High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

This is a topic of hot bother. There are several Thailand forums that debate what a Thai hi society member is, and what traits and backgrounds they have.

If you want to meet well educated Thai girls for free, then read this article.

, High Society (Hi So) Girls in ThailandAs somebody who drives a Mercedes Benz in England, owns an original Calvin Klein wallet and a badminton, squash and tennis racket made from carbon fiber and graphite, I’m probably in the top 1% of hi society expats in Thailand, who can spot a hi society Thai girl from a mile away while wearing a blindfold.

, High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

I am often told by expats, friends and people on forums that they dated a hi so Thai girl, or that their Thai girlfriend is hi so because she has this or that.

In this educational piece, I am going to reveal 6 characteristics of hi so Thai girls that I’ve learned while living in Thailand.

1. They have the latest mobile phone

At the time of writing this article (June 25th, 2015), a legitimate hi so Thai girl will have either an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6. Notice the words in bold, if your date or girlfriend only has a iPhone 6 or a standard Samsung Galaxy 6, I have some bad news for you.

If she owns a Nokia, Sony or Windows phone that costs over 20,000 baht, she’s kinda hi so, but not full hi so.

The highest of hi sos will have the trifecta:  iPhone 6 Plus, iMac Air 2 and the latest iPad (all must be in white).

2. She doesn’t drown a pizza in ketchup

Members of high society in any country are culturally aware and I think food plays an important factor in deciphering if one is indeed a hi so, or a pretender. A really classy hi so will eat a pizza without pouring at least 65% of the ketchup bottle onto the pizza.

She will also never use fish sauce with pizza.

, High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

Plot twist: A true member of high society will never eat a pizza with a knife and fork. they know pizzas are meant to be eaten using only their hands, and they scoff it down just like we do back home. Extra points awarded if she manages to drop a topping on her dress.

3. She only buys the honeymoon seat or better at the cinemas

In Thailand, there are several entry points for paying for a ticket at the movies. Tickets start from 170 baht for regular seats with honeymoon seats costing 200-220 baht. From my extensively short interactions with hi society Thai girls, they will always pay extra and get the honeymoon seat.

If she’s the highest of hi sos, then she will only watch movies on couch seats which usually start from 300-600 baht upwards.

Note: If she has ever watched a movie on Wednesday for 100 baht (tickets are cheaper on Wednesday), she is permanently disqualified from ever being considered a hi so.

4. She only shops at Siam Paragon or Emquartier

Another quality indicator on whether your date or girlfriend is a certified hi so is that she only shops at Siam Paragon or Emquartier. It’s a well known fact in hi-so expat circles that I frequent, that the crème de la crème of girls only visit these two malls.

, High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

However, you’ll be glad to know if your girlfriend shops at Central World or Terminal 21 she’s kinda hi-so, but she must never have bought clothes from On-nut market or similar markets to qualify.

5. She drives a car

With cars being crazy expensive in Thailand, if your girl owns a car you have got yourself a keeper. If she’s driving a car that’s made in Thailand, she hasn’t paid the 300% import tax which means she can’t get the A Farang Abroad Certified Hi So Stamp of Approval, but she does have potential.

Girls who are rolling in any foreign car (less than 3 years old), it’s hard to call her anything other than hi so.

Note: If your girlfriend has a BTS Rabbit card that always has more than 200 baht in credit, she can be considered kinda hi-so only if she meets at least two other conditions in this article.

6. She is talking to people like you and me

Any hi so girl will have high standards, and talking to a cultural and worldly guy like me or you certainly shows that she is a hi so. I mean why wouldn’t hi society girls talk to me and you? It’s not like we don’t have legitimate visas that allow us to live in Thailand permanently, nor did we leave our home countries because we’re social misfits or losers.

In a nutshell, any girl who is talking to you or showing interest, there is a high probability that she is a hi so. Because as we all know, hi so women in Thailand love us.


Did I miss anything out, or did I hit the nail on the head? I hope this article puts to bed what is considered a hi so Thai girl. If you have you own ideas on what a hi so girl is, please leave a comment below.

PS: if you take anything I said in this article seriously, you should literally go f**** yourself.

, High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand


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