8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

In this article learn where to find the best clubs in Quezon City.

If you’ve been looking for a country within the premises of Asia that can surely make every moment of your stay a worthwhile one then you should try the Philippines.

The country is also a known one for its nightlife scenes that can be found wherever you are in the country.

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, 8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

Quezon City for example is a big city in the Philippines where you can party all night long.

As you visit Quezon City, you would find a lot of clubs cluttering all over the city which makes it more confusing for you to choose one especially if you’re just in the city for a few days.

I actually have a list here of the top 8 best clubs in Quezon City I have found so far.

Prime Upscale Club

The club is located at Tomas Morato, Quezon City and what made it as one of the best is its great party aura that everyone can feel once they try Prime Upscale Club. Walk-ins are very much welcome in the club but you can have a more fun in Prime Upscale Club ones you try their VIP membership where they would surely prioritize your needs.

Once you enter the club, you’ll eventually find all those party goers dancing their arse out inside the club especially Manila girls in Prime Upscale Club who are dresses well and speaking of dress, Prime Upscale Club do have their dress code thus you really have to ‘dress to impress’ once you wanted to try this one.

Aside from trying the club’s beers, wines and cocktails, you may also want to try Prime Upscale Club’s food with their great menu. Partying all night long is indeed a good idea when in the clubs in Quezon City but you can best do it with something in your stomach thus a meal in Prime Upscale Club is a good one before you proceed on the club’s dance floor.

Vanity Club

Are you the person who loves to try various kinds of music? If you are, then Vanity Club is the best choice for your since they play different music genres and just like with other Clubs in Quezon City, Vanity Club do also have a great party vibe that would surely make you dance your arse out.

Vanity Club is operational from Tuesday up until Saturday from 8pm to 5am which can definitely give you the chance to party till the sun rises. As what I have mentioned earlier, Vanity Club plays different kinds of music which they changes every night so expect some throwback music every Tuesday, Hip hop every Wednesday, Sexy House during Thursdays while Mash-Up on Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for those who loves House Music.

, 8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

The club by the way do also have their dress code that make sure you are dresses accordingly ones you visit Vanity Club and reminder that you have to bring your IDs with you since Vanity Club is strict with their ‘No ID, No entry’ policy.

Level VIP Club

The club and Prime Upscale Club do actually have the same creators but as you enter the place, you would surely find the uniqueness of the place. Level VIP Club is operational from 9pm until 6am and you can find the club in South Triangle, Quezon City.

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If you are a young tourist or even local who wants to find the best crowd that fits your age, Level VIP Club is a good choice for you from all the clubs in Quezon City since there are more young party goers who loves the place and that’s all because of their great music and DJs.

Level VIP Club is also the club for those who are into classy clubbing and you can testify to that with their interior design and their guests as well. If you wanted to visit Level VIP Club and reserve a space for you and your colleagues, you can easily give them a call for a reservation.

Guilly’s Night Club

This one can be found in Tomas Morato, Quezon City as well and is open every day from 8pm until 8am. What you would like here in Guilly’s Night Club are their very energetic crowd which could surely make your stay in the club a livelier one.

They also have their large variety of crowd from the teens up to those who are already in their 30s but still want to have fun in the clubs in Quezon City. The club do also have their drinks which would definitely make that spirit within you go out as you party all night long in Quezon City especially with the help of the club’s music that is being played with their DJs.

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If you are in Guilly’s Night Club in a group then you should try their VIP where you and your friends can have their comfy couches and you may also be able to dance in your own space rather than joining the large crowd from the club’s dance floor.

Club Genesis

A club that can be found at South Triangle, Quezon City and Club Genesis specialty aside from their music is actually their drinks where you can have a large variety of drinks from tequilas, martinis, margaritas and beers which are all being offered in an affordable price which made Club Genesis perfect for those who are in a tight budget.

They do also serves food for those party goers who wants to have a full stomach first before going into the dance floor and if you are the person who loves Korean foods, you can surely have one here in Club Genesis. You may as well try their local menu such as the pork sisig and also the tokwa’t baboy which are both a good choice for those who are looking for a new food.

Excess Superclub

You might want to unwind in one of the biggest clubs in Quezon City. Well, Excess Superclub is a good place to hang out with where you can experience a good music choice and with only 350pesos; you can already get inside the club and party all you want.

They too have their VIP seats and cabin that can accommodate 10 guests on the second floor where you may enjoy your glass of cocktail or some bottle of beers perhaps with some friends.

Club Zen

Although this one isn’t that popular in compared to other clubs in Quezon City, you may still discover Club Zen a good one for a nightlife scene. You may find the club at South Triangle, Quezon City and Club Zen may not be a famous one but you can surely have fun in the place with all the girls all over the place.

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Club Zen is actually a place for those men who wants to get laid and been finding Filipino women in the clubs in Quezon City for you can absolutely find a lot of them here in Club Zen. The club do have a number of Philippine hookers  for you to choose from depending on your taste and needs.


This one isn’t really much more of a club rather, Oblivion is a bar and lounge but I did include the said bar in the list for I find this one a must visit if you are in Quezon City.

You may not be able to find a dance floor here in Oblivion, you can surely find a great ambience in the place.

The makers of Oblivion are surely those people with a good taste when it comes to the interior design which you can obviously satisfy as you visit the place and aside from the place itself, you would also love the bar’s food menu where you can try both international and local dishes.

If you wanted to give Oblivion a try, you can find it in Timog Avenue.

, 8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

As you can see, there are indeed a lot of clubs in Quezon City but most of them are located in Tomas Morato so if you wishes to hope from one club to the other, you can go directly go to Tomas Morato and from their choose the club that suits your taste and mood.

With these number of Clubs in Quezon City that you may try, you would surely have a great time in the city but if you wanted to have a rest from partying for a while, there are also some other leisure activities in the city that you may also try.

Their Comedy Bars for example are one of the hits in the city where you can find comedians in the country performing and making their guests’ night a fun one in Quezon City and for those who are into shopping but are in a budget.

You may try their night markets as well where you can find a lot of affordable items that you can buy and take with you.

There are some ladyboys in QC so do ask them if you’re unsure about their gender. Read my reviews on LA Cafe nightclub which is open 24/7 or Black Market Club in Makati.

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, 8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

Well, whatever you want, I am definite that you would love Quezon City so including it in your ‘must visit’ list is absolutely a good idea.

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