How to Find Philippines Hookers

Are you coming to the Philippines? In this guide you’ll find where to find Philippines hookers in Manila.

For the past few decades, Asia has been a big place for prostitution and as you go over the reviews for this continent it looks like prostitution is the people’s way of living to uplift themselves from poverty and any needs and that includes the country of Philippines.

Philippines Hookers, How to Find Philippines Hookers.If you want to meet hot girls for free, check this article out.

Philippines have showed tourists a vast of tourist attraction from their beaches, Underground River, old churches, museums and many more but aside from these places, the country was also known for their Filipinas (Philippine women) who have been selling themselves for money. Filipinas are indeed attractive and they are also very kind and hospitable.

So, where could we find these women or shall we call them Philippines hooker? You can actually look for these Philippines hookers through massage parlours, bars and clubs, online dating site and many more.

Massage Parlours

I guess this one is a common way to find sex  when in the countries of Asia and same thing goes in the Philippines. There are actually a lot of sex parlours in the country and although not all of them offer extra services, you can still find a lot of them as you stroll along the busy streets of the Philippines and so far, these three are the top massage parlours for me:

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The massage parlour is located inside Pegasus Gentleman’s Club just right in Quezon Avenue and compared to some other massage parlours in the Philippines Sylvanus do offers a much cheaper price and you can already have a room while having a very relaxing massage and of course sex afterwards.

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Rooms in Sylvanus prices 950 for a deluxe room but let me warn you that this one doesn’t have a private comfort or shower room which means that you have to use the public shower room although you can surely choose their presidential deluxe room with a price of 1500pesos and with this one you already have your own shower room.

Flight 168

As the massage parlour called Flight 168, the place is located just near Manila International Airport thus giving you the temptation to stop over right after your tiring flight for a massage. The massage parlour has been operational for a few decades already and the management was really able to establish a very good business.

The standard room here in Flight 168 costs 2500pesos while the ‘tip’ for the women that will ‘massage’ ranges from 1500-2500pesos but rest assured your money is all worth it for the massage parlour has the best Philippine hookers.

Their looks and expertise that would definitely make every moment of the experience a great one.


This massage parlour is found in Quezon City and just attached to Classmate KTV. What’s great with this massage parlour is that has its unique way for customers to have their ladies. So, first you are going to watch their ladies doing all the dancing on the stage and ones you are already very horny with what you are seeing, you can now then go upstairs to finally let go of what you are holding but before you can meet the girl you’ll have, you still have to choose the floor your elevator will be going.

There are actually three floors or the massage parlours for you to choose from and you can see their names in the elevator buttons. You may choose from Politburo Class, Gulag Class and Bolshevic Class and so far the Bolchevic Class is the best one for me.

In the Bolshevic Class, you can enjoy every bit of your Philippines hookers with a king sized bed and a TV. Their rooms ranges from 1600pesos up to 2000pesos if its past 7pm already while the women costs 2000pesos for a full massage and a sex.

Bars and Clubs

There are indeed a lot of bars and clubs for you to choose from when you are in the Philippines and as Philippine bar girls or Philippines hookers love to find their clients in these bars and clubs, you can surely find one that fits your taste and budget and here are two of the top bars and clubs in the Philippines where you can find Philippines bar girls:


The nightclub can be found at the City of Dreams Manila and it is one of the biggest nightclub in the city with a room for 2000 people. Chaos is only open during Fridays and Saturdays but everything is all worth it in this club for they have the best and world class DJs in town.

They also have their KTV rooms for those who wanted a more private room. What’s make the nightclub more fun is that they have their cages with pole dancers entertaining all their guests. With all these qualities of Chaos nightclub, you can surely find a lot of Philippines bar girls in here. You can actually notice them with their smiles at you which are very inviting.


Just like with Chaos, Time is also a home for great DJs thus giving the club a very nice party ambiance. Music in the club varies from one night to another from being techno, electro, deep-house, trance and etc.

The club is found in Makati Avenue and it is also a big club with three floors just to accommodate everyone with their DJ booth, dance floor and their bar where you can stroll around and look for any Philippines bar girls also looking for you.

Time is closed every Thursday and Sunday but could be open if there is any special event.

As these Philippines bar girls are considered as freelancers, they usually ranges from 2500-3000pesos but as you negotiate with them don’t agree with these prices for its just too expensive for a freelancer.

If you really wanted a good price for them, you can offer them 2000pesos or even cheaper for their services.

Angeles City and islands

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Escort services 

I guess this one’s pretty known everywhere you are in the world. Escort services are being offered by bigger companies or agencies which mean that a Philippines hooker from escort services costs a lot.

Booking your girl when having an escort service is surely an easy way; you just have to choose the agency then you can directly book them through their website.

Philippines Hookers, How to Find Philippines Hookers

Services offered by these Philippines hookers or what they call as ‘escorts’ do ranges from 5000-5500pesos for a regular girl but if you chooses to have their premium services, the price could go higher up to 8000pesos.

Street freelancers

This one is just hard a bit hard but you can surely see one if you’ll just be patient enough to stroll over the streets in the Philippines. These Philippines hookers may also be found in parks where some girls are waiting for a foreigner finding for sex in the Philippines.

What’s good with these street freelancers is that you don’t have to spend that much. Going to the bar means you still have to pay the bar fine and drinks but with this one you only have to pay her a ‘tip’ and the room where both of you will be staying or you may also bring her to where you are staying at.

Usually, street freelancers are doing this just to give their families some food to eat thus they only ranges from 300-500 pesos but take note that compared to bar girls, street freelancers are not that attractive which is just reasonable with the price you are paying.

Online dating sites

If you wanted to look for a beautiful Filipina women before going to the country to help you find a funnier sex holiday in the Philippines then you should check on the various dating sites where Filipinas are there waiting for you.

You can actually find a lot of dating sites where you can find pretty Filipinas but here are the top two dating sites in the Philippines that you should definitely try:

Considered as the largest Filipino dating sites that has around 3.5million members.

As Filipino Cupid has been expanding the past few decades, you can already find a lot of Filipinas signing up in here not just to find a foreigner to date with but also to have sex.

A lot of Philippines hookers are also using the site to find a prospect client who’s planning to visit the country.

There are very few Philippines hookers on the site.

Philippines Hookers, How to Find Philippines Hookers.If you want to meet hot girls for free, check this article out.

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