Becoming an Ethical Whore-ist in Bangkok

Yes there is such a thing as ethical whoring, while this guide focuses on Bangkok you can take the main principles and apply them to almost any city in the world.

So children, let us begin.

What is ethical whoring?

Ethical whoring is much like a Bitcoin transaction, there are no middlemen involved and both parties have agreed to the transaction without the input of others.

Transactions are untraceable and there is no institution taking a % of the deal.

In a nutshell, you’re paying for sex and your chosen girl has full choice on whether she wants to sleep with your or not, and does not answer to a pimp or mamasan.

Luckily in a place like Bangkok, ethical whoring is quite easy when you know where to go or what to look for.

Is ethical whoring a real thing or did you just make this shit up?

Not all prostitution is bad or as you see in the media.

Most of these girls in Asia are just tryna get per-per-paaaid.

Good business girls make over 60,000b per month and the best ones can make as much as 250-400k per month.

Some can work in ‘normal’ jobs and make next to nothing but they prefer to do this because they want to get lucrative.

However, there are also girls who are forced into doing this, and it’s these girls that the ethical whore monger tries to avoid.

This is why I’ve created a whoring standard my readers can adhere to and follow.

Freelancers on the street and clubs

As in any industry, freelancers usually work for themselves and can be found on the street or in several of Bangkok’s nightclubs.

If you’ve visited places like Climax or Insanity you may have even been rejected by working girls, because they have the chose with who they go with.

Nightclubs are great hunting spots because girls come here after work on their own accord and have the power to say no.

However, there are times when a mamasan will bring her girls to such clubs:

, Becoming an Ethical Whore-ist in Bangkok

You’ll usually know if the girl has a boss because when you discuss price she will pass the information on to the mamasan who makes the final choice, you’ll see a lot of ear whispering and the mamasan may even talk to you directly.

This is when you need to walk away.

If you can read situations you’ll also be able to notice who the mamasan is in their group, she is usually the oldest one, isn’t drinking and happens to be fat more often than not… and yes may be able to sleep with her too.

Black-tip: black working girls in Bangkok all have pimps.

Thermae Bar Bangkok

Thermae bar is a 100% freelance only bar located on Sukhumvit 15.

Working girls can come and go as they please and choose who they go home with. There are no mamasans in Thermae and it’s not uncommon to get rejected by several girls before someone says yes.

, Becoming an Ethical Whore-ist in Bangkok

All of the below images are taken Wolveisreal Instagram account.

Thermae bar caters mostly to Asian guys with the ratio being 98% Japanese, Korean, Singaporean and 2% white people at any one time.

The girls here can range from okay to quite hot and the average price tends to be around 2,500b.

A 5 star spot for ethical whoring in Bangkok in my opinion, even if Google reviews say it’s only 3.8:

Go go bars

Ethical whoring isn’t always black and white.

A go go bar has a number of Thai bar girls working who you can barfine and sleep with.

You simply choose the girl, pay the barfine and leave with her.

This means if a girl doesn’t like you, if you pay the barfine you can take her home.

Granted if you do this you’ll most likely have a bad experience and terrible time, but nevertheless you can still take her home.

I’ve seen it a few times when it was quite obvious the girl did not want to leave with a customer but had no choice because of the mamasan.

That’s not to say you can’t perform ethical whoring practices in go go bars, you can and many do. Instead of barfining a girl right away you should buy her a drink and get to know her a little more.

You’ll know within 15 minutes or so if she really likes you or not, if you’re still unsure you could just go ahead and ask:

“Do you like me, would you be okay if I barfined you?”

Don’t be shy, they’ve heard it a 100 times.

Massage shops

There are three types of massage shops, they are:

Pull you in off the street – if you walk around the Nana and Soi Cowboy area after 8pm there are dozens of sex and hand job massages where girls are trying to get you into their shop.

In most cases I find that if a woman really likes you she will grab or talk to you, if she doesn’t she will stay on her chair.

While you do have the ability to choose any of the girls working there, to meet the A Farang Abroad’s ethical whoring guidelines, I recommend that you first ask for a drink before making your choice.

, Becoming an Ethical Whore-ist in Bangkok

As you sip on your drink, the girls who like you will show signs of interests and the girls who don’t will stay outside or leave the room. From here you can make an educated decision using your brain and penis.

Soapy massages and nuru massages – work by you choosing the girl from a list or fish bowl. The girl cannot reject you (usually).

While I don’t think this is unethical whoring as the women know and have agreed to this before hand, you really don’t have enough history on the shop or girl to know if she is working there out of choice or not.

The good thing is that some of these shops allow you to drink a beer and even talk to the girls. In fish bowl situations girls that do like you will keep giving you smiles which is a good sign.

Blow job bars – are harder to practice ethical whoring because you simply pick the girl you like the most and she does not have the ability to say no. Again she knows this before hand and still decide to work there.

Grey area.

What makes a good ethical whore-ist in Bangkok?

A good ethical whore monger in Bangkok:

Always uses a condom – This means by default around 80% of my readers are not ethical in their whoring practices. I know so many people who will not wrap up unless asked, like a hell of a lot.

Be safe kids.

They don’t drink too much – the biggest obstacle to knowing whether a bar girl really likes you or not is alcohol. When you drink too much, the moral compass goes out the window most of us follow our penis.

When drunk you’re not able to read body language or see the mamasan who is standing 1 foot away.

They pay the price – they don’t haggle or short-change the girl. If the price agreed is 2,000b they pay 2,000b. They also don’t get what they believe to be working girls from a club and don’t pay them unless they ask (known as shoring).

They don’t pick right away – instead they throw out feelers to see if a girl likes them. Before paying for any sexual service they spend at least 5min or more talking to them.

They check their ID – if they are unsure of a girl’s age they will ask to see their ID. If the girl refuses then they don’t take that girl back to their room.

While you can get just about every type of fake document in Thailand from Koh San Road, nobody sells fake Thai ID copies. If a girl’s ID card says she is over 18, it’s most likely a real one.

Are you an ethical whore monger?

What mongering practices do you implement in Bangkok? Would love to know which places you think are the best or what other tips readers should take to become an ethical whoremonger in Bangkok.

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