Sherbet Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review

Sherbet Bangkok is another famous gentleman’s club in the sex tourism capital of Asia. If you are looking to spend lots of money, then Sherbet is the place that you should go to.

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Sherbet Bangkok, Sherbet Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review

The question is, why do men would want to spend money when they can go to other bars or nightclubs to have fun, drink and definitely get laid? This is because there are men who are picky. Women working at gentleman’s club, particularly Sherbet Bangkok are absolutely stunning.

They are absolutely hands down winner if you compare them to attractive girls working at nightclubs and go go bars.

Where is Sherbet located?

Sherbet Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit Soi 63 and nearest train station is the Ekamai BTS. Nearest landmark is that the establishment is opposite Big C Shopping Center so it is not hard to miss.

When you go to Sherbet Bangkok, you would have to bring lots of cash with you. This is another upscale type of adult entertainment venue that caters to rich Thai men. Westerners or farangs are also welcome as long as they pay the membership fee of between 20,000 to 100,000 baht depending on their preference.

Drinks are usually priced at 200 baht and this is for walk-in or non-members’ price. You are also required to pay for two drinks for you to be able to stay at the club so that would be a total of 400 baht within 1 hour. However, if you sign up to become a member of their club, you will get 10 bottles of Johnny Walker whiskey.

Membership is renewable per year. Another benefit of signing up is that ladies’ drinks are discounted as well. But of course, when you ask for a girl to chat with you – you would have to pay for that as well. In this type of establishment, money does a whole lot of talking.

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Sherbet Bangkok, Sherbet Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review

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What is inside Sherbet Bangkok?

Sherbet Bangkok is set up just like any typical g club, bar or nightclub.It’s quite similar to The Pimp Bangkok.

It has a huge stage at the center so that the guests or clients will be entertained by the girls’ dance numbers throughout the entire evening. Most of them are coyote dancers so I guess that would be enough entertainment.

All women working at Sherbet Bangkok are tall and light skinned. They can be mistaken for a model, to be honest. I just couldn’t say more about how stunning they are but you just have to go there and find out yourself.

There are also huge and comfortable sofas. They also have VIP rooms but those are really for men who have the money to splurge with.

VIP rooms do not really mean that this is a place for you to have a short time with the girls. Most women working at g clubs have the option to not sit with you or talk to you if you are rude or disrespecting. So remember that you would have to be at your best behavior.

Dress code is not necessary but it is advisable to wear something more respectable rather than your usual board shorts and flip flops. Remember that patrons of this establishment are rich and powerful. Otherwise, they won’t have the money to spend for the women.

You can be able to take the girls out, but it would require lots of money to spend. Taking them out for expensive dinner and buying them expensive gifts which would sound like you becoming a sugar daddy. So there is no guarantee that you can get laid with a hot Thai girl from Sherbet Bangkok or any gentleman’s club for that matter. There are still some men who would like to play this type of game.

Sherbet Bangkok, Sherbet Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review

It is not bad if you frequent nightclubs and go go bars. It is also not too bad if you do try to change your Bangkok nightlife scene by going to g clubs such as Sherbet Bangkok. This would be an entirely different environment for you. But do not expect to get laid with any of the girls there because they are working there to escort or sit and drink with you and not to spread their legs.

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