Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers

Hello class, today we will be discussing Thai hookers. My reader audience is split into three camps, those who come to Thailand and look for normal Thai girls (players), those who come for Thai hookers only (mongers), and the final group are people I call wise men. This graphic should give you a better idea of what I mean. Want to get laid in Thailand for free, then read this article. thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers Which category do you fit into? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. I’m a 9.5/10 (think Brad Pitt or George Clooney) so I don’t need to pay for Thai hookers as girls are literally throwing themselves in front of my feet. I mean which Thai girl wouldn’t want a guy who runs his own website and can’t spell? thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers But anyway, back to Thai hookers. Let the lesson begin.

The spectrum of Thai hookers

There are two types of Thai hookers, they are: Fun Thai hookers – These are girls that are fun to be around, they are here to have a good time, offer the Bangkok girlfriend experience (GFE) and are generally sincere and kind. Not so fun Thai hookers – This type of girl is one that acts all nice and friendly in the go go bar being super friendly and flirting. Then you bar fine here and things go south. She turns from being a fun and friendly girl to a cold hearted beach who is trying to do as little as she has to do while maximizing her bottom line, even if that means scamming you. Who can blame her? Why would any girl want to fuck you? If you’re going to Phuket or Pattaya here’s a few hooker guides that will be useful for you: Irrespective of that, this type of experience does leave a bitter taste in your mouth and you start to question whether Thai hookers are the way to go or if you’re better off using Thai dating sites?

Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

Body Bliss Massage is a new but very good outcall massage where you can get handjobs in Bangkok. They offer services for both male and females.thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers

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How to avoid the not so fun Thai hookers

The problem I see a lot of newbie guys who come to Thailand is they don’t research or understand the ‘game’. They get really drunk and end up in a club like Insanity and only have one thing on their mind – pussy. They go up to girls without building up a rapport, whisk them back to their hotel and end up getting a pretty bad experience. Don’t be that guy. The same applies for first time newbies who visit go go bars. They see a girl who is hot, buy her drinks, grab her up and end up bar fining them without building up any kind of relationship. You may be interested in read my article on: Bali hookers and meeting Indonesian women. Okay, a Thai hooker is not going to become your girlfriend (most likely) but as you will be sharing intimate moments together – Thai hookers or not you need to build up a relationship.


There’s a good chance there will be some sort of language barrier between you and the girl but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a chat m8. Ask her where she is from, what she enjoys, where she likes to eat and if you’re a weird kunt who likes to do freaky shit in the sack, you should ask her if she will perform them before being disappointed later. Thai girls have much better English than women in Laos and Burmese women.

Measure the vibes

When you’re thinking about taking a Thai hooker back – measure the atmosphere between you and her. Does it feel awkward or weird or are you two just hanging out like mates? For example, if she is dancing with you and being flirty and fun that’s usually a good sign. If she is asking you to buy her drinks or convincing you to go to another bar or keeps asking if you will take her home, that is usually a sign that things won’t be that great. You will be better off aborting and finding something else.

What is the venue like?

I generally find Thai hookers from the likes of Climax and Spicy to be more fun and outgoing than hookers from Mixx or Levels. Girls from the latter tend to be a bit more snobby if that makes sense, both Mixx and Levels promote themselves as ‘higher-end’ bars. I am also aware that some Thai hookers will only visit specific nightclubs. Some will happily go to Climax every night but never Insanity or vice versa, not sure what the deal is with that but don’t be shocked to see the same girls in their night after night. Don’t worry though, Bangkok is a big place and there is plenty of options.

Price of Thai hookers

I have already discussed the cost of sex in Thailand so I won’t get too deep into pricing but they tend to start from 1,000 baht upwards for freelancers. Any Thai hookers you meet in clubs can be bargained with so don’t accept their first offer if you feel it’s too much. Sex in Thailand is much cheaper than sex saunas in Macau.

Unsure if she’s a Thai hooker or regular girl?

You may go to one of the hooker clubs in Bangkok and take a girl back who doesn’t ask you for money at that moment. My friend pulled two girls in two nights from Climax and Spicy and thought he was cooler than a Velcro fanny pack… until they didn’t leave his room in the morning. He called me and asked why they weren’t leaving? I asked him if he has paid yet? #caseclosed This is because not all Thai hookers will tell you that you have to pay for them. They assume you know because you’re in a club which is full of hookers. If a girl is not leaving your condo or hotel even after giving her hints to leave, try this – put a 1,000 baht note on the dresser and take a shower. If she was indeed a hooker she will take the money and be on her way. If not, high five. thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers How’s my aim? I’m sure you guys have your own experiences and opinions on Thai hookers, I’d love to hear them. This section was added on the April 10th, 2017.

Different version of Thai prostitutes

1. Thai street freelancers

As the name suggest can be found on the street, usually in Sukhumvit. The price usually starts from 500 baht all the way up to 5,000. Thai street freelancers are generally the cheapest option to finding Thai hookers. thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers Prices are not set in stone, so if you’re nice and be very friendly, the girl may even come back with you for free. The quality of street girls in Thailand is something usually to be desired. The hottest working Thai girls get picked early and the leftovers are well, left on the street.

2. Massage working girls

To know more about Thai massages, check any of the following articles: Soapy massages in Bangkok Nuru massages in Bangkok Happy massages in Bangkok There are hundreds of massages in Bangkok that offer sexual services. The quality of girls varies to super hot to 40-year-olds who resemble your mother. Massage girls in Thailand cost more as you also need to factor in the cost of a room. For the ‘full service’, expect to pay anything from 1,000 to 3,000. The more well known the place the more it usually costs. Sukhumvit Soi 11 is a cheap place to get FS for as little as 1,000 baht, but the girls and room are pretty poor.

3. Thai Dating sites

Most Thai dating sites like Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid (Cupid is better) have normal everyday Thai women, but they do have a few Thai hookers. They will be easy to spot and have stuff like “I’m not a free girl” in their profile summary to give you an idea. Some are regular university girls who just need to pay the bills are doing it for a one-time thing. If you can find a girl like this you’re golden. You could also find a regular girl who just likes to party and go out, while this is not a Thai hooker you will be expected to foot the bill for going out.

4. Escorts in Bangkok

There’s a number of escorts in Bangkok, a few even sponsor my site. These girls will come to your room or apartment and provide a discreet service. They tend to be the most expensive option but also give you the service that you cannot get anywhere else. Expect to pay anything from 3,500b upwards for two hours. Suited more for the man with money.

5. Thai ladyboys

Thai ladyboys are easy to spot once the sun goes down. There are two types:
  1.  Regular ladyboys who work regular jobs and have normal lives.
  2.  Ladyboys who take part in the RLD
The latter generally ask for money, anywhere from 1,000 baht upwards. You can pull Thai hooker ladyboys for free if they like you, some have self-esteem issues and find comfort when men want them. There are also ladyboy escort sites and a few ladyboy only massages shops on lower Sukhumvit. Walk between Soi 1-7 and you will come across a few.

6. Gik

A gik in Thailand is known as a friend with benefits. These can also come in two forms:
  1.  A regular girl
  2.  Thai hookers
In the first case expect to pay nothing. In the second case, expect to pay but not as much as the first time. Giks may be a combination of 1-5, they tend to call you when they need a good drilling or have just finished their 2am shift and found no customers. You can get away from paying as little as 500 baht or just a taxi fare home if the girl really likes you. Giks are a big gray area and a great option for guys who don’t want to get too committed.

7. G club girls

I was unsure if I should add G club Thai girls into this article, but did it anyway. A G club is like a gentleman’s club back home. The drinks cost way more, the venue is super nice and the girls are almost always way hotter.

Should You Date a Thai Hooker?

Usually older guys will end up dating a Thai hooker and having them as his girlfriend. If you’re just here for a short time and plan to go back to your home country or elsewhere, then I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating Thai hookers. You’ll be leaving soon and you’re paying for her company, win-win. However, if you plan to stay in Thailand long-term, dating one is just about the worst thing you can do. They will milk you for all your money and lie to you. Some of these girls are so embedded in the bar culture that they don’t want to leave it no matter what they tell you. thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers When you go back to your home country for a holiday or whatever, there’s a good chance she will be back at the bar (or even doing it while you’re living in Thailand). There are so many ways to get yourself a good Thai girlfriend that getting yourself a Thai hooker is just plain stupid. Please don’t do it, you’ll most likely lose everything including your mind. I have had friends who dated hookers but they knew from the start that the relationship would only last for a few weeks and the point of it was sex only. This is fine, but don’t go and make her your live-in girlfriend. The main reason they do this is so they can avoid paying the barfine. At least half the Thai bar girls that are good looking have at least a dozen mobile numbers of guys in their phonebook who contact them each year when they plan to visit. Want to get laid in Thailand for free, then read this article. thai hookers, Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers G clubs work by you paying to speak to girls. You select the girl you want and pay around 450 baht for 45 minutes of talking (yes just talking). Some Gentlemen clubs allow you to pay more for extras but that is up to the girl. Expect to pay at least x3 as much as you would at a regular massage. I often have friends who leave G clubs with 10,000 baht less than they went in with and nothing to show. Some G club girls will get your number later and meet you, while others say they will but never do. If you want a Thai hooker, a G club is not the place to go unless you have money to burn.

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