Makati Nightlife Guide – Best Clubs

Have you ever heard of the very prevalent term Makati has this past few years which is the Makati nightlife?

Over the years that Makati has been working on to be the best place in the Philippines where you can find great leisure destination, you can already find a wide variety of nightlife happenings in the city which everyone of course loves to experience.

Makati nightlife, Makati Nightlife Guide – Best Clubs

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As you go over the city of Makati, you can already find a lot of bars, pubs, lounges, and other nightlife scenes that made Makati one of the top destinations for both locals and foreigners now a days.

A few of the best bars and restaurants in the city can actually be found in Jupiter Street which is locate in Bel-Air Village and three of these are The Distillery, Sid’s Bar and Strumms.

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The Distillery

One of the best bars in Jupiter Street and as of the moment, there are already four The Distillery branches and these are located at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, in Eastwood, Quezon City, also in Banilad Cebu City and of course the one located in Jupiter Street.

If you wanted to have a good drink in Makati nightlife, rest assured you can have one here in The Distillery and what’s good with their drinks is that it is surely affordable and you can already have an imported beer with only 100 to 200pesos.

Pino Restobar

What make this restobar in Makati famous are their delicacies. Pino Restobar have delicious food menu and you can surely have a great time in the place with your colleagues. They have their tofu balls, cheese sticks and seafood gambas aligue pasta which are all a must try when in the place.


This is actually one of the oldest bars where you can have a great Makati nightlife experience. The bar has been founded since 1992 but was transferred to Jupiter Street in the year 2000 and since day 1, Strumms was already able to attain a good name thus it is still running and being visited by many today.

The bar do plays a wide variety of music from their 70’s to 80’s songs to their modern hits that is being played by the country’s best bands and you can actually find know group bands playing in Strumms Club such as Freestyle, Side A and Overdrive.

If you wanted to have a good meal while having fun with some colleagues, you can surely have one for they definitely offers delectable dishes to its customers. They also have their Party Platter which is a mix of tempura and sushi that everyone really loves.

Makati Nightlife Clubs

Aside from these bars and restaurants in Jupiter Street, you can also found Makati clubs all over the city and five of the best clubs in Makati are the following:


You can find Time just right in Makati Avenue and it is actually the only club in Makati that mainly focuses on dance and house music. Time is operational five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) and you would surely love their DJs for they often invites international DJs such as Darren Emerson, Nick Warren, Rosie Romero and many more.

As you go over the club, you can find three floors and the first floor is where you can find the dance floor, bar and DJ booth while the second floor is where the balcony is located and also their lounge area with a bar. Time’s top floor is its outdoor roof terrace and it actually have its own bar and DJ booth but wherever floor you go, you can surely have fun.

Club Royal

You can find Club Royal in General Luna Street and as you enter this Makati Club, you can see how luxurious the club is. Club Royal has a nice sound and light system and also a great interior design. They also have their separate VIP area and couch sections for you to choose from.

The club is open four times a week from Wednesday up to Saturday and for ladies, the best night you must hang out in the place is during Wednesdays for they offers free entrance fees for the ladies. They have various themes depending on the night such as their throwback Thursday, fresh Friday and all-star Saturday which gives you a better party crowd all night long.

Black Market

This Makati club can be found at Don Chino Roces Avenue and it is actually a club that mainly focuses on being an underground industrial warehouse style of a club thus you can surely savour this unique nightlife experience Black Market offers its guests.

Black Market is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and as days goes by, they tries to change the night theme or music style one night from the other such as having a hip hop, jazz, and downtempo during Wednesdays and other music style every Friday and Saturday. You can also find inside this club the ‘hidden’ yet a much known club/bar in Makati which is the Finders Keepers Makati.

Finders Keepers Makati

Have you been having issues these past few days for people who smoke and wants to find a bar that is absolutely a smoke-free one? Finders Keepers Makati is definitely a must visit for you. The club do actually have its rule of no smoking and as you go see the place, you can really see how they implement the said rule.

Makati nightlife, Makati Nightlife Guide – Best Clubs

Finders Keepers Makati can be found in Don Chino Roces Avenue and tourist often have a hard time locating it but as you arrive in the club, you can surely have a great time. Before you get inside the club, you can also find a number of people smoking just outside the bar for they can’t absolutely do it inside Finders Keepers Makati.

One of the reasons smokers can’t use their cigarettes in the club is their very strict bouncer who can smell and detect if you are planning to light your cigarette. Ta-tanka, the bouncer here in Finders Keepers Makati is definitely a very good one for being able to preserve the place and you can actually appreciate it with the very fresh air you’ll be feeling and inhaling inside the club.


This is actually the old Palladium Club but was closed and now renamed with Paradis. The place is also one of the best in Makati clubs and you can find just below New World Hotel, right across Greenbelt 3 and is open from Wednesday up to Saturday.

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Just like with other Makati clubs, Paradis do also have their own themes and here are actually their themes from one night to the other: Wasted Wednesday, Luxe Thursday, Fashion Friday and Superlicious Saturday. If you wanted to have your personal space with your friends in the club, you can surely book in advance their VIP tables.

Sage Bar

You may also want to try Sage Bar which can be found in Shangri-La Hotel and the bar is definitely a very nice one to hang out with if you are with some friends. The bar is open every day and you can actually visit the place on its happy hour which is from 5pm until 9pm but they close until 2am during Sundays to Thursdays and could be later of until 3am every Friday and Saturday.

The bar has their great drinks from their cocktails and other beverages which visitors and customers are really looking forward to when in the place. They also have their DJs which could make your night in Sage Bar a great one and of course, their live band for those who wants to have a more mellow and relaxing Makati nightlife scene.

Makati Night Market

Aside from these Makati nightlife happenings, you may also want to try other stuffs in Makati such as their museums, malls, shopping parks or night markets. If you are looking for clothes that are way too cheaper compared to shopping mall then you should try Makati night markets.

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Urban Mache for example is now a much known Makati weekend night market today. You can also find a wide variety of food in the place which are very delectable and may also buy your loved ones their souvenirs here in Urban Mache as you go home.

You may try as well Salcedo Saturday Market which is located at Salcedo Village, Makati. Obviously, the place is only operational every Saturdays but as you check Salcedo Saturday Market, you can surely find a lot of booths and vendors for they can accommodate for up to 127 vendors which also made the place as one of the largest weekend night markets not just in Makati nightlife but also in the Philippines.

Makati is absolutely a very good place for you to stay with when in the Philippines where you can experience a lot of nightlife scenes and aside from their great bars, clubs and restaurants, the people in Makati or in the Philippines rather are very accommodating and hospitable which makes tourists go back and forth in the country.

Makati nightlife, Makati Nightlife Guide – Best Clubs

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