How To Meet Pattaya Girls On Your Next Holiday

I have been to Pattaya a few times to know about the local Pattaya girls and what they are like, but do not take this as gospel as some things may be slightly off.

For anyone who has not been to Pattaya yet, it’s considered ‘sexpat’ central and is where a lot of people go on holiday to get pay for sex, massages and all other kinds of stuff.

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Pattaya Girls, How To Meet Pattaya Girls On Your Next Holiday

Outside of Walking Street, there are plenty of sites to see, temples to marvel at and activities take part in.

If you’re coming to Pattaya, chances are you will be staying very close to walking street, as there is where all the action is. In this article I will do my best to talk about the girls of Pattaya and where you can find them.

Pattaya bar girls

The most obvious type of girl to find will be the Pattaya bar girl, and guess where they work? Yes in a bar.

There are lots of go go bars, beer bars and every other type of bar with these girls waiting to service you drinks and empty your sack.

Most of the bars work the same way as in Bangkok, you go in and pay your barfine, then you pay for a short time or long time on top of that. See my cost of sex in Thailand article to know more about the pricing of such things.

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Most bars regularly check their girls to ensure they are healthy and not carrying any STDs or HIV. If you’re meeting Pattaya bar girls at the bar you should be relatively safe.

People prefer to get a Pattaya bar girl than going and getting a freelancer on the street in Pattaya because if they have any problems they can go back to the bar and complain.

Pattaya Girls, How To Meet Pattaya Girls On Your Next Holiday

Most bars close at 2am and quite a lot of Pattaya bar girls will then move onto various clubs dotted around walking street. Once there, you will not be required to pay the bar fine and chances are the rates you pay will be a lot cheaper too.

Your average Pattaya girl

Tourists who are not interested in paying for sex or would like to catch themselves a none prostitute Pattaya girls do have a few options, but it’s not easy.

Girls who work in hotels, cafes and restaurants are your best bet to meet your everyday local girl. Most girls working in hotels or places where western people visit are going to speak some level of English, so strike up a conversation.

Nightclubs are not going to be your best bet to find none working girls, and just because a girl doesn’t tell you she is a prostitute, doesn’t mean she’s not.

Girls in Pattaya clubs may be quite coy at first telling you they work in a spa, salon or something else but really they are just shy to tell you the truth.

Walking street is a walking sex brothel so don’t expect too much when you visit there.

Soi 6 Pattaya is the same but not as busy and worth reading my guide if you plan to visit.

Pattaya Girls, How To Meet Pattaya Girls On Your Next Holiday

Your average local girl will know this and usually stay away and opt for other areas of town that you as a tourist will not know of.

Dating sites in Pattaya

Along side using the approach of meeting girls while they are at work in hotels, cafes and such, dating sites are going to be your next best bet.

I have reviewed the best two dating sites in Thailand so you can take a look at them. In short, you can use Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid, Cupid has more girls.

When using these dating sites to find Pattaya girls, ask where they work and what they get up to at night to get a better understand about them.

Any girl who tells you she loves to go out and party is probably not a girl you want to spend too much time with if you’re looking for something serious.There is a small % of girls that are bar girls in Pattaya who use these dating sites, but well  over 90% are just normal girls.

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Ladyboys in Pattaya

Pattaya does have it’s fair share of ladyboys, after all it does hold the world annual ladyboys contest.

For the most part they are easy to see and they also have their own bars for you to find them. If you’re ever in doubt, just be straight up and ask them. Ask in a polite none rude way instead of being aggressive or mean, because then you will be asking for trouble.

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People ask me all the time where to find normal Pattaya girls and I tell them that it’s hard unless you livethere. Most time for tourists is spent near walking street which is a haven for Pattaya bar girls.

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Unless you know a local living there, my suggestion would be to stick to dating site, malls and others areas where you expect to see Pattaya girls works. If you have any more questions about the women of Pattaya, leave a comment below.


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