Condom and STD guide for Thailand

In this article you’re going to learn where to find condoms in Thailand and how to deal with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

I will cover:

  • Why you should wear condoms (yes, in 2019 I need to actually write a section on it)
  • Where to find condoms in Thailand and how they differ to western ones
  • How to minimise your risk of catching an STD in Thailand
  • How to get treated if you catch a sexually transmitted disease

Why you should use protection in Thailand

Spoiler alert: there is an active sex scene in Thailand and unless you’ve been here a while you won’t be able to identify who is a sex worker and who is not when visiting clubs or bars in the tourist areas.

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If the Forrest Group ever did a survey on how many western men in Thailand have sex without a condom, the poll will tell you 30%~ based on my 7 years of living in Thailand and receiving messages from readers.

Dozens of people I know always plan to use a condom in Thailand, but when alcohol is mixed with girls wanting to go home with you for money, many people forget to buy or use a condom.

If you’re a big drinker, always keep a pack in your pocket if you’re the type who can’t handle their drink and usually ends up going full retard.

Other than being too drunk to use one, the next reason westerners don’t wear a condom in Thailand is because they say:

I can’t enjoy sex without a condom.

The no #1 reason men don’t like to use a condom in Thailand is because they cannot get it up, followed by loss of friction from condoms which reduces their pleasure.

If you’re unable to awake the snake wearing a condom and are in good health, the issue isn’t the condom but the girl you’re with is clearly not doing enough to make you aroused.

It’s at that point you should ask yourself why the hell are you doing this if you cannot get aroused.

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If you cannot get it up because you have erectile dysfunction or are a vegan and condoms just make it worse, read my guide on where to find Viagra in Bangkok to sort your baby snake into a powerful black mamba.

If you really don’t want to use a condom in Thailand when having sex with a prostitute, then get her tested before you do it.

There are dozens of hospitals that will do it for you and provide results instantly.

It will cost around 2,500-5,000b at any good hospital like Sukhumvit Hosptial or Samitive and if she is clear during the duration of their stay they won’t use a condom.

If that’s too expensive then Thai Red Cross will do it for under 1,000b.

This is the sensible approach to not using condoms in Thailand, and one that is often used in Asia.

Where to buy condoms in Thailand

Cum to think of it, condoms are everywhere in Thailand.

You can pick them up at any 7-Eleven and Family Mart which are on every street corner in Bangkok.

Every mall will have a Boots or Watsons pharmacy where you can find them in abundance.

, Condom and STD guide for Thailand

Thai people love to take medication for anything and there are local pharmacies on every street where you can buy Thai condoms.

You’re literally spoilt for choice and knowing which condom brand to pick can get a little confusing:

The most common brands of condoms in Bangkok you’ll find are:

Durex – several styles to choose from, usually the most expensive around 99b

Playboy – only at selected stores, start around 70b

One Touch – Thai branded condoms, several styles to choose from and usually the cheapest 50b

Okamoto – Japanese brand, only at selected stores. Prices start 79b

SKYN – have only started to pop-up and are non-latex condoms at 100b

I’ve used them all they all did the job to a satisfactory standard or better, but I have a micro penis.

If you’re working with a Ron Jeremy piece or are a black person, the largest condom size in Thailand you’ll find is 56mm in width.

If you need bigger then bring your own as you’ll struggle to find XL condoms anywhere in Thailand, or Asia for that matter.

To locate the width size on all condoms packets, just look for two numbers that start with 4 or 5.

The one on the left is Durex and is 52.5mm while the Okamoto brand is 49mm and written in the bottom left.

All condoms in Thailand come in a pack of 2 or 3, for the savages out there visit Boots of Watson for the 12/16 packs.

There’s no taboo to buying condoms in Thailand, nobody is going to look at you funny or think you’re a sex-pat, they probably think that anyway.

Right next to the condom section in Thailand will be the lube, Asian girls are much more petite so it’s worth picking that up to (you can thank me later).

Sexual transmitted diseases in Thailand

STDs in Thailand are very real.

Sex education isn’t really taught in Thailand, and girls may not necessary ask you to wear a condom.

This isn’t their way of telling you it’s fine to not use a condom, they just aren’t educated enough on the subject to know that you should be wearing one.

Thankfully you’re smart enough and you know the complications of not wearing one. Never assume oh it’s okay she didn’t ask, it’s not because she wants your babies it just she doesn’t know any better.

Can you catch STDs in go go bars in Thailand and soapy massages? Of course you can, in fact if you do catch an STD in Thailand it will probably be from there.

A friend of mine caught an STD from visiting a blow job bar in Bangkok (yes I know I hang with bad company).

I know several other people who have cached various sexual transmitted diseases during their time in Thailand.

You can also get STDs wearing a condom, like herpies which never goes away.

How to minimise your chances of getting a STD in Thailand

“Always wear a condom if you don’t know your partner’s sexual history”

Captain Obvious

If you’re meeting a everyday Thai girl, this is a girl who is not a prostitute the odds that she has any type of STD are slim.

If you’re sleeping with Thai hookers or taking girls from various Bangkok nightclubs, then your chances of getting and STD increase a lot.

I can walk into a tourist club and spot the hookers, gold diggers and girls who party all the time before the DJ even drops his first beat.

Most Thai girls are NOT like this, but as you’re a tourist/expat you’ll typically visit these venues and you should know that a lot of the girls there are there 2-3 times per week having fun just like you.

If you take a Thai girl home from these venues always wear a condom.

Abortion is illegal in Thailand and Thai girls are fertile AF, I’m not kidding.

Maybe it’s their laid back way of living and non-processed diet, or it’s their lack of understanding about condoms, but they are easy to impregnate.

It may take a western girl a few months to get pregnant doing all the funky leg positions to get them little eggs to attach, but not with a Thai girl.

I once came in a sock and it almost got my girlfriend pregnant.

I’ve got an STD, where do I go in Thailand to get it sorted?

The following piece on STDs in Thailand is not advice and should not be taken as advice. If you have any sexual transmitted infection or disease, please go visit your doctor. 

If you have gonorrhoea or chlamydia in Thailand, first off welcome to the club.

You can walk to any local pharmacy and tell them what you have, they will provide you the medication over the counter for a about 100-200b.

If you’re too scared to ask because you’re embarrassed:

, Condom and STD guide for Thailand

Then ask them for azithromycin (which is what you need), but once you say that they’ll know exactly why you need it:

, Condom and STD guide for Thailand

For simple STD cases in Thailand visit a local pharmacy and get your meditation as they are sold over the counter.

You should visit a doctor though, as you may have caught other things you’re not aware about like yeast infections or aids.

You can visit any private hospital and it should not cost you more than 5,000b to get tested for everything, talking to a doctor will cost between 300-800b depending on the quality of the hospital.

To wrap up

Always wear a condom if you’re having sex with someone unless you’ve both agreed before hand.

If you wrap up you greatly minimise the risk of getting STDs in Thailand. If you don’t sleep with hookers and instead to using dating sites to meet normal girls, you reduce your chances even further.

The dangers of getting an STD in Thailand are very real, and if you do get a girl pregnant and she is forced to get rid of the baby, the family may disown their child.


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