9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

Ladyboys in Bangkok are not to everyone’s taste, certainly not mine, but I’m open to everything and I’m kind of a “live and let live”  type of guy. I have lived in Thailand long enough to know where to go and meet Ladyboys in Bangkok.

The number one way to meet Ladyboys in Bangkok is through dating sites like Thai Friendly. You can filter girls by gender including ladyboys.Ladyboys in Bangkok, 9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

As this group of people are being accepted in our community now a days bars are also being open for having these ladyboys as there major entertainers and you can actually see them perform not just in sensual way but you can also see them through their cabaret shows which is typically a very interesting one.

Although not everyone are not yet open for these ladyboys in Bangkok but if you are the adventurous and daring kind of a person, you can always try them and see if they can make you happy in a way that you would love.

There are actually various of ways to find and get hooked with these ladyboys and one of them is through going around some bars in Bangkok that have ladyboys as entertainers.

Best Places To Meet Ladyboys in Bangko


One of the most discreet way to meet with ladyboys in Bangkok is to use an online service, the number one app in Bangkok is Smooci.

Ladyboys will come straight to your hotel room and there you can well do what you want. You can see who is online now and how much they cost:

Ladyboys in Bangkok, 9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

You can see who is online now, browse photos and make a booking from your phone or laptop. You can see their lineup by visiting their website: www.Smooci.com

Ladyboys on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly

Funnily enough, my first interaction with a Thai ladyboy in Bangkok was before I’d even arrived. I joined a Thai dating site looking to meet regular girls and ended up getting messaged by tons of Bangkok ladyboys in the process.

They are pretty up front about what they want and are not shy. If you’re looking to meet Bangkok ladyboys in a discreet manner, or setup dates then your best bet would be to use dating sites like Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly (Cupid is better).

The ladyboys of Bangkok on dating sites will not ask for money (well most of them won’t)Ladyboys in Bangkok, 9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

Nana Soi 4 Ladyboys

If you don’t know about Nana Soi 4, its quite obvious you have never been to Bangkok, or if you have, you did it wrong. Nana Soi 4 is the adult Disneyland in Bangkok. Go go bars, beer bars, you name it you will find it on that Soi.

Next to the neon lights you can also find ladyboys. Upon entering the Soi, about 20-30 meters up the Soi on your right, will be a group of freelance ladyboys.

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They usually start ‘work’ around 6-7pm and finish when all the bars in Nana Soi 4 close around 2am. Here you can find some very attractive looking Bangkok ladyboys, but beware they do not come with cost, it is the red light district after all.

Here is my list of bars in Bangkok that have ladyboys that you can check and choose from:

  • Cascade Ladyboy Bar – this bar can be found on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza and as you come across the place, you would be impressed with their design which makes Cascade Ladyboy Bar one of the best bars in Bangkok.

They also have private rooms which are very interesting from there ‘Flinstone’s Cave’ design.

It isn’t also hard to find the ladyboy you wanted for they have a lot of ladyboys for you to choose from and you can actually see their performances in the stage as about fifty of them are there swaying and dancing their arse out.

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  • Obsession – a bar that is also composed of ladyboys in Bangkok is and is located at Nana Plaza, ground floor. If you would ask a lot of people who are into these ladyboys, majority of them would probably choose Obsession as their favourite bar in the area.

What’s great with these ladyboys in Obsession a great one for they also speaks English pretty well and a bit of Japanese which makes them suitable for foreigners and tourists. If you are into drinking and want to have one, their beer here costs 150 Baht and the price goes for their lady’s drink.

  • King Castle III – also a great ladyboy bar in Bangkok and can be found in Patpong. Composed of a lot of ladyboys in Bangkok and you would really be amazed with how pretty and sexy they are; prettier and sexier than real girls in the bar. You would also appreciate how educated and English speakers are the ladyboys here which makes it easier for you to have a conversation with them.

Rooms here in King Castle III are a bit smaller compared to other bars in Patpong and if you wanted to have a drink while having a little conversation with your new friend, they have beers which cost 120 Baht and a lady drink that costs 100 Baht.


Yes you heard me right, Cockatoo is a great place to meet ladyboys of Bangkok, it is a famous go go bar in Soi Cowboy. I have never been inside, although I have tried to convince my friends on several occasions to see what it’s all about. Maybe on my next visit.

Ladyboys in Bangkok, 9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

As the name suggests the bar is a go go bar where all the staff are ladyboys. They are all working girls so if you would like to take one out the bar, you will have to pay a bar fine which usually ranges around 500-800 baht.

Spicy and Swing

These are two night clubs where you will most certainly meet ladyboys in Bangkok, Spicy Bangkok has an entry fee of 300baht, and doesn’t get busy until after 2am. Swing is free entry (opposite Spicy) and opens from 6am until Noon. These two places would not be my first choice on any night, but you will be in for fun and sleazy night.

Other nightclubs

Another place to meet Bangkok ladyboys is in nightclubs. You can find my up-to date Bangkok nightlife guide to find out the deal about which clubs have normal ladyboys or prostitute ladyboys n Bangkok.

While ladyboys are allowed in all clubs in Bangkok, there were reports a few years Bangkok that Route 66 would not allow trans-gender Bangkok ladyboys inside. You can see the video here:

I find that video weird, I have been to Route 66 many times and they do have ladyboys inside. In my experience, to find the biggest concentration of ladyboys you will need to go to after hour clubs that have a lot of Thai bar girls. I find Spicy to have the most ladyboys in Bangkok from all clubs I’ve visited

The malls in Bangkok

If you are new to visiting Thailand I would assume you don’t have ladyboy vision, so meeting ladyboys in Bangkok malls may not be the best option. Ladyboys love shopping just as much as any other girl, so the malls are a good place to meet them.

You will need to train your eyes on how to spot one (which I can leave for another blog post) but it’s a great way to meet them. If you want none prostitute ladyboys, I don’t think there is a better option after using Thai friendly than this.

Miss Ladyboys Competition

Okay I know this one is not in Bangkok, but Pattaya is only a 2 hour ride away. Each year Pattaya hosts a ladyboys competition, this draws in ladyboys from all over the world to compete. Younger ladyboys also flock to Pattaya from poorer parts of Thailand to watch the show and cheer on there favorites.

I have not visited the show yet, but it happens once a year, and is open to everyone. The whole of Pattaya goes mad on ladyboy fever during the competition, and meeting a ladyboy In Thailand has never been so easy.

Thais consider ladyboys like an addiction just as you would have to drugs or alcohol which they think is bad for the male psyche, so if you ever wondered why they ask for your opinion of ladyboys, now you know . If you have any better ways to meet ladyboys in Bangkok or Thailand for that matter, please email me or leave a comment below so I can add it to my last. Also check my post on meeting Thai Women in bangkok.

Ladyboy massages Bangkok

I don’t know every ladyboy massage shop in Bangkok, buut I’ve walked past a few and here’s what I think:

Sukhumvit 7/1 (next to DR BJ) – There is a sex massage on Soi 7/1 where ladyboys are dressed up usually in blue dresses. You only have to walk past them and they will come and grab you and ask you to come inside. I’ve never gone inside so I don’t know how much they charge for a full sex ladyboy massage, but I guess around 2,000- 3,000 baht.

I’m not really into ladyboys but these are the sexiest ladyboys in Bangkok I’ve ever seen.

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Nuch Massage – This ladyboy massage was sent in by a user review.. they told me they paid 700 baht for an oil massage and the ladyboy gave them a handjob at the end. He said he was unsure at the time what was happening but it was clear they offer sexual services.

After doing some research on Nuch massage and salon, they only offer handjobs and not full sex with ladyboys.

Sukhumvit 3-5 – If you get off at Nana BTS and walk around sois 3-5 there are 2-3 ladyboy massage rooms. The prices start at 400 for a normal massage usually and you can negotiate in the room for whatever else you want. As a rule of thumb, don’t ever pay more than 2,500 for full sex with a Bangkok ladyboy as that seems to be the going rate.

Montra @ Spa & Massage – this spa and massage in Bangkok is actually one of the most famous one in the area and is located in Sukhumvit road. As you go across the place, it isn’t really hard to have a massage since a lot of ladyboys are sitting right outside and what costumers like here are there stunning ladyboys that would really make you go back in the place.

Although it is specified and noted in there wall that “Price includes massage only. Please don’t ask for extras” you can still avail for extra services since ladyboy in here are the ones that will ask you by the end of the massage. Thai massage in Montra @ Spa & Massage prices 400 Baht and an oil massage costs 500 Baht.

EZ Massage – this massage parlour in where you can also find Ladyboys in Bangkok resides in Sukhumvit Soi 24 and you can also check their online site in where both real girls and ladyboy’s profile and basic information are being posted.

Bangkok ladyboys on Sukhumvit

If you walk from Sukhumvit Soi 1 to Sukhumvit 23 (it’s a 1 mile straight line road), you will come across a number of ladyboys. Many of them will be grabbing you and asking if you want to take them home. Ladyboys of Bangkok that hang around Sukhumvit are Thai hookers and they will want money for sex.

If you walk between Soi 1 and 7 you will see ladyboys sitting down on the shop front asking you to come for a massage. These are sex massages with ladyboys.

Are ladyboys going to scam me?

Ladyboys of Bangkok get a bad rep for the most part. While I’ve never slept with a ladyboy I have good friends who do often. They tell that the only time they feel worried is when they pickup a Bangkok ladyboy in a shady club.

Most of them stick to dating sites and talk to the girls for a few days before they ask them to come to their room (yes they will come to your room for the first meet), as they find it a better way to know their game.

Sex with ladyboys in Bangkok

The only piece of advice I would give you is to wear a condom. You would be surprised how many western guys sleep with Bangkok ladyboys and never use a condom. Play it safe when sleeping with ladyboys in Thailand.

Red light area map

If you want to take to the streets, follow this simple map I’ve created to find yourself ladyboys. Look for the pinpoint of Nana Soi 4, that’s where you will find the most ladyboys


If you are in doubt and wanted to make sure that who you are seeing or spending the time with is a ladyboy or not, here are some of my guidelines:

  • Their Voice – even though voices of those ladyboys are now being practiced and trained, you can still find out if it is their real voice or not especially when you’ll notice how unnatural the voice is.
  • Height – normally, Thai girls isn’t that tall but if you will encounter ladyboys in Bangkok, you would notice that they are taller than real girls with a height of 180cm or even much more taller.
  • Adam’s Apple – we already know that all males do have one although this can be removed surgically, we still have to consider this as a sign.
  • IDs! – Even though a male has already gone a transgender surgery, there identification still wouldn’t be change thus; you really have to check the ID of the person you for an assurance.
  • Too Feminine – of course! You also have to check the way they move. Real girls move normally but a ladyboy is too feminine and you would also notice how often they flick their hair our which is very unusual for a real girl.

You can also look for these ladyboys in Bangkok through online sites which is already a known way today to meet single and attractive people all throughout Thailand and the top two sites for these are the Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid. There are also some other great sites in there; you just have to look for the one that suites for you.

You may also wanted to check for other ways in finding ladyboys in Bangkok such as strolling through the malls, and even through there Miss Ladyboys Competition. Bangkok do also have some escort agency in where you can find trusted and great services easily.

Although there are also some other real girls that qualifies these guidelines, you just really have to check on them and make sure you’re meddling with the right people. As ladyboys are being accepted now a day, they are still a few of them that you should watch out.

There are already a few cases reported for these Ladyboys in Bangkok and they often have a bad rep thus, before letting them come to your place, you should check on them and know them well just for assurance. It isn’t a bad thing if you try to explore and try new things in your life such as dating these Ladyboys in Bangkok as long as you are doing it right and you are happy about it.


Hopefully this has given you a good base to meet the ladyboys of Bangkok. If you’re not already in Thailand I would sign-up to Thai Cupid and start networking the ladyboys now.

If you want to keep things discreet then dating sites and escort services are the way to go, if you don’t mind about taking them home for clubs, do that but please be careful.

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Ladyboys in Bangkok, 9 Ways to Meet Ladyboys Bangkok

If you would like to know anything more about Bangkok ladyboys, leave a comment below.


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