8 Things I love about Cambodian Girls

I love Cambodian girls just as much as I love the country. it is one of my favorite places in the whole of Asia.

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Cambodian girls, 8 Things I love about Cambodian GirlsIt has everything going for it. It is not as snobby as Singapore or expensive as Hong Kong, crazy as Thailand or as quiet as Laos. It somehow takes the best of all the other South East Asian countries and throws the rest away.

Its people are at the core of this quite unique country. If you consider that the country is still throwing off the shackles of the despot Pol Pot it is quite amazing how the nation has bounced back.

Cambodia is very much a rural place with most of its wealth still coming from the land, although that is slowly changing. It is also quite a poor country so everything tends to be very cheap.

It has everything. World heritage sites such as Ankor Wat. Bustling cities like Phnom Penh and its nightlife, a fantastic cuisine and above all the people and of course Cambodian girls.

I have highlighted eight of the more endearing traits that single out Cambodian girls as the jewels in this part of Asia.

1. They are hot

Even today it is still possible to see the uniqueness of the Cambodian girls’ features compared to Thai women, Laotian or Vietnamese. They have slightly darker skin and rounder eyes due to the Indian influence hundreds of years prior, bought over from the subcontinent on trading missions.

There are also Thai genes here as well. Throughout the history of the Khmer Empire, the Thais invaded. And so Thais being Thais they sewed their seed and proliferated in their cross expansion of the Cambodian people.


All this cross impregnation has left the Cambodian ladies with a quite unique and extremely beautiful appearance and very different to its many close neighbors.

2. Cambodian girls are Loyal

Khmer girls are very loyal up to a point of obsessive. Once you have gained the trust and love of a Cambodian woman it is not easily lost. This strong bond is not given lightly you have to earn it but once given then it is for a lifetime.

Cambodian girls, 8 Things I love about Cambodian Girls

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They are not as money orientated as the Malays, Thais or Singaporeans. Love and loyalty are their currency and happiness comes with that.

Camobidan girls are very similar to Laos girls and Burmese women.

3. Quirky

You might think Quirky is rather an odd reason to love a Cambodian girl, but what I mean by this is they definitely have their own personality.

The Laotians have an affinity to the northern Thai people, the Vietnamese are closely linked to the Chinese and people from Myanmar are very similar to the Indians in a lot of ways.

However, the Cambodians are a mixture of everybody and have developed their own quirky ways and manners.

It is an endearing characteristic and makes them a one off nation in many respects.

4. They are nice people

Cambodian girls are some of the friendliest girls you could ever meet. Perhaps this is part of the Thai infiltration but they are outgoing, bubbly and have great personalities.

If you look at the slightly more formal Vietnamese and the money orientated Singaporeans then Cambodia is like visiting a playground.

Just visiting a restaurant, cafe or bar do not be surprised for the waitress or somebody on the next table to start a conversation with you.

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It is so easy to make friends or chat up a prospective date in Cambodia, you have to be a complete introvert not to succeed.

5. They like to go out

With such friendliness obviously having an outgoing personality comes too. Cambodian girls love to socialize and party.

Quite often this gets a little tiresome as when you are just about ready for sleep your partner will still want to go out and boogie or meet up with friends.

But it does not all hinge on partying. Cambodians girls love to be outdoor and interacting with people. Meeting new friends and striking up new relationships.

Cambodian girls, 8 Things I love about Cambodian Girls

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I was once in Phnom Penh taking a stroll around 6pm looking for somewhere for dinner. I came across a huge square close to the Royal Palace, I was gob smacked at what I saw. Perhaps as many as three thousand people had all gathered together after work to do some outdoor fitness workout.

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There were multiple sound systems creating a chaotic din, and people just joined the first one they came to and started doing aerobics. This was a nightly occurrence and afterwards people would gather together and start chatting.

6. Their Appearance

Cambodian ladies take immense pride in their appearance and in particular love Make Up.

Where their western counterparts spend hours in the sun Cambodian girls like to keep their delicate skin color. They accentuate their beauty by applying Make Up, normally around their eyes and contact lenses that make the iris appear larger than normal are very popular.

Women of all ages also like to wear outrageous eyelashes normally for more formal occasions.

7. They are easy to date

Because of their outgoing nature then Cambodian girls are very accessible.

The girls love to be outdoor, either with their friends or zooming around the streets on scooters. This makes it so easy to meet and chat with a local girl.

They are not shut in a car with the windows closed, they are open and accessible and within arms’ reach.

All you have to do is walk about the streets, go for a coffee, perhaps have a drink at a pavement bar and you cannot help not too strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman.

8. Most of all they are fun

Perhaps the best thing of all about a Cambodian girl is they are fun to be with.

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So many times on a date you are caught up with etiquette, what society expects you to do and how you should behave. How many times have you been bored stiff on a blind date or an arranged foursome for dinner with the neighbours?

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Cambodian girls, 8 Things I love about Cambodian Girls

Well this would never happen taking a Cambodian girl out, she would not let it happen!

The only real way to see if you agree with my summarization about Cambodian girls is for you to visit and see if I am right. Cambodia is only a wee plane ride away.


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