12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

In this blog you’ll learn the best soapy massages in Bangkok to visit.

When you come to Thailand, the first a lot of guys think is to get a soapy massage.

A soapy massage is simply a massage with you in a bathtub with another girl, who’s objective it is to clean every part of your body thoroughly. After the massage is over, you jump on the bed where well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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The highest concentration of soapy massage in Bangkok is based around the Huay Kwang area.

It is easily reachable by taxi and MRT. The following information is as accurate from April 10th, 2017. The soapy massage is a dying art, not all the places below do soapy massage but are all within walking distance from one another so I rounded up all the information in this post.

There are a few soapy massage joints  I missed out and I will update this post the next time I am in the area. Huay Kwang is usually catered towards Asian customers from overseas but all do accept white people too.

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BKK Vice

Our team at BBK Vice has over 10 years of experience in the industry. BKK Vice has some of the best collections of very attractive, professional massage therapists in town.

All rooms and suites will be brand new with the interior design based on Miami 70’s style and the hit classic “Grand Theft Auto”.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

Located only a few minutes walk from BTS Phrompong Station, BKK Vice is ready to give you a pleasurable experience at a very reasonable rate, starting from 2,000 THB. 

Visit www.bkkvice.com and add them on Line @bkkvice for more details of their services, girls, and room types.

Daisy Dream

If you’re looking for a soapy massage in Bangkok, there’s no better place than Daisy Dream. You can enjoy the ultimate soapy massage experience in one of their 5-star VIP Jacuzzi rooms.

Everything from the selection of girls (over 30 at peak time) to the furnishing and feel of the lounge and rooms are great. If I have a friend coming to Thailand who wants an amazing massage experience, Daisy Dream is where I tell them to visit.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

You can visit their website here: daisydream.club

Aya Bangkok

One of the newest soapy massage places in Bangkok.

Created as a true temple of sanctuary for gentlemen and couples, AYA is an enchanting OASIS, an escape from the frenetic city of Bangkok, surrounded by architectural treasures from Morocco.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

Their website does not show much explicit content. Yet, the girls at Aya, some of whom worked at the infamous Eden club before, are among the best performers in Bangkok when it comes to a very happy ending.

You can find their website here: ayamassagebangkok.com

Body Bliss Massage

Body Bliss Massage provide outcall services to your hotel or Airbnb in Bangkok. Just book a room with a bathtub and contact them asking which girls provide soapy massages.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

They have dozens of girls to pick from and even offer male outcall service in Bangkok. You can view all their girls but visiting their website at BodyBlissBangkok.com

Erotic Bangkok Massage – High-Class Bangkok Massage Outcall

This place is best for out-call services to your hotel or apartment.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

Erotic Bangkok Massage are open 24/7 and caters to your needs any time of the day. To view their full services and girls visit their website: eroticbangkokmassage.com or message them at 099 623 926.

Smooci Bangkok

Smooci in my opinion is the best way in Thailand to get out-call massages. Through their website you can request a date, select your time and hours and it will show all girls who are free to visit. They can have as much as 100 free girls

They can have as much as 100 free girls depending on your time or day.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

One of the best features of Smooci is that you can track your date through the website. You can see where she is and how long she will take to your apartment or hotel. This saves the worry about waiting hours for a girl who never ends up coming.

Everything is private and discreet, you can see which Thai girls they have live by visiting their website: www.Smooci.com

Things to know about a soapy massage in Bangkok before reading on

Huay Kwang is a place with several massage parlous, some of which offer soapy massages, others normal or oil.

Your typical massage at the places below will start with the girls showering or bathing with you, followed by a massage and you know what under the sheets, followed by another massage and finishing off with another shower.

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ALWAYS talk to the mamasan or papasan before picking your girl, ask them what she can do and any other questions you might have. Failing to do so may lead you to having a crappy soapy massage in Bangkok experience.

Most soapy shops in Bangkok will allow you to have two shots, but it’s always best to confirm this before you hand over money.

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Here is a short video of Huay Kwang and below the shows you some of the soapies I’ll be talking about next:

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Poseidon soapy

The Poseidon soapy massage in Bangkok is located in Huay Kwang and is 8 minute walk from the MRT. The place is easy to spot as it has the words Poseidon written down the side of the building. I went in and asked the papasan how much the girls cost, they varied from 2,700- 3,000 baht. The massage last 2 hours and is a traditional Thai massage, no bathtub.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

The girls overall looked average, there were a few I liked but I would say the quality was not worth the 3,000 baht. Poseidon soapy has a bar and lounge area where you can relax, the staff was friendly. The girls here are all behind a fish bowl.

  • Update: after I told my friend about Poseidon, he told me that the complex has 3 floors and the higher the floor the hotter the girls and price. I was told that if you go to the top floor girls can cost as much as 10,000b but are really hot.

You can find Poseidon soapy massage show here:

Hi Class soapy

Some girls at Hi Class soapy do the actual soapy massage, while others offer a Thai massage. To find out which girls do what, it’s best to ask the mamasan. All girls are priced at 2,200 baht and although selection was small, there were some pretty looking girls.

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Hi Class soapy looks a bit run down, there was not much space to sit down and the mamasan seemed real pushy which I did not like. She kept insisting that I pick the girls here as I won’t find cheaper or better elsewhere. No fish bowl here, girls are separated by a small barrier. Something felt a bit off about this place. Massage last for 1.5 hours

Emmanuel soapy

Emmanuel soapy has a much nicer setup, big lounge with a bar and I think they do food too. There were plenty of girls and a lot of hot soapy girls. Prices ranged from 2,800-6,000 baht depending on the girl.

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If you want the girl to perform a soapy massage, you must pay another 600 baht on top. Otherwise you just get a normal massage.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

No fishbowl here, girls are sitting on a stage on sofa, different sofas are worth different prices.

  • Update: After the close of Nataree (below) many of its girls have been said to have moved to the Emmanuel soapy.

Nataree Massage soapy (NOW CLOSED)

Nataree Massage soapy had by far the hottest girls out of the lot, I was well impressed. There were well over 50 girls in (Friday night) and they ranged from 2,000 baht for girls in the fish bowl.

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There were well over 50 girls in (Friday night) and they ranged from 2,000 baht for girls in the fishbowl (usually older and fatter), to 2,600 baht for the girls on the chairs (younger and hotter). Finally they had a bench in the corner were girls were priced 4,000-6,000 baht. Plenty of talent to choose from.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

Only girls in the fishbowl perform the soapy, all other girls just give you a normal massage. The management here are cool, you can order beer and food and sit down. Nataree Massage soapy in Bangkok would be my number once choice to visit for anyone looking for a soapy. The massage last for 1.5 hours.

Nataree has both a fishbowl and a sofa area, you can approach girls in the sofa area and have a chat.

  • Update: Nataree has now closed because it was said to have underage workers at the place. Girls from Nataree have now moved to the other soapy massage shops in Bangkok.

The Lord

On my last few trips to The soapy massage area of Bangkok (Huay Kwang) of all the places I’ve taken my friends, most seem to pick girls from The Lord. It’s not the cheapest soapy massage shop as most girls start from around 5,000b but in terms of quality and service it’s one of the best on the strip.

I would suggest you all to make the trip here to see what this place has to offer:

Caesars Entertainment Complex soapy

Caesars is directly opposite Nataree and the day I went, I wasn’t too impressed. There were only a handful of girls and prices started from 2,900 – 6,500 baht for the girls. They do not give a soapy massage but an oil massage for 1.5 hours.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

Caesars soapy has no fishbowl but girls are on seats seated on a stage. You can order drinks and food.

  • Update: I have been told that many of the girls from Natree have moved here and there is now a much bigger selection of girls.

Amsterdam Bangkok

The Amsterdam Bangkok soapy complex is not located in Huay Kwang but is only a short taxi ride away. I have yet to enter Amsterdam Bangkok but have been told the girls vary from 2,500 all the way up to 6,000 baht. Some of the girls will perform a soapy while some (the better-looking ones) are more reluctant.

Soapies in Petchburi

I have not been to the soapies around Petchburi but there are several. The problem with this area is that the soapy massages parlors are spread out so you can’t really walk from one to another. My friends have suggested that Love Boat (now called Long Beach) and Le Belle are very good but I cannot commit as I have never been.

Annies Soapy Massage Bangkok

No matter how many times I walk into Annies soapy massage on Nana Soi 4, the girls always disappoint me. I think it’s the most famous soapy in Sukhumvit because it’s the only one. They usually have around 10-12 girls in there and usually 1 is hot the rest are rather fat and ugly.

Having said that, every time I walk in some guy is taking a girl so either I have bad taste in girls or they must be really good at what they do. The place is easy to find and if I recall correctly the cost of a girl at Annies soapy Bangkok is 2,500 baht for 90 minutes.

Eden Club Bangkok

The Eden Club in Bangkok is the only massage venue I know of where you must pick two girls. If you’ve never had a threesome before, for as little as 4,000 baht you can. I’ve been in there twice and the girls have never been that hot. You can walk in and just have a drink at the bar and check them out.

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They have a yellow line on the floor and girls who step in front if you can do anal with. The girls behind the line don’t. If you plan on checking out The Eden Club in Bangkok, everyone suggests picking one girl you like and getting her to pick the other one.

I’ve not tried the Eden Club but I’ve heard great things. Eden Club near Soi Cowboy and Naza Plaza.

How the pricing of girls work

Generally speaking, the younger the girl working in the soapy, the more money she will cost. I saw plenty of nice looking girls around the 2,500 mark so don’t think you need to spend a lot to get someone attractive.

A lot of the girls that are worth 6,000 baht upwards western people will not find so attractive, as they are priced by what Asian men find attractive in girls.

People moan about the prices being too much but they are pretty fair for Asia.

You can expect to pay 3-6x as much if you visit Hong Kong’s red lights or when finding girls in Macau.

The first time you walk into a soapy massage in Bangkok it can be quite an imitating feeling with hundreds of girls looking at you. My advice would be to sit down and have a beer before you do anything else. If you are happy with the place and setup, take time looking at various soapy girls, make eye contact and see who looks at you back and smiles, going with a girl who is warm or receptive is going to usually result in a better experience.

When getting your first soapy massage in Bangkok, do note that there is no barfine. Each massage shop will have its own private rooms where the massage will take place. If you want to take a girl back to your room, that is not always possible.

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Fishbowl and Sideline girls

All soapy massages in Thailand will either have a fishbowl or sideline girls. A fishbowl is a big room which has a glass wall. You’re on one side of the glass girl, the soapy girls on the other. Every soapy girl will have a badge attached to her clothing with a number, this is the number you give the mamasan when you select your girl.

You cannot talk to soapy massage girls who are in a fishbowl. Below is a video of one such soapy in Nana Soi 4 called Annie’s Soapy Massage shop:


The first fishbowl is from Annie’s n Bangkok and is one of the oldest soapies going. I’ve walked in a few times but I found the talent was never that good, although I keep on hearing that the service is still up there as one of the best.

Sideline girls are sitting on the sideline (see the image above). They will usually be standing, sitting on a chair or sofa. You can approach these girls and talk to them, even touch them at some places to measure their fat and skin lol.

Sideline girls will also have badges on like fishbowl girls.

What’s better? Well there’s no big difference really. Some places have fishbowls, some have sidelines, while others will have both.

For what it’s worth, fishbowls seem to be a dying trend in Bangkok soapies.

What is the model category of soapy girls?

If you have done any research on soapy massages in Bangkok, you will have heard about the ‘model’ or ‘super model’ category. These are the prettiest girls in the massage joint, or at least in the eyes of an Asian.

When I see these super models, they don’t really look that special. They are young, thin and white, I guess that’s all you need to be a supermodel these days. Don’t get me wrong, some of the girls are very hot, but 5,000-7,000 baht asking price for a girl who doesn’t what know she is doing in the bed is rather expensive.

Super model girls tend to be from 18-25 years old on average.

Can I take a girl out the soapy?

Girls in a fishbowl cannot. If you pick them, you can talk to them in the room and ask to meet you again later.

Sideline girls are very much like freelancing Thai hookers, they have no set hours and can come and go as they please usually. If you don’t want to take them home straight away, ask for their Line or mobile number.

Do I need to tip the girls?

No, it’s optional.

When you get quoted a price, this includes the full service. You do not need to tip the girls any extra money if you don’t want. They will ask, but that doesn’t mean you have to give. Most only tip if the girl she provided a great experience.  A decent size tip at soapy massages in Bangkok is around 300 baht upwards.

Common mistakes made in soapies

If you have yet to visit a soapy, it can be a surreal experience. Take your time and visit several massages before you make up your mind. You do not have to pick a girl if you don’t want, you can sit and have a drink and leave. If you go early in the mornings or late at night (midnight) the quality of soapy girls can be pretty bad.

If this is the case just leave and come back another time.

Can I get an STD?

Anything is possible. However, unlike freelancers, most soapy girls in Bangkok are tested every 3 months meaning your chances of getting anything very unlikely. Always wear a condom.

Another piece of advice is to ask how long your massage is. Some soapy massages in Bangkok will rush you in and out. You are given 90 minutes at most places. Even if you do the job in the first 10 minutes, you still have the girl for the other 80 minutes where she can give you a regular massage.

Don’t expect the massage to be great though.

Do I need to worry about ladyboys?

I have yet to see a Thai ladyboy in any of the soapy massage shops I’ve listed above. As far as I know none of them have ladyboys in their shops, but if you’re worried you can always ask the mamasan or papasan.

Are there misconceptions in Thailand naughty industry?

Yes. The first one is from the locals. Thais consider westerners rich. There is a popular belief that you can’t travel across the sea for fun and not have oodles of greenbacks.

As a result, you will incur a higher cost of goods and services in what they term as taxes. To be on the safe side, you better have some cash to throw.

Forget about credit cards as most parlors don’t accept them. Instead, use cash, or safer, the local money transacting platforms.

Can one get soapy massage cheaper in Thailand?

Yes. However, there are several factors at play.

One is the appearance. Apparently, local girls have a fantasy about white men. They are relatively taller and more charming than the local men.

You can turn this to your advantage and pay less than the average amount. For this to materialize, you need to be charming and with have that body girls fancy.

If a girl in a spa enjoys time with you, she won’t push too much for a hefty tip. If lucky enough you can jump-start her inner feeling and get free sex in the coming dates.

On the other hand, if you are overweight, scruffy, old and boring you might get ridiculous prices.

Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

This is a normal massage shop (above). Soapy massage shops in Bangkok are very discreet and big. Do not visit a massage shop like this and ask for any services, they are 100% traditional and offer normal services only.

Note that money talks on Thai girls. A decent tip can win a date with the girl, be it on short-term or on a long term.

For maximum fun, have some massage etiquette and show effort if there is sex. While money gets the masseuse attention, she does want to service people who show no gratitude or fun. Think of it as her being a comedian and you her audience.

Can you enjoy a soapy massage away from the soaplands?

Yes. If walking into a karaoke club or parlour, select a girl, get services sound too much, then you need to consider outcall services/ escorts offering happy ending massage in Thailand.

Which this service, go to the internet, search for the right keywords, select an out all service, pick a girl, schedule the massage and she will be delivered to your doorstep.

Some outcall massage services Thailand ask for full payment before the massage, other demand a deposit.

How much will cost you for this type of service?

I would say more compared to in-house massage. The average cost for an outcall massage is 5000 baht which is much cheaper than sex in Hong Kong.

With the amount, you will have the girl massage you in the comfort of your hotel/ love hotel.

The other method is to find girls online e.g. on Thai cupid take her out then ask her for a happy ending massage. It’s good to note that for a good girl, it might take time so patient bro.

Nuru massage or soapy massage?

Both. Nuru massages and soapy massage are two different things. They both cost around the same and are both worth doing. Focus more on picking the right girl who is into you, that will decide whether your massage will be epic or not

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Soapy massage in Bangkok, 12 Best Soapy massages Bangkok

At some of the soapy massage in Bangkok, girls will totally ignore you, this means they are not interested in you and even though you can pick them, the experience could be pretty bad. If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to leave a comment below.

What is your best soapy shop in Bangkok?


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