Can I get laid in Thailand?

Can I get laid in Thailand is a typical question I get a lot in various forms, here’s one email I got last week:

I’m sure a lot of people already asked, but I’d like to know if a physically mediocre European guy with neither a lot of money to flaunt can get local girls without paying. I mean, are Asians easier than frigid European women?

My translation:

Hi, I have nothing of value to offer the other sex in Europe, will Thailand be easier?

Can you get laid in Thailand?

I believe most people relocate to another country in their 20s because they are running away from something.

From the email above, we can assume the guy is a loser with not a lot going for him.

I’m not trying to be rude.

I too have been a physically mediocre western male with no money in the bank and a chip with a chip on my shoulder about the west.

Looking back at my younger self, it would be have been just to call me a loser too, and you could even make the argument for calling me a loser now.

To answer the poor boy’s question, yes you can meet girls in Thailand even if you have nothing going for you.

, Can I get laid in Thailand?

The zero to hero

In Thailand (and Asia for that matter), it doesn’t matter if you’re ginger or have a receding hairline.

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny.

It doesn’t matter if you have pasty white skin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re old.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly.

If doesn’t matter if you wear glasses or look like a nerd.

In a third world country, it’s not about how you look, it’s about what value you can offer.

If a Thai girl is from a poor family and has limited educated, simply having a western passport is enough value for them to date you.

If you’ve never been to Asia or a third world country, you have no idea of what poverty actually is.

Simply being able to earn $8/hr in your home country is something some girls in Thailand will never be able to do because of circumstance (they live in a rural area, they cannot speak English, lack work skills or are too old).

Your value status may be low in your native country (zero), but when you enter a third-world country, you’re higher up on the food chain (hero).

What Thais find attractive

Thais consider dark skin as very unattractive.

Flat, fat noises are also considered ugly (a common feature for Thai girls born in certain regions).

Bone structure and a number of other things that make no sense to me, are factors Thai men look for in a woman.

Thai girls that have too many undesirable qualities (combined with a bad social background) find it hard to date good Thai men, and the alternatives are what they call bad Thai men or a zero to hero western guy.

Note: not all western men living in Thailand are zero to heroes. A zero to hero is usually a scrawny guy with little to no experience with girls, lacks self-esteem and confidence around the other sex, and dislikes all western girls because of feminism or something like that. You can have a lot of money and still be a zero to hero.

Some Thai girls are shunned by Asian guys because of their dark skin, bone structure and poor social background. Thai men who have a higher social status do not want to date these girls because they think they are ugly (subjectiveand come from too poor of a background.

When Thais get married, sometimes the parents won’t allow their son or daughter to marry if their lover is from a low social background.

As a result, these girls don’t have a big player pool of Asian men to pick from, and will often date western men (mostly zero to heros), because they offer them the best opportunity of a good future. This is why you hear stories on other blogs that Thailand is a great place to live and meet girls.

However, if a zero to hero wants to date a Thai girl who earns good money, is independent, great English, nice family and of higher social value – then it becomes harder for a zero to hero to get such a girl.

20 or so years ago most of South East Asia thought: White skin = $$$$$

Today Thais are making jokes about how poor western people who live in Thailand are. Western backpackers are begging on the streets to fund their travels, and locals see us living in $200/month rooms.

If you fit into the Zero to Hero category, the girls you’re going to meet will most likely be women who are doing the worst economically in Thailand and carry the least desirable traits (socially) for a life partner, typically poorer girls from the village regions, who have limited English and work skills.

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Because why would a girl who has more going for herself than you, date you? If you want to meet these types of girls, then you’ll need to improve yourself too.

It might sound like I am trashing these girls but I’m not, they are arguably some of the sweetest and prettiest girls in Thailand. They are nice, traditional and very caring. It just so happens the cards they were dealt with weren’t as good as others.

They are also the types of girls who will require you to support them and their family due to their lack of education, as they won’t have much opportunity to earn a good income.

To wrap up

Regardless of how much of a zero you’re back home, you can come to Thailand and be something.

I find from personal experience the people who are zeros tend to have the least amount of experience with girls, and are often the ones who end up losing all their money to a girlfriend,  dating bar girls who deplete their funds or rush into relationships/get married way too fast, because they do not know how to handle this women attention.

I am not bashing zero to heros either, if we look deeply at ourselves I think we can all agree that at one point in our lives we were all zeros at some point. I know I was.

The point of this article is to say yes you can come to Thailand and have good success with girls regardless of how you look or how little money you have. But don’t think you can just walk up to any girl and they will date you. The general opinion on westerners in Thailand is going downhill, and will probably keep going in that direction.


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