Light Skin Thai Girls Or Tan Skin Girls?

When I first visited Thailand 4 years ago I had no idea about the tan skin Thai girl vs. Light skin Thai girl debate.

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, Light Skin Thai Girls Or Tan Skin Girls?At that time I didn’t give a fuuurk and was ready to go balls deep in anyone who ever showed me the slightest bit of attention.

4 years on, I know more about tan skin and light skin Thai girls, and in this article I’m going to ramble aimlessly about it.

Traits of tan skin Thai girls

If you’re one of the people who read my blog but have never visited Thailand, tan skin girls are typically looked down upon.

Unlike the west where tan skin makes you popular and having pasty white skin gets you bulled and beaten at school, in Thailand it’s the exact opposite.

Tan skin in Thailand is seen as unattractive and poor.

Most labour jobs are done outside in the heat which is why people associate tan skin with bring poor and unattractive.

Tan skin Thai girls usually come from Northern Thailand like Isan where there’s a huge farming culture and where people spend most their time outdoors.

Every single bar girl you see in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza will be of tan skin. You will very rarely see a light skin Thai girl working in go go bars that are aimed at westerns.

Tan skin Thai girls are usually rounder, have bigger tits, asses and frame. And in my experience they have a horrible accent speaking English (WELLLCAAAAAM sir).

They are also more friendly, warm and nicer to be around.

Light skin Thai girls

Light skin Thai girls are considered prettier because white skin is considered a sign of wealth.

Please don’t get this confused with Thais thinking that just because you have white skin you’re wealthy too, they do not think this.

The only people who think this are tan skin girls, and to them you’re wealthy because they don’t often have a lot themselves.

While a huge generalization, light skin girls usually come from middle-class families, can be well traveled, speak better English and have a better education.

, Light Skin Thai Girls Or Tan Skin Girls?


Light skin Thai girls are typically more petite than tan skin girls.

“I only go for light skin Thai girls” – Random Thai expat

If you live in Bangkok long enough it will only be a matter of time before you hear someone say the phrase above or something similar.

It’s quite easy to date a tan skin girl as Thai guys don’t find them too appealing meaning they don’t have too many options, and farangs are often the last resort.

When Thai girls tell you;

Thai girl is very bad guy, he not treat me good. I like farang, he is good.

When a tan skinned girl tells you that, there’s a bit of truth in her comment, but there’s also a lot of bullshit at the same time.

Yes Thai guys don’t treat their girlfriends to well, but they also say this because these girls cannot get the better quality ofThai guy because they don’t find them attractive.

Expats who have lived here a while fall into the society trap and start thinking the same. “Oh your girlfriend is from from Isan” and then laugh at you in a smug way.

Finding a light skin Thai girlfriend is a lot harder than finding a tan skin Thai girl from Isan or another part of Thailand.

You have force yourself to go to puke worthy events, listen to their bullshit about how they traveled to another country, or how they watch a certain western TV show, or pay for expensive western dinners and watch her pretend to enjoy the meal.

Basically having a light skin Thai girlfriend is like being in a relationship with a vegan. Several times throughout the day they are going to mention things they’ve done/ate/seen/bought to make you think they are hi-so and so much better than than everyone else.

I remember one girl telling within 15 seconds that she’s going to the US next month for a holiday and enjoys eating cheese and wine.

All I said to her was “Hi, how are you doing?”

Once again I’m generalizing about light skin Thai girls, but they will often come with this baggage and bullshit that ain’t nobody got time for.

On the bright side, she probably has an okay salary (for Thai standards) and you won’t be paying for everything… maybe.

Tan skin girls tend to be the crazier of the two

I think it’s a fair assessment to say that tan skin girls are the ones most likely to rip your dick off and break your laptop if you try breaking up with them.

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about a bad breakup with a Thai girlfriend, there’s a good chance she was tan skin.

, Light Skin Thai Girls Or Tan Skin Girls?

I don’t know why that is, maybe because they are from a poorer background and see you as the white knight to get them out. Or perhaps the circles Bangkok expats hang in are generally low and we attract such people.

Maybe it’s a combination of the both.

Light skin Thai girls are boring

You’ll hear this quite a lot in expat circles, that light skin Thai girls are really boring.

They don’t drink as much, they take less risks, are conservative and care too much about their image to do what they really want.

I tend to agree with that quite a bit, but having said that I personally find all girls boring.

Why do large percentage of farangs date tan skin girls and not light skin?

Walk into any mall and you’ll see farangs dating isan Thai girls.

The ratios of farang with tan skin Thai girls vs. farang with light skin girls is very one sided. There’s a number of reasons for this, such as:

Tan skin Thai girls are easier to date
– as a westerner you can visit almost any nightclub in Thailand and tan skin Thai girls will be receptive to you. Many purposely hang in out in tourist and expat areas to meet you.

Most light skin Thai girls don’t.

Light skin Thai girls don’t want you – there’s a big misconception by men who think that ALL Thai girls love farang. They don’t love you at all, they only love your money. The majority of light skin Thai girls have zero interest in you and is why you see so few guys with light skin girls.

Ain’t nobody got time for dat – nobody has time to listen to a light skin Thai girl’s opinions on anything.

What do I prefer?

I can’t help but say I personally like the look of light skin Thai girls more, this wasn’t always the case mind you. To date a lighter skin Thai girls takes more work and energy and typically humans want what they can’t have.

I think that’s why I prefer them looks wise. However the only time I get close to a light skin Thai girl these days is when I visit Nataree.

I’m sure if the roles were reversed and it was much more difficult to get tan skin Thai girls I would be telling you I like tan skin more.

For fun and conversation it’s a mixed bag.

Tan skin girls who can speak very good English are much better than light skin girls, but most tan skin girls have pretty poor gasp of English.

What about you?

What are your thought on tan and light skin Thai girls, which do you prefer and why? Leave a comment below.

, Light Skin Thai Girls Or Tan Skin Girls?


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