Ortigas that will give you a different kind of radiance.

Chi the Spa

  • Address: EDSA Shangri –La Manila, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong city
  • Open hours: 10 am to 10 pm
  • Cost: 5,800 pesos for a 150 massage.

If you are in desperate need to be pampered like a king for two hours, then secrets of the Sea Spa is your hidden gemstone.

This parlor is said to give its client a sensory journey that carries one to his/her favorite ocean getaway.

One might wonder why 5,800. Well, when you arrive your session wills start with decompress, either in a shower or a steam room.

This is followed by a luxurious scrub featuring finely-milled Perl powder for a glowing skin. After the scrub you will get a collagen-rich algae wrap to moisture your skin as well as detox.

While still cocooned in your towel, you will get hand and foot massage from skillful masseuses.

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The highlight of the massage is a four hand Hawaiian Lomi massage. The oiled hands of the expertly skilled therapist will wash over your body as you get lost in the long, languid waves of the Secrets of the Sea Spa.

Marrakech Sweetness at Le Spa

  • Address:  Sofitel Philippines Plana Manila, CCP Complex, Pasay City
  • Cost: 3,000 peso for a 1 hour massage

This parlor also offer a wide range of massage. The 3k pesos massage starts with ground mint and teal leaves strewn along your spine. This is to heighten your senses for a more beneficial massage.

If you had a massage and ended with bruises the next day, then Marrakech Sweetness is your best choice for a relating massage Ortigas.

Apple massage

  • Address: Pasay City.
  • Has other branches in Paranaque, Mandaluyong and Taguig
  • Cost: 300 pesos per hour / 2hours minimum

They offer both home and at spa massage including: Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, Twin (four hand massage), combination massage, kiddie massage and pregnant massage.

Special massage include Ventosa massage, body scrub + massage.

SM Kenkpo Spa

  • Address: 5TH F, Jipang Building, Networld Hotel, Pasay city
  • Open hours: 24 hours
  • Call: +63 2 536 7777

Immerse yourself in the Asian culture at SM Kenkpo spa, which is perfectly situated in Pasay City. The superb architecture of the parlor gives an opulent vibe and their massage Ortigas treatment use deep tissue technique that will leave you healed, rejuvenated and energized.

Thai Royal spa

  • Address: 2nd F, Clemente Jose, Malibay , Pasay
  • Open hours: 3 pm to 3 am daily

Massage service available include:

Body massage: This massage involves working the soft tissue of the body in order to ease stress and muscular tension.

No day is a bad day to pamper yourself with a lush Pasay massage. Thai Royal sap is a workaholic paradise with its strategic location in Pasay.Pasay massage, Best massages in Ortigas and Pasay

Once you enter the parlor you will be greeted with an atmosphere of healing and relaxation.

Here are other massages in the Thai Royal spa menu:

Foot massage – This massage is the foundation of reflexology and healing.

Body scrub – it’s a popular massage Ortigas with the aim of exfoliating and hydrating ones skin, leaving it vibrant and smooth.

Kyodo Sensu

  • Address: Mega Park Condominium, Pasay
  • Hours Open: 24 hours

In an age where traditional and contemporary massage Ortigas co-exist, Kyodo Sensu falls right in the middle. This Pasay massage spa has pleasing aesthetic that will give you a sense of tranquility from the moment you enter.

Kyodo Sensu offer a range of massages including:

Swedish and body massage

  • Cost : 700 pesos

They offer their massage in the spa or at your hotel or condo.

Foot Reflexology & Aromatherapy Massage

  • Address: 2nd F Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Manila
  • Cost: 250 pesos for 1 hour foot massage, 550 pesos for 1 ½ hour aromatherapy massage

For the night owls, this Pasay massage is the to-go parlor. You can get Thai massage at 250 pesos but for a something more relaxing, try aromatherapy and floor massage.

You will have an option to select your massage oil (lavender, green tea or eucalyptus). Your feet will be cleaned as your comfortably sit a reclining chair.

After that, the therapist will lead you to another room with an elevated bed for the aromatherapy massage.

The spa has other branches in Manila, each with a different theme.

So what happens in case you need to sample more spas than we have listed? What if you need a special Pasay massage not included by our listed parlors?

Since there are tens of spas in Pasay, I can help you narrow to your spas of choice. Need to know how? Here is a quick guide.

Know the type of spas in your search area

There are different types of spas in Ortigas and Pasay. Let’s categorize them into day spa and night spa.

Day spa in Pasay are not open 24/7. They serve customers until late in the evening.

In day spa, the massage time is short usually 30 minutes.

On the other hand 24 hours spa have long massage hours

The Pasay massage available

By now you are aware that there are many types of massage. All are categorized into adult massage and family friendly massage.

Adult massage, also known as happy ending massage are mostly offered in Manila red districts.

In Pasay, these type of massage cost more compared to Family massages.

Family Pasay massage can be found in the parlors we listed above. Before you schedule an appointment be sure to check if the parlor of choice offer the type of massage you want.

Additional services

Some spas in Pasay offer extra services in the name of wellness. These services include mani-pedis service, fitness gym, Jacuzzi and health corner where clients are free to consult professional dieticians.

If you don’t need these extra services, avoid such packages as it will be a waste of money.

Environment and ambience

All spas ought to have an ambience characterized by silence and calmness. If these two help you relax, then that a plus for the spa.

Pasay massage customer perks

Majority of spas in Ortigas and Pasay offer discounts to their loyal customers. Some of these additional benefits include sauna, free snacks, gift certificate etc.

If you plan to be visiting the spa severally, then you need to find one with perks. However, you are free to choose other if it’s a onetime thing.

Is the spa foreigners friendly?

If you walk into a spa and notice you are the only foreigner that, should ring a bell. However, the best way to know if a spa is gaijin friendly is to read their reviews.

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Red flags of unfriendly Spa in Manila include poor services, untrustworthy receptionists, overcharging etc. If you are from the west, narrow to those one with English speaking staff.


We cannot afford to understate the importance of fees when selecting a spa to get Pasay massage. I mean, why look at the perks, clientele or level of professionalism when you cannot afford the massage in the first place.

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Pasay massage, Best massages in Ortigas and Pasay

So among Pasay massage, which one is your favorite?

Ever being to any massage parlor in Ortigas and Pasay? Please share with us the experience in the comment box below.

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