The Holiday Girlfriend

Not many people like to go on holiday alone because it can be quite boring and lonely.

We all know that feel of sitting on your hotel bed bored not knowing what to do because there’s nobody with you.

Then comes that overwhelming feeling of loneliness which you try to ignore by going on Facebook or you spend hours on dating apps trying to meet someone, and you wasting the entire day.

You never feel like going out as much alone.

Why? Because sharing an experience with someone else be it a girl or friend is 100% better than sharing it alone.

We’ve all had that talk with friends asking them to visit country X for 2 weeks but they cannot cannot because they don’t have money or they are so fucking useless they cannot commit to a holiday.c

In most cases you’ll end up not going because nothing gets sorted.

But I say fuck your friends because you don’t need them, you can go on holiday alone anywhere in the world and have the best time ever with a holiday girlfriend.

What is this holiday girlfriend you speak of?

The holiday girlfriend is the term I coined for a guy travelling to a new country alone with the sole intention of finding a girlfriend for about 2 weeks.

They usually have about a $1,000 for the entire trip with airfare, and one big dream in their heart.

, The Holiday Girlfriend

Note: This also works in reverse, girls, if you want a holiday boyfriend just follow the steps below. In fact, it’s 99% easier for a girl to find a holiday boyfriend than it is for a guy to find a holiday girlfriend. Don’t ask me why, that’s for another blog post.

The holiday girlfriend looks like this.

You book a trip to some country for however long you wish – a holiday girlfriend is best for about 7-10 days. Longer than that and it starts to spoil.

The reason 7-10 days is the sweet spot is that in all relationships the first week so is magical.

You never argue with each other.

You enjoy going out and doing things.

You love talking nonsensical shit.

The romance is at 100%.

There are zero arguments.

You’re 100% in the moment.

Reality slowly starts to set in after that, and the outlook is bleak.

The definition of a holiday girlfriend is a relationship that has a short-term expiry date.

The first step is to find a girl who you like beyond looks. You want to find a girl whose company you enjoy. She’s going to be your girlfriend for two weeks, you must pick carefully., The Holiday Girlfriend

If you only have a short amount of time for your holiday, you have to find this girl before you arrive, if you plan on travelling for months then you can do it when you’re there.

The best way to do this is the Internet, check out dating sites in the country of your choice a few weeks before your visit (I should put an affalite link here but I’m actually too lazy to do it).

Make your intentions clear, don’t lie and say you’re there on business or you plan to live there or are looking for a long-term gf.

Lying to your holiday girlfriend completes ruins the philosophy of the holiday girlfriend.

You SHOULD lie to your real long-term serious girlfriend.

You SHOULD NEVER lie to your holiday girlfriend.

Note: There is only one lie you can tell your holiday girlfriend, and that is that you don’t have a girlfriend or wife.  This lie is optional because even if you tell them you’re married or with a girlfriend, some have no hang-ups.

Say you’ll be in the country for a week or two and would love to have someone hang out and show you around. After a few days of talking online you should get a sense of whether the girl likes you, whether she is cool and down to earth or not.

Maybe call her a few times on Skype or whatever. You’ll be spending a week or more with her so you should check for defects.

If everything is cool, you can ask about her work schedule and whether she is up for travelling around the country with you.

You don’t have to mention sex or anything creepy here, just let her know you’re thinking about going to place X for a few nights and if she would like to join.

This might freak out some girls in Europe or western cultures, but many in Asia will be totally fine with that question. Asian countries are just more laid back and chill.

In some cases girls will actually ask you if you would like to go on a trip with them, if you’re a nice guy and don’t always drive the conversation towards sex.

The key to finding a holiday girlfriend is to find a nice girl you click with. Don’t pick the hottest girl who has no brain because everything will suck.

You’ll see her almost every day for a week, if she is crazy or you hate everything about her, then…

, The Holiday Girlfriend

It’s better to pick a girl with average looks and an amazing personality than a girl with supermodel looks and no personality.

How to talk to a girl online to setup the holiday girlfriend

The hardest part of setting up your girlfriend holiday is finding the right girl.

I would say around 10-20% of girls on the dating site are good candidates, the other 80%:

  • are looking for long-term relationships
  • don’t like you because you’re ugly and creepy (we all know that feel)
  • won’t have good enough English – it’s very important that they have good English if you cannot speak their language
  • are on there for validation and never meet guys
  • are downright crazy
  • have very busy work schedules

When you filter these out, you’ll be left with a 10-20% list, and from there you can find the right girlfriend that just clicks with you.

A lot of retards have no respect for girls, and lie to them all saying the right things to meet them. For example, one girl might be looking for something serious, so you lie and tell her you plan to live there for a long period of time just to meet her, then you leave in two weeks.

Don’t be that guy.

Don’t make false promises to trick the girl to spend weeks with you before you leave.

Because you do want to meet her again the next time you’re in the country, if you lie then you’ve fucked it.

A holiday girlfriend is someone who is totally fine with you leaving and you both agreed to have a mutually exclusive relationship for a few weeks.

Note: I have added PDF consent forms for your holiday girlfriend to sign before you proceed the relationship further at the bottom of this article.

This is what makes it so awesome, you both know it’s going to end soon so you focus on enjoying the days you have.

, The Holiday Girlfriend

Be totally honest, tell her that you’re only here for a short amount of time.

If she likes you, and you like her, your friendship will organically turn into a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship within days. It’s like an unwritten rule, if you have ever had a holiday girlfriend before you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You may have done it in the past, went on a dating site, met a girl, the chemistry was right and for the rest of the holiday you meet her a few times to do cool shit.

If you’re a nice guy who can hold a conversation without relating it to sex or fucking, it’s REALLY EASY to make this happen.

Don’t tell her in private messaging that you want her to be your girlfriend, that’s just creepy but I had to write it as some of you freaks will open with that line.

Benefits of a holiday girlfriend

You might be wondering, why even bother setting up a holiday girlfriend when you can visit clubs every night to get normal girls, or just pay for sex?

Well I’m glad you asked, having a holiday girlfriend has numerous benefits such as:

Visiting new places – certain beaches, cities or sights are better visited with a girl. For example, would you really want to visit 4 temples with your best male friend? No.

Whereas before you did not want to visit a small province town because it has no nightlife, now you want to spend a weekend in a bungalow to explore the amazing waterfalls and landscapes because you have an amazing girl on your arm.

Live life on your time – booking holidays with friends is long as fuck. If they only get 20 holidays per year they are super anal about which dates they can go, and you’ll all have different ideas of what you want to do.

With the holiday girlfriend you can be selfish, you can go for as long or as little as you like, eat where you want and see what you want.

Total freedom.

You actually make a friend – how cool would it be to have girls who are friends in various counties, who are also totally okay to sleep with you?

Let me put it another way, let’s pretend you had a really sexy and friendly holiday girlfriend in South Africa, Argentina and France who knows her country inside out.

Where before you’d be like “fuck these places” because they aren’t that ideal to visit with guys or alone, now you’re like “oh yeah I can just go Argentina for 2 weeks and travel with my hot holiday girlfriend”. (Sorry we had to pretend).

In a perfect world you would have dozens of holiday girlfriends, but that will cost you a lot of bitcoins.

Discover – arguably the best thing about a holiday girlfriend is the things you learn about her, her country and culture. You end up eating things you never knew existed, you visit places that aren’t in tour books and you make a deep connection with someone from another world essentially.

Talk to any girl in Asia and they’ll tell you how they make $6 per day working 12 hours 6 times per week. That they share a 20sq meter room with 4 other people. That that their room does not have aircon. That they have never had a $5 massage. That they never flew on a plane.

The first time I heard this I was…., The Holiday Girlfriend

I’m sure if you talk to girls in Europe, Africa or Latin American the things they tell you will be so different to your idea of a normal life.

A big part of travelling for me is learning how other people live their daily lives, and why they do what they do.

A holiday girlfriend is one of the best ways to get in-depth insights in days, where normally you would have to spend weeks or months to penetrate the local community which is almost impossible on a short trip.

Notice how I didn’t mention sex as a direct benefit? A holiday girlfriend is not about sex, it’s about everything else!

The sex just makes every part of travelling 45% better than without it.

Is this unfair to the girl?

Any girl reading this may be thinking that I’m pretty fucking selfish and I am a terrible human being for writing this.

Both points would be perfectly valid, but this is not unfair to the girl.

If you be 100% honest with the girl and state you cannot be her long-term girlfriend, then it’s fine.

Sure she will be sad when you leave, and if you have a heart inside your chest – you’ll feel the same.

Happiness and sadness in its truest form.

That’s not unfair – that’s fucking life bitch.

Life is a permanent misery with small glimpses of happiness.

But it’s not unfair and it does not make you an asshole.

There’s a taboo that if you have a short-term relationship like I mentioned in this article, the girl is a slut and the guy is a prick.

And that all relationships have to have the intention of being long-term.

If you think this (as I did when I was 14) then you simply live in a box and are totally ignorant to the needs of many men and women.

You should experience all types of relationships, long and short, you should experience as many things as you can before you die.

You’re not a prick for dating a girl with 2 weeks and leaving her, nor are you a slut for dating a guy for 2 weeks.

For every guy that wants a holiday girlfriend, there is a girl who wants a holiday boyfriend.

I mean how great would it be to meet someone you get on with amazingly well and spend 7-14 amazing days exploring a country and having passionate love.

Because the relationship has a shelf-life and will be over soon, you can tell her everything about yourself without the fear of her thinking you’re weird.

On a traditional first date you hide the bad traits about yourself because you want to see her 3 months from now, with a holiday girlfriend you don’t have to bite your tongue.

You can truly be yourself with a holiday girlfriend, no holding your farts in until 6 months into the relationship or telling her you got a feet fetish in year 2.

You can lay it all out on the table and you’ll be shocked how totally okay she will be with it.

Being in a relationship that you both know will end in 1-2 weeks removes all the bullshit that comes with dating, as you don’t have much time and you know it’s going to end for sure, it’s the first time you can actually be yourself in any type of relationship.

Every first impression in life is fake, whether you’re going for an interview, first date, meeting a friend’s friend or calling up a company everyone gives off a fake “I’m doing fine” and avoid topics that may offend someone.

So for weeks you’re in this position trying to learn about the other person without offending them while trying to get them to like you. This leads to everyone being fake.

A holiday girlfriend lets you be you. It’s really refreshing.

Have you had a holiday girlfriend?

How many times have you visited a new city, went to the clubs and they totally sucked or you wasted days of your holiday figuring out where the cool places are? Entire holidays are wasted doing this.

With a holiday girlfriend, all these worries are gone.

A holiday girlfriend is not for everyone, it’s for people who want to experience a new country,  share that with someone and learn more about themselves while at the same time having lots of hot sex. I know some people who read my blog hate women with a passion and don’t see them as equals, so if that is you, you should ignore everything I just said.

But for the guys who want something more, you should try it.

PS: In 2018 I will aim to write one blog post per week. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments.


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