Why Every Guy Coming To Thailand WILL Cheat

Yes it’s true, every guy who comes to Thailand will cheat on their partner… if given the chance.

I’ve lived in Thailand for 5 years and I’ve had well over 25+ people visit me, ranging from 23 year-old backpackers, good looking guys who lift with hot girlfriends, to everyday working professionals (40+) who are happily married with children.

They all have their own motives for coming here, be it travel, rest and relaxation, business or even a couples getaway.

But the same trend seems to happen over and over again – the guy will always end up cheating on his partner…if given the chance.

If given the chance, what do you mean?

If you take a married guy to Thailand and don’t show him the nightlife, red light district or happy massages, if he has not cheated on his partner before, there’s a good chance he won’t.

However, if you take him to a place with Thai bar girls or Bangkok nightclubs without his partner, even if he had no intention to sleep with someone else, he almost always will.

Let me give you a few real-life examples that I have witnessed.

Meet Straight Edge Jim

Straight Edge Jim is a 29, has a very good job, is good looking and has a hot blonde girlfriend who is 23.

, Why Every Guy Coming To Thailand WILL Cheat

He has never paid for any sexual services in his life and didn’t plan on doing it in Thailand either, after all he came here with his girlfriend.

Bro-tip: never bring your girlfriend to Thailand, that would be like bringing your own sand to the beach.

Straight Edge Jim considers anyone paying for sex in his own words a loser and because he is so good looking (he is), he would never need to pay.

He has never cheated on any of his past girlfriends either, saying that “he is a faithful guy“, nor has he visited a place like Thailand before.

So one night me and Jim head to Soi Cowboy alone so he can see if the grass is really greener on the other side.

After he finds a girl he really likes, he says to me:

“Wait, if I pay 2,000b, I can sleep with her? Really, it’s as easy as that?”

4 beers later and a few questionable life choices, Straight Edge Jim has bar fined the hottest girl at the go go and booked a short-time room upstairs while I ponder if I should have let one of my best friends cheat on his girlfriend, who is 2 miles away in a hotel.

Don’t worry, I didn’t ponder that thought too long.

Meet Business Man Robert

Business Man Robert is 55, works for a very good company in the US, is married with 3 kids and has known his wife for 30+ years.

Business Man Robert is a really nice guy, friendly and is always talking about his wife and kids and how great they are. They really mean the world to him.

When he is working away on business they call twice a day on Skype and nothing can tear them apart.

Business Man Robert just happens to visit Bangkok once a year on business.

I didn’t know Robert so well and wasn’t sure which way he swayed. I decided we should meet up for a beer so I could learn more.

Before I’ve had the chance to passively quiz him, he mentions a bar I talked about on my site and how he wanted to go there.

Quizzing over.

We go there and he starts to tell me he loves going on business trips so he can entertain himself. He doesn’t want to have a relationship with girls and is happy to pay as that way his family will not find out.

Meet Naive Rupert

Naive Rupert is young, has yet to have his heart broken and well, is naive.

He just finished university and has been with his high-school sweetheart for over 4 years.

He came to Thailand to do the islands.

Naive Rupert dislikes Bangkok because it’s too busy and it has a heavy hooker scene, which he hates.

“I can’t sleep with a girl if she doesn’t like me, I have no idea how people pay for sex and enjoy it. I’ve never paid and I never will.”

As I said, Rupert is naive.

At dinner we’re talking and he tells me he wants to avoid going to Nana Plaza or Cowboy as he finds them boring, but it’s 9pm and the clubs aren’t busy till midnight.

Since he is on a budget I suggest a bar that has lots of working girls but is chill AF and has cheap drinks.

He reluctantly agrees and we jump in the taxi.

, Why Every Guy Coming To Thailand WILL Cheat

As we enter the bar full of stunning young girls, we have the following chat:

Naive Rupert: are these hookers?
Me: Yes
Naive Rupert: but they are so hot and slim, really?
Me: Yes
Naive Rupert: and I can fuck them?
Me: Yes (with a sly grin on my face).

Needless to say, within the next 60 minutes Naive Rupert was down 2,100b + 300b hotel fee.

Naive Rupert has traveled to many places during backpacking and he avoided all advances from hookers.

Yet one night in Bangkok.

Meet Confused Peter

Confused Peter is another friend in a well-paying job and loves to travel.

He is madly in love with his girlfriend but also hates spending too much time with her as she can also be an annoying little kunt.

He wants to marry her but he also secretly hopes they break up so he can go on a tear and sleep with dozens of girls without trouble.

See, I told you Peter was confused.

Confused Peter visits Thailand every year to meet his good friend Harvie (that’s me).

During each holiday he joins Thai Friendly, sets up dates with girls and meets as many as possible.

If he has a bad day or is too lazy, he will head to a massage and do the deed, while texting temple and Thai food pictures to his girlfriend back home.

During the end of every trip, Confused Peter tells me that he will never do this again, it’s out his system and he will now be faithful to the girl he loves.

Confused Peter has visited me in Bangkok 5 times.

Confused Peter is returning back to Thailand in March, 2017.

Is this the norm?

Guys can come to Thailand with the best intentions, but if you take them to a place where they can sleep with a girl, even if they never planned on doing it, they will.

A guy is only as faithful as his options.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you girls, or they don’t respect you (even though you may feel that way).

These are guys being, well guys.

No guys wants to have sex with the same person for the rest of his life and if given the chance they won’t.

I find beer brings out the true motives of men. They act without fear, shame or guilt, which is how we should all feel when making decisions in life.

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