Where to Find Cambodian Hookers

When you first hear about the country Cambodia, the first thing that would come to mind is landmines or Khmer ruins. There are, still however, few good reasons why Cambodia attracts sex tourists.

, Where to Find Cambodian HookersIf you’re looking to meet khmer girls, check out this article.

Cambodia is becoming a sex tourist spot in South East Asia.

In Cambodia, prostitution is illegal.

However, it is tolerated and there are also some corrupt police officers who would accept bribe money in order to continue its operation. Most of these establishments would declare that they are offering “legit” massage and mask their true operation (offering sex to patrons, etc.)

Women in Cambodia are now becoming more willing to be paid for sex. There are now several places that you can be able to find Cambodian hookers when you visit this place.

This article shows you which places and what types of Cambodian prostitutes you will be able to meet. This also provides you with some information on how much do you have to pay when hooking up with Cambodian prostitutes.

Types of Cambodian Hookers

Just like its neighbouring country Thailand, you can be able to find Cambodian hookers and prostitutes at several places. One of the best reasons is that sex with Phnom Penh prostitutes is cheap. Cambodian prostitutes are also not bad looking. But their looks also depend on their price.

Finding Cambodian hookers is not difficult. You can be able to find these working girls around different bars and nightlife in some of the red light districts of the country. Some of those famous streets include Street 130, Street 136 and Street 51.

, Where to Find Cambodian HookersIf you are now itching to find out what types of Cambodian prostitutes you can hook up with when visiting Cambodia, here is the list:

Bar Girls

Bar girls are the most common Cambodian hookers. From the name itself, you can easily find them if you visit one of the seedy bars in the country. They are usually wearing skimpy and revealing clothes that are showing a lot of skin. Add that too much make up on their face.

When you walk by a street filled with these bars, you can usually hear them yelling at you, inviting over for a drink at the bar. These girls are working for the bar itself and are being paid at a low salary. They get a side income when their customers order them ladies drink wherein she gets a commission out of it.

Now the main source of these Cambodian hookers’ income is through short/ long time. Of course, you would have to pay for their bar fine which is about 130,000 Rp.

If you would like to hook up with a girl for a short time only, the normal rate for this type of service is about 600,000 Rp. That will give you about 1 to 2 hours with her and you can have around 1 to 2 rounds of banging.

If you would like to take her out for a long time, the normal rate for these Cambodian prostitutes cost around 1,300,000 Rp. That would give you the entire night to bang her and she leaves after breakfast. One of the great things about going out with a Cambodian hooker is that the price is ridiculously cheap compared to girls working in Thailand.

Another great thing is that if the girl likes you, she would accept as little as 260,000 Rp if you want to take her out for a short time. All the income that they get for their short or long time service goes straight into their own pockets without paying any commission to the bar they are working for.

Note: bar girls are the most expensive type of hookers in Cambodia.


Freelancers are Cambodian prostitutes who are not working at a bar or not employed by any establishment. They would simply go and visit bars on their own with the hopes of meeting and hooking up with a foreign men. One advantage is that you don’t have to pay for the bar fine because they are not really working for anyone but themselves.

The downside is that there are several risks involved with hooking up with a freelance Cambodian hooker. These include they might steal from you, give you a disease, etc. If you are planning to hook up with freelancers, there are slim chances of tracking them down since they are not under any management, etc. Nowadays, freelancers are also putting up their profiles on dating sites online so that they have a better chance of meeting a client for the night. Their rates are also just the same as Cambodian prostitutes working at bars minus the bar fine.

Go Go Girls

Apparently, there are no Cambodian prostitutes working in a go go bar as of this writing. There is however a coyote bar in Phnom Penh which gives you the possibility of meeting a coyote dancer.

Massage Girls

Massage girls in Cambodia is also no different to massage girls in Thailand. Massage parlors in Cambodia also offers extra massage services. Just make sure that you don’t get a foot massage because that means it is a legit one. You won’t be able to get a private room but instead you will be joining other clients who are also availing a foot massage.

Most of these girls working for massage parlors offer “yam yam” or blow job in Cambodia. It is not possible to get a full on sex because you would have to get it from a different type of massage parlors. This involves the one with a big fishbowl where you can have an erotic massage with any of the Cambodian hooker you have picked.

Prices for hooking up with Cambodian massage girls in Phnom Penh starts at 100,000 Rp for blow jobs. This is on top of the regular price for the massage which is cheap and costs only about 90,000 Rp to 130,000 Rp, but you can sometimes ask to skip the massage and not pay.

Street Hookers

Unlike freelancers, these types of Cambodian prostitutes do not usually go to bars and pick up their customers from those places. Instead, you will be able to find them on the streets. They are the cheapest option that you will get if you want a quick boom boom (sex in Cambodia) on a budget. Expect to pay around 130,000 Rp for a short time if you’re good at negotiating, they will always start with inflated numbers like 300-500k because you’re a foreigner.

One downside is that these Cambodian prostitutes are not usually stunners or their looks are just below average.

Chicken Farm Girls

One of the most unusual places where you can find Cambodian hookers is going to chicken farms. There are quite several towns in Cambodia that has chicken farms and there are girls who are selling sex right in their home. The most popular place is called Sihanoukville which is about 6.5 km from the Golden Lion Circle.

When you go to these chicken farms, make sure that you visit them during the day as it is much safer. You will be able to see Cambodian hookers sitting in front of their house (waiting for customers). When they see a man pass by they would normally wave at you. They would wait until you approach them. They speak little English but when you say something like “boom boom” they would know exactly what you want. Then you can negotiate the price. The normal going rate for these Cambodian prostitutes starts at 100,000 Rp.

You can rent a motorcycle and drive there on your own. Hiring a tuk tuk driver to take you to the chicken farm would be a bad idea as they will try to scam you and the girl for some commission. A 24 hour rent for a motorcycle would cost around 78,000 Rp.

Other places to find Cambodian hookers

Just like in Thailand, there are several places where you can find Cambodian prostitutes. Depending on your budget, you will have lots of option.

Another place where you can find these women is by going to Cambodian online dating sites. Some Cambodian hookers are also posting their profiles on these dating sites hoping to find a client. Again, you will be able to easily spot which of these girls are Cambodian hookers and which ones are the normal ones. Try looking at their profile and most of them would write that they “need money” or they are posting photos of them showing lots of skin and too much make up.

Make sure that you negotiate the price before you meet and the rate for these Cambodian hookers start somewhere between 260,000 Rp to 650,000 Rp. Once you have discussed the price, you can then take them out for dinner or a few drinks and take them back to your place for a short quick adult fun.

, Where to Find Cambodian HookersIf you’re looking to meet khmer girls, check out this article.

Now it does not necessarily mean that you can just go to Cambodia and have some quick casual fun with Cambodian prostitutes. You can also still be able to hook up with normal Cambodian girls. There are also several Cambodian girls who would be willing to date foreigners without any money involved. You can be able to meet good girls just by going to nightclubs and bars. Or if you are in Cambodia for business or work, you can also ask a good friend to hook you up with someone they know.


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