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The Asian Dating website is only of use if you plan to visit Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar. As each country is rather small, neither have their own dedicated dating sites yet.

If you’re white and want to get laid for free in Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar, keep on reading.

The problem with meeting girls

If you’re going to either of the 3 countries I’ve listed and want to meet normal none hooker girls, you’re going to have a very hard time if you visit clubs or bars. In all 3 counties, you will have the option to visit backpacker bars or hooker bars.

That’s it.

All three counties have small capital cities and without doing a bit of work before hand, all you’ll meet are hookers or very conservative Asian girls who cannot speak English. Needless to say, you won’t be going far with them/

That’s where Asian Dating comes in.

Using online dating sites to meet girls

Every Asian girl you meet on Asian Dating speaks English wants to meet white guys. How do I know?

Because you need to type in English to join the site, and these sites are only used by western guys who want to meet Asian girls.

Locals guys don’t use Asian Dating, but it’s heaven on earth for anyone white guy wanting to meet Asian chicks in Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar.

All you have to do it sign up a few weeks before your trip, message 5-10 girls and ask if they would like to meet up with you when you land.

That’s it. You don’t need to super attractive but make sure the photos you upload are clean and you’re wearing at least a t-shirt and jeans. Don’t upload pictures of you wearing a singlet and shorts, they don’t like that in Asia, it makes you look like a backpacker.

, Asian Dating Website – Get Laid For Free

Almost all of them will say yes and taking them back to your hotel or apartment after the first or second date is not hard.

Girls on Asian Dating are not hookers (okay about 5% of them are), they are regular girls who like western guys and can speak English. There’s not much more I can say really. I’ve used it with great success in Laos each time I’m on a Visa run. I join up a week before I go there, get girls messaging me and then I meet them up.

If you want to get laid in Asia and don’t want to pay for sex, join Asian dating to meet girls easily.


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