Your Nightlife Guide To Meeting Phnom Penh Girls

Phnom Penh nightlife and the girls pretty good. It is as intriguing as an Asian city should be but also has a homely feel to it that Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong do not have. Possibly because it is fairly small at just over one and half million people, but also because there is a dearth of tall skyscrapers.

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Phnom Penh girls, Your Nightlife Guide To Meeting Phnom Penh Girls

But it’s noisy bustling streets with crazy cyclists weaving in and out of traffic are the same as anywhere in South East Asia. And perhaps that is why it is getting more and more popular as a tourist destination.

Phnom Penh’s nightlife has also grown rapidly over the last five years, partly to cater for the influx of tourists but also because the Cambodian’s are coming out of their shells in terms of partying.

So where are the best places to go have fun and meet Phnom Penh girls?

There are entertainment venues popping up all over Phnom Penh nightlife but that is a slight problem as they are scattered about everywhere. But because Phnom Penh is a compact city a five or ten minute taxi ride is the furthest you will have to travel.

How to meet Phnom Penh girls

Depending on your tastes there is a wide selection available for you to meet somebody of the opposite sex. Bars, Hostess Bars, Nightclubs, Karaoke, Massage Parlours, Sports Bars are all stacked in Phnom Penh nightlife waiting for your patronage.

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The local Phnom Penh girls frequent all of the nightlife spots and they are very outgoing and bubbly it is hard not to strike up a conversation with them.

Phnom Penh girls also like to go somewhere straight after work, so visiting the bars and restaurants early can be a great way to meet the office Cambodian girls winding down after a hard day. A good area for these types of bars is around 308 street off Norodom Blvd.

Phnom Penh girls, Your Nightlife Guide To Meeting Phnom Penh Girls

So really it is all up to you, go somewhere that you like normally and just be yourself. If you want to pay for your sex there are plenty of options there also. Below I have highlighted some of the better and more popular venues.

The best bars in Phnom Penh

There are a couple of areas where there are clusters of bars and you can just roam about and pick the one you fancy, take a trip down to the Riverfront area, there a dozens of bars and restaurants dotted about. Also Boeung Keng Kang area, locally known as BKK 1 harbors many little bars and pubs and an ideal place to catch the local Phnom Penh girls with their friends having fun.

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Blue Dragon – Royal Palace, small cozy bar with seating outside. Wine served here and lot’s of local Phnom Penh girls.

Sharkey Bar – 130 Street, The oldest and one of the best. Live music at weekend and a lot of local Phnom Penh girls like to party there.

Freebird Bar – 240 Street, American bar / diner. Great place to start the evening. Friendly and attractive staff.

Phnom Penh girls, Your Nightlife Guide To Meeting Phnom Penh Girls

Score Sports Bar – 282 Street, a typical busy sports bar with pool tables and giant screen. Mostly foreigners but some locals too.

Nightclubs in Phnom Penh

As mentioned before the Phnom Penh nightclubs are a little spread out so be prepared to get taxi’s to ferry you around from place to place.

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The clubs are a great way to meet both Phnom Penh girls and also working girls. As many of the Phnom Penh girls work late especially if they are in the entertainment industry. So after work they like to let their hair down a little and party.

Heart of Darkness – 51 Street, at one time this place was the only nightclub in town. It is the oldest but has rather a mixed crowd there now. It has also become very popular with the gay crowd and as always Phnom Penh working girls and freelance Cambodian hookers infrequent also.

Pontoon Club – 172 Street, absolutely packed with chicks, open really late. A bouncing venue.

Duplex Club – 278 Street, quirky but busy. Many Phnom Penh  girls visit after work and the drinks are cheap a good place to meet the locals.

Riverhouse Lounge – Riverfront, another popular venue, also has lounge upstairs where you can chill.

Music Clubs

Nearly all South East Asian girls like to dance and party and the music venues around Phnom Penh are an excellent way of joining in the fun and meeting Phnom Penh girls. Here the girls like to relax and just party with their friends so don’t be shy go buy a drink and have a chat. You will be surprised how friendly the Phnom Penh ladies are.

Darlin Darlin – Nagaworld, a very popular and normally crowded place. Live music every night and a good selection of drinks.

Barbados – Riverfront, long established place been open many years. More of a hostess bar but does have live music at the weekends.

Apart from the bars and the clubs there are also places that you can meet working girls plying their trade. There is no actual red light area in the city but there are plenty of hostess bars and massage parlours where you can pick up hookers. See the blog 6 Types of Khmer Girls for more information.

Really there are a plethora of places dotted all over the city where you can go and meet the local Phnom Penh girls and have fun. It really depends what you are after, if it is local Khmer girls that just want to party then the bars and clubs are for you. If you prefer more straight up sex in Phnom Penh and want to pay then that is catered for also.

Phnom Penh girls, Your Nightlife Guide To Meeting Phnom Penh Girls

Phnom Penh is fairly small and getting around is cheap, eating and drinking are also easily affordable so what’s the problem. Visit the city have fun and come and meet the partying girls of Phnom Penh.

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