How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

, How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

Comments on my recent Oscar Award Winning blogs have been the above .

“Hey Harvie, how do I pick up Thai girls?”

Well wait no longer, I have created the A Farang Aboard’s Guide to Picking Up Girls in Thailand.

How to pick up girls in Thailand

Picking up girls in Thailand is easy.

You simply bend your legs, grab them from the waist and then toss them over your back.

Okay, I’ll be honest…

I don’t know anything about girls

Even though I have a website showing guys how to get Thai girls, I know nothing about picking up girls.

I sit in my condo all day writing shit blogs about where to meet 7 girls in Bangkok and How I Manage to Make $34,672 per month using this one Freelancing Hack to make money.

I don’t know the first thing on the subject of picking up.

Just like you, I am a loser.

I’m a phony.

I make stuff up and post it on the internet to make a few pennies.

I have no soul.

I don’t know what you should say to a girl when she negs you or what to do when you face some LMR (last minute resistance ya n00bs).

I’m just a tiny spec of Internet Shit Dust floating on Google, and you’re the bottom feeders that live off my shit.

And I’ve dropped another turd.

Dig in.

Here is what I KNOW about Picking up Thai girls

If you like a Thai girl and would like to get to know her more, I suggest you talk to her. Because if you don’t, you cannot pick her up.

Simply introduce yourself, while hiding your true personality.

You know, don’t be your slimeball self.

If the Thai girl does not like you, as long as she is not with a huge group of friends or family, she will talk to you for a few minutes if she knows English.

That’s Thai girls for you, even if they don’t find you attractive, they are more than happy to have a chat without being triggered or repressed.

They don’t want to embarrass you any further, they are just cool fucking girls.

So don’t be scared and just talk to her.

As you converse with her about you bought TRON (TRX) at the ICO pre-sale and you now sold for 500x profit, if you somehow manage not to piss your pants or cover her in your slime shit, then ask for her number or LINE ID.

She will probably give it to you as well, and she may even message and meet you for a date.

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And if you actually manage secure the date, then you have successfully picked up a Thai girl, you now have enough authority and credibility to give other men advice on the Internet.

How do I find the high-quality Thai girls?

I get this question too:

“How do I get hi so Thai girls in good jobs who have perfect English and work out?”

“I only want Thai girls who make a lot of money or have a good job, where do I find them?”

, How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

You’re asking the wrong questions.

Look in the mirror.

You’re a slimeball. Really, go to the mirror this second, and look at your reflection, and tell me there is not a slimeball looking back at you?

, How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

I thought so, phaggot.

Why would these girls ever go for you?

The fact that you’re reading this article means you’re here because of my email list, Facebook Page or by Googling some derogatory term.

Just by having my website stored in your cookies, you’re not worthy of any desirable girl.

However the good news is, if you want to date smart, hardworking and creative Thai girls (do they even exist?), all you have to do is become a worthy player in the game – and that is easy.

Start by dressing well. As a rule of thumb to ALWAYS cover your feet and legs when out. ALWAYS wear a t-shirt minimum.

No vests. No shorts. They are only for the beach.

Start to take care of your body and pick up some weights, learn what food you should be eating.

A friend once said to me it’s not fair that our other good-looking friend gets all the girls, while we sit here jerking each other off.

He was short, fat and brown.

And I, well, I run a sex blog giving slimeballs advice on picking up Thai girls.

If you’re short, bald, not white, fat or look like an ugly prick – then it will be harder for you to pick up girls.

That’s just the cards you were dealt, stop cyring and deal with it.

You’re the Batch B of this world.

Batch A is is everyone else.

The good news is, you can work on yourself and evolve your DNA to become Batch A.

Improve your wealth, that will give you greater access to girls.

Get hobbies and start making friends who help grow forward.

Win more social, physical, health and wealth points – then you’ll be able to pick up good Thai girls.

Make your character a worthy player on the Dating Map.

Rate your character out of 40, where do you rank?

  • Social – 1/10
  • Health – 8/10
  • Physical – 7/10
  • Wealth – 7/10

My score: 23/40.

Your approval rating:

0-18 (LOSER) – don’t even go near a girl, you rapist. You must work on yourself immediately.

19-27 – (Batch B) – you have no unique selling point, work harder or live in On Nut for the rest of your life.

28 -(Batch A) – don’t change a thing about your life.

How to hack getting Thai girls using Pick Up

If you don’t want to use my strategy of trying not to be a terrible human being, the next best way to pick up Thai girls is to learn what the young kids are calling Game.

The art of pick up.

, How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

There are many definitions of what pick-up means today, but essentially it’s to temporary convince a girl you’re not worthy of dating, to date you.

Pick up strategies work really well too, and you can get really hot girls who should never ever be dating you, to date and kiss your slimeball face.

But this strategy only works well in the short-term.

It’s only a matter of time before she realizes you’re a creepy slimeball and leaves you.

That’s why I don’t learn pick up.

Hopefully, one day when I become like them, the others (Batch A), I will be worthy enough to talk to a girl.

How do I pick up Thai girls that won’t rob me?

Slimeballs attracts slimeballs.

If you have been scammed by a Thai girl in the past or have regular blow-ups with Thai girls, it’s because you’re a slimeball.

Slimeballs attracts slimeballs.

Here’s one comment I got this week:

, How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

The main reason a girl would cheat on you is because you’re a worthless piece of slim and she does not want you.

Because why would ANY girl cheat on a guy who has all the points in life?

Wealth points alone doesn’t help, if you don’t have enough on social, health and physical points on the Dating Map, you will get burned.

I know several friends who have Thai girlfriends who are loyal and amazing. They don’t cheat, you know why, because they have the points.

Thai girls are amazing, they are caring and so friendly.

But all you hear online are bad stories because you slimeballs are picking up slime because you’re slime and hang around slime areas.

If you want to pick up a Thai girl who you can trust and is not crazy, then become worthy of one and they will spawn all around you.

Now I hope that answerers everyone’s questions about how to pick up girls in Thailand.

Class dismissed.

Liked my post about picking up Thai girls? Then leave a comment below, let me know what you agree or disagree with. Also have any suggestions for future topics?


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