Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Pattaya has more bars girls than any other place on earth.It is impossible to say how many as some are little more than a counter a few stools and bottles of beer on the shelf.

Sometimes the establishment might have a roof and that is about as good as it gets. However, there are some classy joints as well and many in between the two extremes.

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pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Not all the bars are offering Thai women but it is pretty obvious which ones are and which ones are not.

But for the uninitiated normally a place offering ladies has plenty of them hanging out of their dresses draped all over the bar.

Pattaya bar girls in beer bars

A Beer Bar is the name given to a bar that usually has Thai girls working there. What I mean by this they are Thai hookers.

Normally they are smallish types of places perhaps with a pool table and a few games like Connect Four littered around. Rarely is there draft beer or a large choice of spirits. That is why they are called Beer Bars, they sell bottles and cans of beer.

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Pretty regularly Beer Bars are to be found grouped together like in the same Soi (soi 6 Pattaya for example) or clustered in little Beer Bars malls together. The reason for this is because they all have scantily clad women open for paid sex and for a punter it is much easier and safer to go to an area than a single place.

These places are often open 24 hours and to take a girl off first you must pay a bar fine, normally 350 Baht and negotiate your ‘Tip” with the girl directly. The amount is roughly 1000 Baht short time and rises depending on your requirements. To sleep with a Pattaya bar girl or to offer more exotic services then it will be more expensive.

Go go bars

Go Go bars differ to Beer Bars in that they are normally more lavish affairs and Pattaya bar girls also dance either on a stage or on a pole. The Thai ladies they offer are perhaps at a slightly higher charge, normally Go Go girls are younger and more attractive than their counterparts.

Whereas the drinks in a Beer Bar are cheap both for you and to buy for the girl, the drinks in a Go Go bar are more expensive. But you must bear in mind you are getting a whole lot more eye candy than in a normal bar.

Nightclubs in Pattaya

Many nightclubs also have Pattaya bar girls and dancers available to take off and have sex with. The bar fine normally includes the bar girls “Tip” and can be as much as 5000 Baht. You can also find normal Pattaya girls here too.

You must operate with more caution in a nightclub than a Beer Bar or a Go Go bar. In those places all the Pattaya bar girls are available, in many clubs it is a bit more confusing as only some of the girls are available to take off.

A mistake could be highly embarrassing and could lead to serious trouble, it is better to ask a barman or bouncer what is the score before you dive right in.

In general common sense usually prevails but being on holiday in Pattaya is a bit like winning the Golden Ticket, common sense gets thrown out of the window and the shackles are taken off. Pattaya and it’s bars girls are an adults playground and it is easy to lose your grip on reality.

Playing in Pattaya also has some rules and I will explain one or two.

Check bin

In every bar and nightclub you are not required to pay for each drink separately. Instead when you order your first drink a small wooden cup is placed by you. This is called a bin, and every time you order or buy a drink a small piece of paper is put into your bin with the cost.pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Bar fine

A bar fine is a bill you have to pay to the bar if you want to take your Pattaya bar girl off. It is supposed to compensate the bar for letting a member off staff leave the premises. In reality it is the bar’s cut or piece of the action. Normally it is around 350 Baht but can rise to 500 Baht.

As before the bar fine will be added to your bin and you can settle the lot when you decide to leave. Everything that you do in the bar is added to your bin, so getting drunk and buying everybody drinks can be far more expensive than you first thought.

Girly drinks

If you want a quiet drink with no hassle a Beer Bar or Go Go bar is not the place for you. If you enter such a place expect to get a lot of attention. It is the bar girl’s job to spend time and flirt with the punter and the object is obviously to get you to buy more drinks. Pattaya bar girls will get a cut from this.

If your Pattaya bar girl does spend time with you then you are expected to buy her a drink whilst she strokes your leg and massages your groin.

Normally this is no more than 150 Baht and is pretty compulsory.

As I stated this is the custom and unofficial rule, and to be fair a 150 Baht is not a lot for all the fun and attention you will be given.

All in all there are not many rules or regulations sampling the delights of Pattaya’s bars, just go with the flow and remember the few tips I have given you.

Thai girls in Pattaya nightclubs

Pattaya nightclubs are an excellent venue to meet Thai girls. The whole process of hooking up is more comfortable compared to approaching girls in western countries. One thing you will notice when you enter the club is that the number of girls outnumbers the number of men. The Thai girls here have more approachable character than anything you are used to. If you are used to ‘difficult’ girls, you are in for a treat by women in Pattaya.

Immediately you enter the nightclub, girls will shower with affections which literally make one feel like a king. You might be a bad dancer with moves like a three-legged rhino, but worry not as here it won’t turn anyone off. girls in Pattaya nightclubs are usually very attractive, slim and don’t mind your company. You are probably used to hunting, but here all you have to do is sit, sip beer and let them come. Girls fighting for your attention is an awesome feeling, right? Here are the clubs that you are guaranteed to get laid for cash, and if lucky for free.

Club Insomnia

Club Insomnia is the most happening nightclub in Pattaya. It has the highest number of Thai girls because of its perfect location, the center of Walking Street. The club popularity can also is attributed to its new and modern design, fancy lighting and sexy coyote dancers. Some of its facilities, e.g., pool tables and bars on the ground floor making it easy to mingle. If not you can seep a beer in a balcony with a splendid view of the ocean.

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Walking Street club

If you are looking for a nightclub to dance, drink, play pool and meet a lot of not-working Thai girl’s in Pattaya, then Walking Street club is your spot. The club is located 20meter from the Beach Road with its symbolic entrance of a big red car on top hard to miss.

The pier

Like club Insomnia, the Pier is located in the center of Walking Street. The club has impressive laser shows and hot coyotes. If you like any girl on the six dancing stages, you could wait until she is off duty.

  • Beer price: 200 Baht
  • Bar fine: 4,000 Baht
  • Working girls: 30%

Other clubs with plenty of hot women in Pattaya include Marine Disco and Mixx Discotheque.

Note: 90% of the Thai girls you will meet in nightclubs are freelance hookers. On top of the bar fine, you might have to pay between 1,000 and 2,000 Baht to bang them.

Thai girls in Pattaya online dating sites

If meeting a girl in discos is not your thing, or you intend to get into a more serious relationship with a Thai girl, then online dating is worth a try. Note that the Thai girl in Pattaya you meet online is not perfect, but chances are you will find a genuinely lovely lady. With Pattaya girls being more internet-savvy and familiar with social networking, there are hundreds of beautiful single girls seeking friendship, romance and possible marriage from western men.

Majority of the girls you will meet here are students and single women from all over Thailand. If traveling is not your hobby, most girls are happy to visit you over the weekend. If you don’t plan to get into a more serious relationship, but merely sex with no string attached, state so before you meet as many girls in Pattaya understand this desire. Also, if you are looking for a soulmate with a more educational background, Thai dating sites present the best opportunity.

Word of caution. While you might not have an ill intention when joining dating sites, Pattaya is full of gold diggers and quasi-prostitutes who will not waste a chance to reap you off all your cash and belongings.

The recommended dating sites include

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Pattaya beach roads

Pattaya Beach road is popular with Thai girls offering sex for money. Most of you stay away from hookers, but if you see one on Beach road Promenade, you might reconsider. The beach road starts at Dusit Hotel and ends on Pattaya Walking Street. You will find a lot of male tourist seeking sex. The trick is to buy a beer and once you see a girl you like make prolonged eye contact. If not, be a typical farang, say hi and ask her how much for sex.

Prices: there is no constant price, but usually 900 Baht to 1500 Baht for a short time and 2000 Baht for a night.

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Thai girls in massage salons

Massage salons are one of the easiest and safest places to have sex with beautiful young Thai girls in Pattaya.

Here, you can find some of the hottest and youngest girls working in parlors. These are the ladies who consider themselves too pretty to work in nightclubs and “dirty” beer bars.

Pattaya massage salons are open for everyone and favorite to Chinese and Japanese who prefer to get “services” indiscrete.

There are several types of massage here, from soapy massage to happy ending massage in Pattaya. So, which are the best massage salons in Pattaya to consider?

If you want something else read my guide on the best blow job bars in Pattaya.

Sabai Dee

Sabai Dee is the largest massage parlor in Pattaya with more than 100 pretty Thai girls working 24/7. You can enjoy beer as you slowly make your choice on which cute lady to be your sex doll in the next 1-2 hours.

  • Location: Second Road, Pattaya
  • Prices: between 2,000 Baht and 2400 Baht
  • Girls quality: 8/10

Honey 2

Honey 2 is very popular with Asian. It is well facilitated and offers body to body massage.

  • Location: next to Sabai Dee
  • Prices: 2,000 to 3,800 Baht depending on the type of massage.
  • Girls quality: 9/10


You will find Russian girls working here, blonde hair, beautiful boobs and young. They cost more than the Thai girls though.

  • Prices: 2,000- 5,000 for Thai girls (1.5 hours) and 6,500 Baht for Russian girls (1 hours)
  • Girls quality: 8/10

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Sabai Room

Sabai massage parlor is the newest x spot to get sex massage. One look and you would think it’s a gentleman club which scares away some potential customer who assume it’s expensive. Ever heard of yogurt massage? You should try it here in Sabai Room.

  • Location: Second Road, across the Honey 2
  • Price: 2,000 to 2,400 Baht
  • Girls quality: 7/10

Note: The above price does not include tips. If a Thai girl in Pattaya rides you good, you can tip her 100-200 Baht. Not compulsory though.

Pattaya beer bars

During your vacation or business tour in Pattaya, you will want to have a cold one. It’s even more relaxing when you have young and hot Thai girls in Pattaya secretly admiring you.

To have the ultimo experience of Pattaya, Soi 6 is the place to be. To taste what Thai girls offer, you don’t have to pay for bar fines or buy beer along Soi 6 in Pattaya.

All you need is pick one, or two if you like out of hundreds of girls and take them upstairs for a short time sex session.

Soi 7 and Soi 8 has lots of bars with a more relaxed atmosphere than Soi 6. There are TVs airing sports and pool tables to help mingle. If you like a Thai girl here you have to pay a bar fine of 500-700 Baht, buy a few drinks (140 -160 Baht each) and the girl price for sex and tips if you like.

The windmill is the naughtiest bat on Pattaya. It has hands full on and skirts off experience. What happens here cannot be put into words but be assured it will blow any sex experience you have ever had. The club is always full, and anything can happen, e.g., a Roman orgy.

The average cost of Thai girls in Pattaya: 1,000 Baht for a short time, 2,000 Baht for a long time.

Soi 6 price: 300 Baht to the bartender and 800 Baht fee to the girl.

pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

Where to find good girls in Pattaya

Not everyone after easy sex. Some admire Thai girls who are not after their money for a serious relationship. There are cute and shy girls in restaurants, malls and better, look in the countryside. If you want to have fun with an educated college girl in Pattaya, look in the clubs. They are not easily approachable as they move and drink in groups but if you are young, dress well and know how to charm girls it should be difficult for you.

Think the above prices for Thai girls in Pattaya might drain your account in a short time? Here are some tips and tricks to cut down expenses.

  • Negotiate girl price: Before you leave with your lovely Thai girl negotiate the price and get the best deal.
  • Put your valuables in the safe: Do not leave the girl with your belongings. It is typical to hear men complaining their money and cameras have been stolen.
  • Lady drinks: If you want a Thai girl in Pattaya for sex, cut down on lady drinks as they make her sweeter. Not unless she promises to give it for free, of course.
  • Live like the local: Living like the local means less taxi, more street food, drinking in local bars. If you stay cheap, you can spend as little as $10 per day.
  • Take advantage of Pattaya happy hours: During this hours beer go half the price or sell at 2-for-1 specials.

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pattaya bar girls, Pattaya Bar Girls Uncovered

The above X paid spot offer better value for your money. However, if you invest time to chat with Thai girls in Pattaya on dating sites, then you can meet and bang plenty of hot girls for free.

I have deliberately not names individual bars or areas for that matter. The reason being so many bars close down, re-open, change names, change location on such a regular basis it is impossible to keep track of them all. You will often see pattaya bar girls change from one bar to the next.

You can learn more about Russian girls in Pattaya by reading this article.

And added to this the sheer number of places to go drink and have fun then I would only scratch the surface by naming even 100.

If you want to get laid for free in Thailand, check out this article.

The best way to find out which bar is for you is to come to Pattaya, explore and find out for yourself to find the perfect Pattaya bar girl for you. Just don’t expect to meet your Thai wife!


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