The Pimp Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review

The Pimp in Bangkok is a gentlemen’s club, you see comfortable lounging chairs with women working as your hostess for the night. Pouring drinks and lighting cigarettes for you (if permitted). If you want to meet Thai girls for free, then check out this article. The Pimp Bangkok, The Pimp Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review There is also live music playing. This is an upscale entertainment venue for those who have fat pockets to spend. You will see stories of patrons who ended up spending around 60,000 to 80,000 baht over just one night. It seems scary but it should interest you why there are still people going to these type of establishments. Bangkok is well known as one of the sex tourism capital in Southeast Asia. Of course, Bangkok also has gentlemen’s clubs sprawled all over the city. One of them is The Pimp Bangkok.

Location to The Pimp

The Pimp Bangkok is located at Pratcha Uthit Road in Meng Jai area. They first opened back in 2010 up to this day. They have been one of the top and famous gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok. This is an exclusive club which means that you would have to pay for the membership fee of 20,000 baht which includes of 12 bottles. When you become a member, drinks are priced at 270 baht while non-members pay 330 baht. Girls are 250 baht per sit.

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The Pimp Bangkok, The Pimp Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review
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How much does it cost?

The Pimp is not for someone who has a tight budget. Expect to pay more than what you are usually paying in a normal go go bars or lower class brothels. But of course, when you pay more, you get more when it comes to quality. This gentleman’s club has a main room with a stage. It also has several VIP rooms. When you say VIP room it means that you should have lots of money to spend. It is not literally a gentlemen’s club because 10% of its patrons are lesbians. I believe that as long as you are loaded with money, you can be able to get in the g club. But does it really matter?

Is the Pimp like a normal Go go club in Bangkok?

Going to The Pimp Bangkok is a professional establishment where you actually pay to chat with girls. Only that it costs a lot of money. I could not tell you exactly how much the going rates are for having sex with girls from The Pimp Bangkok because most of these girls are working as hostesses and nothing more than that. As you enter the club, you will see a typical nightclub/bar with bands and DJ’s playing music. The bands are quite okay. I could not say that I am amazed but they are quite okay. DJ’s are playing the hippest music which provides the bikini clad girls dance music to groove on to, in an erotic way that is. When it is your first time to enter The Pimp, just make sure that you ask for the menu first. It is best that you actually know and see in fine print how much you will actually be spending. Drinks are especially expensive and most girls can be quite aggressive for you to open a bottle of liquor worth 5,000 baht. If you get tipsy or drunk, expect that your wallet will run dry for that night. The upside of The Pimp Bangkok is that the girls are hands down pretty. They are sexually attractive, young Thai university girls. They also smell real good. You would actually feel as if you were a kid who had just walked inside a candy shop. You couldn’t help but ogle at them wearing their skimpiest, sexy and revealing outfits. If you are looking for top class girls, then The Pimp is a definite place to visit. Discerning men would actually prefer to go to this place maybe because of the quality of the girls. They also host themed parties to make sure that patrons do not get bored with the usual routine.

Cheap and Easy Way to Meet Hot Girls

Aside from going to go go bars and nightclubs, there is also an easy way to meet hot girls. You can opt for online dating sites such as ThaiFriendly. Compared to going to a g club just like The Pimp Bangkok, you can be able to get meet and chat with hot girls at a minimal cost. You can set up a date with them while you are at the comfort of your room. The Pimp Bangkok, The Pimp Bangkok – Gentlemen Club Review The best thing about this is that you can just pay for dinner, a couple of drinks and if the night goes well – you can bring her back to your hotel room and get free. However, there are also freelancers who signs up to the website in the hopes of getting more client for the night. If you want to meet Thai girls for free, then check out this article. You can be able to identify if they are good girls or if they are freelancers just by looking at their profile. If they are prostitutes, they are more likely to wear more makeup compared to decent girls. Just make sure that you discuss prices prior to meeting up just to set both your expectations. The Pimp in Bangkok is not for the cheap. Pimp website:

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