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The Best Beef buffet in Bangkok is located in On-nut, between soi 48/3 and 50. For more information on directions, click here.The Best Beef Buffet in Bangkok Best Beef buffet menu The price of this buffet has apparently stayed the same for the past few years, which is a huge surprise, as I’m pretty sure they dont make profit off foreigners, who eat 5x as much as a Thai person. It also comes as no surprise that although meat prices rise every year, this place keep it prices the same, Thai people tend to be bad as running businesses, and although the value is amazing, I’m not sure how much of a profit they really make.

best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet

Best Beef buffet menu

best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet

The food is usually cooked on a plate which is fired underneath with coals, you can also ask for a boiling pot if you wish to boil you meat and veg. Yes here you coo your own food if you haven’t realized yet. Its not hard work, if you think you will have trouble, pick up a isan girl off the street and she will do all the cooking for you. I’m sure she will find other ways to cook your meat and two veg as well ;).

best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet

Here is some of the produce, shrimps, dory fish, beef, pork and other stuff I forgot the name of. Don’t expect to be getting kobe beef or anything, but for the price the quality of food is more than worth the price.

best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet

They give you two hours at the best beef buffet before they tell you to f*** off, but I found this never to actually be enforced the many times I go here. They are usually way too busy to even know what time you came in. If you come around 4-6pm, the place will be quite empty and the service a bit faster and quicker. However sometimes the meat is frozen and harder to cook the earlier you com.

After 7pm, it get really busy, the Noks and Samchais of Bangkok have finished work and heading on over here. The service becomes a little bit slower, although still quite fast, the place has a better vibe too it, and if your unlucky they will have a live Thai band playing some god awful songs. Drinks at Best Beef buffet start from 20baht for water and coke, upwards.

To place your order of meats and veg, you are given a piece of paper which you must assign a number too, indicating how many pieces an item you want. Thankfully my friend has done a translation, so you can use this below.

best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet best beef buffet, Best Beef Buffet


Overall, I would give the Best Beef buffet the following:

Value = 10/10 Service = 8/10 (I recommend tipping the waiter if they did a helpful job, as they dont get paid alot in places like this)

quality of food = 6.5/10

atmosphere = 8/10

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