How to Meet Good Thai girls in Thailand

My blog has many different niche groups.

You have the forever aloners who have never spoken to a girl, but want to move to Thailand.

You have the young digital nomads who are saying NO to the Matrix and trying to figure things out in the War Zone.

You have successfully Bangkok expats who read my site but won’t admit it to anyone.

You have the Indians who message me every other day asking where they can get a weekend Thai hooker for 322?.

You have a group of older guys (30+) who are tired of being the bachelor, or are divorced/broken up and are looking to find a good Thai Girlfriend.

This article is for them!

But the rest of you can tag along for the ride.

In this article, I’ve jotted down my thoughts on various places you can visit to meet the Thai girl who you want to spend the rest of your life with.


Nightclubs are perfect if you’re not ready to settle down and just want short relationships or flings.

Most girls who visit nightclubs want the same.

Most 25-year-old Thai girls (and girls in general for that matter) are not mentally ready for a long-term relationship.

Most girls you end up dating from Thai nightclubs will not blossom into 20-30 year relationship, it’s possible but there are better places to visit.

If you’re looking for something serious, I would avoid nightclubs. If you don’t want something serious, they are great.

The photo below is from Bar Next Door located on Koh San Road, it’s a club nobody knows about. Was there one night this year and it was packed with uni girls. No white people either. Cheap drinks, good vibes.

"สอดอ Style" (สอดอ = สนุกได้ทุกวัน จากสุขุมวิทไปจนจรัญฯ ก็มามันส์กันที่..Bar next door!!!) สอบถามโปรและจองโต๊ะได้ที่… Line : @barnextdoor (ใส่@ด้วยนะจ๊ะ) #barnextdoorbkk #barnextdoorkhaosan Ticket อาทิตย์ – พฤหัสฯ 20.30 น. – 24.00 น. ราคา 100 บาท 24.00 น. – Late ราคา 150 บาท ศุกร์ – เสาร์ 20.30 น. – Late ราคา 200 บาท **Ticket ใช้แทนเงินสด ซื้อของในร้านได้เลยจ้า!**

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Remember you heard it here first, no doubt this will be listed on every other Bangkok blog now.


Bars can be great places to meet Thai girls.

You’ll get a huge mix of Thai girls in here from pre-drinkers who are ready to hit a club, to the innocent ones who are having a cheeky beer before their 9pm bedtime.

Whether you like sexy or the girl next door, bars in Thailand have both.

Just don’t go looking for your Thai girlfriend at go-go bars:

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Night markets

Night markets in Thailand are the best.

Everything is cheap, lots of food to eat from and it’s packed with hotties.

As far as the eye can see, there are girls everywhere!

They are really easy to approach, you’ll see a variety of girls here from office workers, university singlets and everything in between.

Markets I really like are JJ Green and Talad Rod Fai Night Market at Ratchada.

Beautiful night here #bangkok #rodfaimarket #rodfaimarketthailand #thailand

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Gyms and studios

Yoga studios, gyms, running groups and sports clubs can be really good places to meet Thai girls.

But don’t do yoga to meet Thai girls, or join a spin class to hit on chicks as that’s just fucking creepy.

Actually do the fucking thing because you enjoy it, and if you happen to meet a girl out of it then chances are she is going to be great.

Co-working spaces

If you’re looking for a self-starter and hard worker, co-working spaces are the way to go.

I prefer to work at home but co-working spaces are good spots to make friends and meet all types of girls, not just thai.

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Again go to a co-working space if you actually want to work, don’t be the creep who hits on all the girls.


Parks attract everyone.

Office girls, fitness chicks, girls reading, running and talking a stroll.  So whatever little girlfriend fetish you have, you will be able to appease your appetite here.

If you struggle to talk to girls because you lack confidence, parks are good places to start because barriers are low. It’s much easier to say hello to girls at parks then a nightclub or bar where they are tired of guys hitting on them.

Just stay away from the kids.

Dating sites

Dating sites are an okay to find your final Thai girlfriend, but there are much better places.

“REALLY?, but you’re pimping them all over your website?”

, How to Meet Good Thai girls in Thailand

Everyone on dating sites in Thailand is fucked up.

The average girl gets 47 dick picks, 14 people asking to fuck her for money, 7 shirtless guys messaging her with a pick up line, 3 white knights warning her about the people I just mentioned, and that 1 guy (that’s you buddy) who is actually looking for a serious relationship saying “hey sup” sent to her every 12 hours.

If after a few days, any girl decides to remain on an online dating site, you really have to wonder.

Actually, I am being a little harsh here, I know dozens of people who found their Thai girlfriend on dating sites and they are doing very well together.

But due to the fact that all interactions are done online, guys and girls are both using photos from years ago that are filtered AF, it’s really hard to know what a girl is really like without asking for her Skype to video call.

Dating sites are best used before you visit Thailand to build friendships, or if you’re a forever alone loser and cannot talk to girls without pissing your pants.

I have premium memberships to all Thai dating sites.

Please don’t visit these places to pick up girls

I’ve just told you several points of interest where you can go and meet really nice Thai girls but…

Don’t go to a mall or park and hit on 30 chicks seeing how many numbers you can get.

Don’t visit a night market like a little creepy pervert eyeing every single girl, or doing laps around the venue picking up numbers.

Please don’t do that.

You want everything to be organic, visit a park once or twice a week to read, run, get some Vitamin D. If that sounds boring then don’t visit the park.

Do CrossFit or tennis because you like to play either, not because you think you can pick up chicks.

If you’re doing this then your mindset is wrong, your focus should be on doing things you enjoy and then the girls will come naturally.

You don’t know how many times I’ve been to a night market and a group of Thai girls come and approach our table giving one of us their LINE ID.

We were not hitting on any girls, we were just having fun and shooting the shit.

I’ll give you an example on how to pick up a girl.

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Let’s say you enjoy parks and walking, so one day you head to the park and just happen to see a stunning Thai girl that you have to talk to.

Perfect, then go talk to her for a few minutes only, anything longer and you may creep her out.

After you’re done talking, tell her it was nice meeting her and give her your LINE ID or telephone number on a piece of paper.  Then turn around and run away.

, How to Meet Good Thai girls in Thailand

The reason I like the old school number on a paper is there is less awkwardness between you both of you.

Now she has the option to contact you or throw the paper in the bin.

If you ask for her number or LINE ID, it’s really hard for her to say no, Thai girls will give you their contact info even if they don’t want to, but then they won’t message you, or they will reply with 1-word replies because they don’t like you.

The paper handover is instant too and nobody will see, whereas asking for her number means you both have your phones out, and people nearby are looking and judging.

I like the paper method for all public venues where you’re approaching a girl for the first time.

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