Thai Ladies – Is Your GF Cheating On You?

So after shifting though a number of ‘amazing Thai ladies’ you have finally found the girl of your dreams. A beautiful Thai girl who has it all and you’re ready to take things to the next step.

But wait!

According to Durex, Thai ladies are the second most unfaithful women in the world, with 59% of Thai ladies stating they have cheated on their other half before. So how do you know if your beautiful Thai girl is part of the minority or majority?

Thai ladies, Thai Ladies – Is Your GF Cheating On You?

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In this article I will list a number of traits common in Thai ladies who cheat on their farang boyfriends. If I have missed any out, please leave a comment below and I will add it to this article.

update: A lot of white knights got mad on social media (as usual), so I do want to point that most of your girlfriends are wonderful gals and it’s only a small percentage who may be cheating on you. Cheating is common all over the world and not just an isolated incident in Thailand, and is done by both men and women.

Is everyone happy now? Why does everyone take what I write so seriously?

1. Does she party a lot?

If your amazing Thai lady loves to go out to places like RCA every week, that’s usually a red flag. Thai ladies are not like girls back home who love to get drunk and dance, the culture is different and many of them dont have the salary to live that kind of lifestyle.

If she’s going out on a regular basis there’s a good chance she is looking for the D from someone else. Be super scared if she loves going to Bangkok after hours clubs.

2. Does she post pictures of expensive food?

This is a classic Asian girl move. They will tag themselves at expensive restaurants and take pictures of lobsters and steak, usually with a “Thank you for treat me ka” message at the end.

Thai ladies, Thai Ladies – Is Your GF Cheating On You?

Clever Thai ladies will post these pictures without tagging in other guys or showing who they are eating with. This is another red flag and there is a good chance your Thai lady is being wined and dined by some Scandinavian white knight while you’re at home grinding on Thai Friendly.

Thai ladies, Thai Ladies – Is Your GF Cheating On You?

3. She keeps buying new things

I don’t mean cheap clothes from the local market, but high-end designer gear or gadgets that she couldn’t possibly afford on her salary. Unless you hang around hi-so Thai ladies there is no way girls can afford to buy expensive stuff all the time.

If she tells you her parents bought it her, unless she is from a very rich background, you’re getting played son.

4. She is always on her phone

This is a confusing one because all Asian girls loves their mobile phones. But if your beautiful Thai women is playing on her phone constantly she may be messaging other dudes (me and my readers).

While I don’t suggest snooping her phone as it seems rather white knighty, you can ask her if she has other farang friends on her phone who message her. If she responds with yes then I can bet you that 99.9% of them are waiting to slip in the D when you’re not there.

If she says no, then she’s probably lying.

She knows it, you know it and I know it. A good giveaway can sometimes be when she asks you what a certain word means in English while on her phone.

5. Thai ladies who don’t answer their phone

There’s a fine line between her being asleep, at work or out with friends and not answering her phone, to constantly reading your messages on Whatsapp and Line but never replying. Maybe she’s busy with work, tired or in a no WiFi area, or maybe she’s getting the D by some handsome dude off Thai Friendly behind your back?

Thai ladies aye!

6. She is always staying at her ‘friend’s house’

Her friend who lives in a 25,000 baht condo in Thong Lo, but you can never meet her ‘friend’ because she’s always busy with work and the like. Thai ladies who regularly claim to stay at a friend’s house may be something you want to keep an eye on.

7. She lies

Thai ladies who say one thing but then go back on their story and change elements of what really happened is another common red flag that should get you worried.

These 7 signs is not to say if your amazingly beautiful Thai girl does any of these or that she is cheating on you with Franco down the hall, but they are traits to watch out for.

I am sure there are many other things Thai ladies do that make it obvious they are cheating on Mr Farang, leave a comment below to let me know what I’ve missed!

Thai ladies, Thai Ladies – Is Your GF Cheating On You?


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