Getting a Thai Tourist Visa in Ho Chi Minh City

I recently got a single entry Thai tourist visa from Ho Chi Minh City, and if you’re planning a visa trip soon but aren’t sure where the best place is to get one, here’s how to get a single entry Thai visa in HCM like a boss.

Paperwork you need

To get a single entry Thai tourist visa in Ho Chi Minh City, you need:

  • Valid passport (6 months or more left)
  • Inbound and outbound ticket from Thailand
  • Application form filled out (you can ask for one there)
  • 1 passport photo

You may also need to show at least 20,000b which is stated on the official embassy website, although I wasn’t asked. You can use a bus or train ticket for your proof of entry and exit out of Thailand.

Questions they asked me at the Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City

They asked me nothing.

When I applied for my single entry Thai tourist visa, I had already come off a triple-entry Thai visa and was expecting some sort of questioning.

But questions…not even once.

The Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City opens at 8:30am until 11:30am in the morning and this is when you can apply for a single entry Thai visa. I went on a Monday and there were a few people in line already.

I reckon I spent a total of 25 minutes there which included filling out my form.

To get a single entry Thai tourist visa will cost you $40, they do not accept VND. They told me to come back the next day between 1:30pm- 3pm to collect.

I came back at 1:30pm and they give me my passport within 2 minutes of being there and that was that.

, Getting a Thai Tourist Visa in Ho Chi Minh City

Getting rejected for a Thai visa in HCM

I’ve heard recent stories about people being rejected for a single entry visa at the Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. My friend recently overstayed 6 months and they would not give him a new single entry visa because of that.

I’ve also heard stories of people who have not overstayed but were still rejected. I dressed up very nice, was very polite in asking questions and the fact that I was coming off a triple-entry was no concern to them.

What to do if you get rejected

If you aren’t successful in obtaining a single entry Thai visa in HCM, if you head to the backpacker area you can find travel agents who will get the visa on your behalf. I was quoted around $90 for the service (so they take $50) and told me it would take 2-3 days. If you can wait a week then the fee is $70.

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I don’t know how trustworthy they are, but if you do get rejected they are worth a shot.

Should you get a single entry visa from HCM?

As long as your passport doesn’t have any evidence of overstay and you’ve not gotten a single entry from HCM before, I think it’s the perfect alternative to Laos. It’s fast, easy and the Thai consulate in HCM is very easy to find.

Have you applied for a Thai visa lately? How did you get on?


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