What is a Hi So Thai??

A few typical examples from people who have meet “Hi So Thai” people, thinking that anybody with a bit of money or being able to act even slightly western classes them as a “Hi so Thai.

“She had her own car and a job, she is a hi so!”

“She had an iPhone 5 and paid for her own meal on our date, shes a hi so!”

“I met her inside Insomnia and she spoke very good English and buying her self Barcadi Breezers, shes hi so” You mean Ho So?

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Meet Thai girlsWhat exactly is a Hi so?

Does anybody actually know what an actual Hi so Thai is? Expect for the elitist wannabe Thai expats who think they know it all but truth be told don’t know jack s***, well any who ill give it a stab.

A Hi So Thai (I think) is usually a person whose family background is very wealthy, not recent wealth but wealth gained over a prolonged period of time.  They have or have had high ranking family members in the government system or military. Holiday homes in Hua Hin or a similar spot, the times when they get stopped by the Thai police they just need to make one phone call before they are back on their way doing whatever it is they shouldn’t be.

They may also have a lot of respect and pull in a certain town or city, due too there family name and what they ancestors have done in the past. A Hi So Thai would also have a strong family legacy, connected to well respected and well recognised people of the public spreading over a series of decades.

spot the hi so thai
spot the hi so?

What a Hi So Thai isn’t

I remember the Buddha or some other spiritual mastermind had a quote which went something like “I can’t tell you what it is, only what it is not”. The same applies here, I can’t tell really what a Hi So Thai is, only what it is not.

Given that everyone has an opinion on everything, the idea of what a Hi So Thai is has been skewered. Just because a person has a expensive mobile phone, car, flashy clothes, a well paid job or money does not necessarily make them a Hi So, a rich Thai yes, but a hi so Thai, no.

Having light colored skin, good Tinglish and a fancy purse or education won’t make you a Hi So Thai either. Leaving the country to study abroad doesn’t always mean they are Hi So Thais. Visiting wannabe “hi so” clubs, events or bars again, wont make them a Hi So Thai either.

Chances are if they are speaking too you, 9 time out of 10 they wont be.  The word “hi so” today has been over used and said in the wrong content that its easy for people to get confused about it. Oh and on one final note, if you meet anyone off Thai Friendly, 99.99% they are not a Hi So Thai.

Meet Thai girlsYour thoughts? please leave a comment below on what you think a Hi So Thai is.

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