How Much Do Pattaya Freelancers Cost?

How long is a piece of string is the first thing that comes to mind when asking the price of Pattaya freelancers.

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pattaya freelancers, How Much Do Pattaya Freelancers Cost?When arriving in Pattaya you are not issued with a booklet detailing all the costs and charges for the sexual services of the Thai hookers. Nor when you are in one of Pattaya’s Beer Bars or Go Go bars do the girls have a tariff stuck to their backs.

I have even known some bar girls waive their fee because the guy is so hot, admittedly not often but it has been known.

So you come back to the old chestnut how much does a Pattaya freelancers charge and what should you pay to sleep with a Pattaya girl?

pattaya freelancers, How Much Do Pattaya Freelancers Cost?

It depends on where, who, how many, how long, what sexual services you want, fetishes, girls, guys, Russian, ladyboys, nationality, fat, tall, slim……. the list goes on and on and will affect the cost.

If you are desperate and the Thai girl can sense it then the sky will be the limit.

Having said all this, in some places there are guidelines that the hookers follow and there is not a standard charge but a recommended fee.

It really all goes down to negotiation and if you know the guidelines you should not get ripped off. Always make it clear what you want, how long for and agree a price, do this before you take the girl back to your hotel.

The price of sex in Beer Bars

Beer Bars have pretty simple guidelines:

Firstly you must pay an “Off” fee of normally 350 Baht. This is a payment to the bar as compensation for losing a member of staff. Sometimes the Pattaya freelancers will get a cut of the fee.

Secondly you must negotiate directly with the girl for what her fee will be, and you pay her. As a rough guide for short time sex around 1 / 2 hours then between 1000 / 1500 Baht is the norm. If you want the girl to stay the night then 2000 / 2500 is the cost. The girl will also expect 50 / 100 Baht for a taxi home in the morning.

The price of sex in go go bars

Again here things are pretty straight forward for sex in Pattaya.

The “Off” fee is a little more expensive at 500 Baht but Pattaya freelancers will charge about the same as in the Beer bar for her sexual services in Pattaya.

Things tend to be a little more expensive in a Go Go bar than in an ordinary bar but not extortionate and there are a lot of hot chicks to look at to give you food for thought.

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Just don’t ring the bell unless you are minted. Ringing the bell in any bar in Pattaya means you will stand a round of drinks for the whole place. And believe me, you could lose your entire holiday wad in one fell sweep.

However, if you want to be a white knight and give back to Pattaya freelancers, ring it.

You can find good value in Pattaya Soi 6 where all the local bar girls in Pattaya hang out.

Nightclubs in Pattaya with freelancers

As you would expect things are a lot more expensive in a club.

The biggest difference here is that the bar fine and the Pattaya freelancer costs are normally rounded up and you pay the whole lot to the club. There is no short or long time difference you just pay one set amount the club charges you.

You will also be expected to hang around and buy drinks for your Pattaya freelancers while she has fun in the club. This is not the same as buying a “Lady Drink” in a Beer Bar this could be very expensive. If you are up for a night out also then there is absolutely no problem as you will have some company for the evening.

The cost varies from club to club but on average it is between 5000 and 7000 Baht. Double that cost if you opt for a Russian or European girl.

It is really important that you agree with your Pattaya freelancers what exactly you want from her and she agrees. Because once you have paid your money to the club that is it, there can be no negotiations with the girl later. No money, no honey and definitely no refunds.

Street girls

Well this is just a lottery, prices vary from 200 Baht for a hand job to 2000 Baht for long time sex. But that is a wildly rough guess, anything in between could be on the cards. You can read more about Pattaya Beach Road here.

The street hookers have no guidelines, everything is down to individual negotiation and it is here you should be most careful.

pattaya freelancers, How Much Do Pattaya Freelancers Cost?

Make sure you spell out exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. Get the Pattaya freelancers to agree to it and do not under any circumstances renege on the deal. Consequences could be dire if your freelance feels she has been cheated in any way.

It is also not a good idea to take one of Pattaya’s street girls back to your own apartment or hotel. Rent a short time room from one of the scores of seedy hotels in Pattaya and you will be guaranteed the safety of your belongings.

It does not however, guarantee your personal safety and whatever you are carrying on your body or in your clothing.

Taking a freelancer in any city is a dangerous and a risky thing to do, and Pattaya is no different. Many of the girls are on drugs and will just as soon rob you than give you a blow job. So keep your wits about you and choose wisely.

Basically that is it in a nutshell; How much does a Pattaya hooker cost? Well there are so many variants that it is hard to give a definitive answer. It is like asking how much will your girlfriend spend buying shoes.

How much Pattaya freelancers charge and how much they deserve is a topic for another conversation but just as fascinating. I have known men lose their life’s savings in their desire to satisfy their sexual cravings and still be unfulfilled.

If you want to get laid in Pattaya for free, read this article.

pattaya freelancers, How Much Do Pattaya Freelancers Cost?All in all it is adult behavior entered into by two willing parties that know the pitfalls and advantages. It is something that has been happening since the dawn of time so let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is something new.

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Where to do you go to meet freelancers in Pattaya?


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