Newbie’s Guide To Sex In Cambodia

When you are looking for the girl of your life or just simply looking for a lady to hook up with, Cambodia has a lot of ladies to offer you.

Want to meet Khmer girls for free in Cambodia. then read this article.

sex in Cambodia, Newbie’s Guide To Sex In Cambodia

There are actually three options in where you can find the perfect girl for you in Cambodia which are going to various clubs or bars in Cambodia, walking around the town and search for cute girls, or you can merely find one through dating sites.

You can find a lot of dating sites in the internet in where a lot of Cambodian girls are also searching for someone to be dated. I have two dating sites here in where you can easily find normal Cambodian girls:


Asian Dating is the biggest dating site in Asia in where you can find a lot of single and ready to mingle ladies. Asian dating doesn’t just caterers ladies from Cambodia but also ladies all over the Asia.

There are over a thousand members of this site thus; you can surely find the right girl for you depending on your tastes and likes. This dating site is also easy to use by just clicking on the country bar in the home page and then you choose what country you want.

sex in Cambodia, Newbie’s Guide To Sex In Cambodia

I would say there’s less than 5% of Cambodian ladyboys on this site.


There are actually a lot of clubs and bars spread around Cambodia in where you can find various kind of ladies from young to old ones, single to taken, and the best one are those ladies who are willing to spend the night with you for some money.

It isn’t really hard to find bars and clubs in Cambodia with go go girls especially when it’s already getting late at night and you have that charm and looks that would hitch any lady you want. There isn’t actually a centralized red light place in Cambodia particularly in Phnom Penh nightlife but if you’ll just search over the place, you would surely be able to find hot Cambodian girls.

Phnom Penh is a little party town that offers a heady dusk from late night till dawn and you can also choose on the concise variety of cuisine around the place. In fact, you can find a lot of bars in Phnom Penh from pubs, good wine bars, live music bars, and what everybody loves the most are the hostess bars.

Here is a list of bars and clubs in Cambodia that you should check upon visiting the country:

Pontoon Club – this is the number one club in Cambodia and if you are going to visit Cambodia in just a short period of time, you should go and check Pontoon Club first before leaving. Pontoon Club is a disco club that operates from 9:00PM to 4:00AM.

sex in Cambodia, Newbie’s Guide To Sex In Cambodia

You can find a mixed crown in here with a big dance floor, reasonable price for their drinks, DJ’s, and closes very late and always busy. With the club’s outnumbered pretty ladies every night, this would be the right place for you to experience a great sex in Cambodia.

Heart of Darkness – described also as a disco club which can be found in Street 51. Heart of Darkness has been operating since 1993 and been a very famous club in Cambodia ever since. Tourists would love how stylish the place is with Khmer-baroque flare that would really amaze you.

In this club, you can find a mix of tourists and locals partying all night. It is not really hard to have sex in Cambodia when visiting the club for a lot of Cambodian hookers is also around the place looking for someone to be laid off.

Duplex Club – this club is still quite new in Cambodia and recommended for groups since Duplex Club doesn’t have a dance floor but only small round tables. Usual girls in this club are freelance hookers and so, talking about the price before taking her to your place.

Girls have good English in Cambodia but it’s not as good as Malaysian girls who are near perfect in tourist areas.

There are actually more bars and pubs which you can find in Phnom Phen in where you can spend the night and have a sex in Cambodia and if you’re tired to go around the places, you can simply search online or through their site.


As clubs and pubs are found in Phnom Phen, you can also found a lot of hostess bars around the place in where a lot of hookers have been waiting for. I actually have here the list of the top hostess bars in where you can have an amazing sex in Cambodia and I have also included some happy ending massage salons in the place just like what we can find in most cities in Thailand.

Mr. Butterfly – are looking for Cambodian girls dancing coyote style right in front of the stage almost nonstop? Well, Mr. Butterfly is a hostess bar which is located among the clusters of bars and clubs found in Street 136 just a block off from the riverfront. This hostess bar is open from 11:00PM to 6:00AM.

What is good about this bar is that they don’t just offer sex in Cambodia but they also have a large set of menu from Belgian dishes to Cambodian dishes and they also have pizzas, pastas, and burgers which you can enjoy while chitchatting with your hostess before going to your place.

69 Bar – This bar can also be found in Street 136 and opens from 6PM to 6AM. Tourists and locals looking for sex in Cambodia would really enjoy themselves as they visit this place as you can witness how lively the place is. They don’t just have a lot of hostesses in the area but they also have loud music and a variety of drinks to choose from which party goers would surely love.

Massa – this place is actually an erotic soapy massage parlor in where you can find more than two dozens of skinny and hot ladies. Massa is operational from noon to midnight although ladies are more when it’s already late at night. Massa has both Vietnamese and Cambodian girls which customers can choose but usually, Vietnamese girls are being chosen which made Cambodian girls more available when you visit their massage parlor. You can easily identify what their nationality is through their card colour; Vietnamese girls have the red cards while Cambodian girls have the blue cards.


Cambodia is also a place that is known to be a dangerous country to visit and was able to be given a nickname of “Wild West of Asia” which made the country attracts lesser tourists but what others didn’t knew about Cambodia is it’s also known for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Cambodia is amongst the highest number of HIV patients that are commonly spread through heterosexual transmission.

Even though HIV was spread through different ways, sex trade is still one of the much known causes of HIV transmission thus, it is really very important to have any preventive measurements such as condom before having sex with Cambodian hookers.


Just like with some other countries in Asia, Cambodia is also a country in where you can find cheap prices for sex. There are actually a lot of ways to have sex in Cambodia from looking through nightclubs, bars, erotic massage parlors, and also by simply walking through the town and look for cute ladies with regular jobs.

You may want to check malls in Cambodia although this isn’t Thailand in where cute girls can easily be found so, bars and erotic massage parlors are the best way in here.

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You can always find a lot of hostess bars with a lot of hookers. Hookers in these bars only earn a few which is usually around 100 USD but they would always ask for a charge if you wanted to have her and charges 50 USD for short time and 100 USD for long time which ends until the morning although you can always haggle the price up to 20 USD.

There are a lot of freelance hookers spread through the bars and pubs in Phnom Penh and they usually charge 20-50 USD for a short time although you can always negotiate with them. What’s best with these freelance hookers is when they dress very sexy for a sex in Cambodia.

When you go for the erotic massage parlors for a sex in Cambodia, they would charge you depending on the service that you want; 10 USD for a hand job, 20 USD for a blow job, and 50 USD for a “boom boom”.

Want to meet Khmer girls for free in Cambodia. then read this article.

sex in Cambodia, Newbie’s Guide To Sex In Cambodia

For you to experience affordable sex in Cambodia it would really need some strategy and a little haggling before you can have it and never forget to have fun and explore other than just sex when in Cambodia.


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