Beginner’s Guide to Sex in Pattaya

In this article learn where to find sex in Pattaya

Are you a single man who is thinking of going on a holiday?

Pattaya could be one of your dream destinations and it is no doubt that you have heard about what the place has to offer.

sex in pattaya, Beginner’s Guide to Sex in PattayaWant to put your virility to a test? Or are you just looking for some casual fun? Pattaya has been one of the best tourist spots for single male species because of its colorful and vibrant nightlife.

While Pattaya boasts of great beaches, the main reason why people, especially men get attracted to this place is because of the girls.

Only just 2 hours away from Bangkok, Pattaya is flocked by tourists all-year round.

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If you are a first timer, the best time to go to Pattaya to enjoy the beach is between the months of November to May.

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If you can’t stand the heat, December to January is probably a good time for you to go. Regardless, you will still be able to have a great experience in Pattaya.

Sex in Pattaya

There are several places where you can be able to enjoy sex in Pattaya.

It all comes in different shapes and sizes. If you are a beginner, you might be wondering which places you can go to and enjoy getting laid with a Pattaya girl.

Go Go bars – Pattaya has a long list of go go bars. They are everywhere. Go go bars are one of the place to go to if you have quick sex in Pattaya.

The normal scene would be like this: you enter the bar, you will be greeted by a mamasan and escort you to a table. Not too soon, a go go bar girl will come and join you. You will buy her ladies drinks and negotiate the price of sex in Pattaya.

Here are just some of the Go Go Bars:

Windmill – one of the pioneers in Pattaya. Windmill Pattaya offers different shows. The reason why it is famous is because girls in Windmill are good looking. You can be able to check them out over at Walking Street.

Iron Club – another go go bar in Walking Street where they have different stages for everyone to enjoy. They are one of the largest and houses 80 girls. There is no reason why you should not visit this place to experience Pattaya nightlife.

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What’s Up A Go Go – located in Soi 15, What’s Up A Go Go showcases different events. They have a center stage surrounded by comfortable lounges and play beds. You can also enjoy a shower scene in one of their nightly shows.

Price varies between 1,500 to 2,000 baht (for short time) and 2,500 to 3,000 baht (for long time). Bar fines are standard at 1,500 baht. Money talks in Pattaya, so if you can bring loads then you will be fine.

Beer bars – beer bars are practically another way to get cheap sex in Pattaya. Don’t expect great love affairs happening although there are some lonely men who actually marry prostitutes they met in beer bars, etc. Beer bars are sprouting like mushrooms in Pattaya and most of them you can find on Walking Street.

Bar fines are usually between 300 to 500 baht. Short time charges around 600 baht and an all-nighter can go up to 1,000 baht.

Best Beer Bars in Pattaya

Candy Shop – located along Walking Street, Candy Shop provides live band entertainment as well as music played by local DJs.

Bamboo Bar – beer bars are often open areas. The place is usually jam packed during the weekends and the real fun starts at 11 pm.

Soapy Massages – when you hear about massage, Pattaya soapy massages will give you a different kind of experience. Enter a soapy massage establishment and you will be greeted by a group of women inside a fishbowl. Choose the girl you want to be your masseuse and you will be escorted to your room.

Inside the rooms of these soapy massage parlors have a huge bath tub where the girl will give you a wash from top to bottom.

his is where foreplay comes in. Depending on the girl if she likes you – she might allow two rounds of sex. If she agrees, give her a good tip and all is well. Expect to spend between 1,500 to 3,000 baht when you come to these places.

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You can be able to check out soapy massage parlors in these places:

Heaven Entertainment Complex – located at Sukhumvit Road, this place caters to different patrons – mostly Asians such as Koreans, Japanese and Chinese tourists.

The best thing about this place is that their rooms are comfortable and updated. Most of the women in this place are good looking but their price actually depends on how they look which starts at 1,600 baht and can go up to 2,500 baht for a 90 minute massage.

You can certainly get sex in Pattaya for cheaper than this, but value for money it’s pretty decent.

Diamond Massage – Diamond massage also offers a hotel/home service where you can enjoy a soapy massage in your own place. Visiting Diamond Massage can be a bit expensive especially if you take advantage of their VIP rooms. VIP rooms will make you feel like a VIP for 500 baht more.

Blow job bars – if you don’t want to go all the way – one option is to go to blow job bars. Men mainly go to these places to get a blow job. It is usually open from 1 pm to 1 am but the best time to visit is around 4 pm when it is not too crowded especially if it is your first time.

Blow job bars also offer full sex for about 800 baht. If you are not too picky and just wanted to shoot some load then this could be a good option for you.

G-Club – you’ve got the money to spend?

Don’t go wasting your time around other places. Most of these Gentlemen Club (G-Clubs) houses pretty looking women. This is one of the perks of being a member – you get drink discounts all year round. If you just want to try out the place, you can still be able to hang out and check out their good looking ladies.

Gentlemen’s Clubs are lush places with comfortable plush seats which gives you an upscale taste of Pattaya nightlife.

Some of the best G-Clubs in Pattaya includes:

Kinnaree Place – located on Pratumnak Road Soi 4, Kinnaree is quite well-known for its sexy girls. They are sure to pleasure you for the right price. The interior is upscale and they are open from 1pm with daily shows.

M Club – M Club caters to mostly older men.

sex in pattaya, Beginner’s Guide to Sex in Pattaya

The atmosphere is very relaxed and plays old music. The best thing about this club is that girls in this place actually looks like a model. Just like what was mentioned earlier, as long as you have the money to spend a trip to Gentlemen’s Club while in Pattaya will make you feel like a king. The caveat is if you don’t have the money, you are better off with other places but still can enjoy great sex in Pattaya.

Freelancers – you can be able to find freelancers walking around the red light district of Pattaya looking for customers for the night.

For those who have frequented the place, this could be a cheap option for you. For a newbie, this is not quite good. But if you have that risky side of you, this could give you a different taste of sex in Pattaya.

Freelancers can also be found in some bars. They do not exactly work for the bar as a go go bar girl but they are there to pick up clients for the night. The disadvantage of freelancers is that there has been a bad reputation for these sex workers.

Since they do not work for anyone else, it would be difficult to track them down in case of theft, etc. Some of these freelancers are also ladyboys in Pattaya, so you would need to know how to spot one.

Escort Service – on contrary to freelancers, you can still be able to have sex in Pattaya without going out of your hotel room. You can get service from escort agencies and most of the women they have are good-looking that can actually pass for a model.

You can be able to take them out for a date, have a conversation and bring them back to your hotel for a good fuck. Can be quite expensive compared to other services.

Hotels in Pattaya

There are two types of accommodation in Pattaya: Short Time and Long Time. Short time rentals can last for about 1 to 2 hours while Long Time is overnight.

When you check in a hotel for your holiday, check with the staff to see if they are guest friendly hotels. These hotels might charge extra for bringing another guest who stays there for the night.

One great tip is to opt for the short time rentals if you want to bang a girl you met or fuck the go go bar girl you take out for the night. This will save you the hassle of getting robbed, etc.

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