Where to find Cambodian Ladyboys

Some men are just risqué enough to not settle for the normal hook ups or dates. What it means is that while the thought of dating ladyboys make you cringe, there are still some who think of it as an exciting new adventure.

, Where to find Cambodian LadyboysIf you’re looking to meet Cambo ladyboys or real khmer girls, check out this article.

You might have also read that there are others that have tried a ladyboy and they never went back again.

Thailand is not just the only country where you can be able to find ladyboys. Cambodian ladyboys are a sure hit as well in the country. Cambodian ladyboy is also one of the best looking ladyboys in Southeast Asia. You can find lots of them in several places such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and even Sihanoukville. Most of them are really friendly, accommodating and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Why Some Men Like To Date Cambodian Ladyboys

Most Cambodian ladyboys look absolutely like a real woman. They have huge breasts, some are pre-op and some have been post-op. To some it matters, but other men do not really care at all. Like was what mentioned before and with some other ladyboy forums, men who have tried dating ladyboys never looked back again.

Perhaps because they do know how to take care of them and how to give them the pleasure they want. Unlike real women who are too picky and sometimes uninterested with sex. Real women would have to play hard to get, but ladyboys would just make it seem easy for men. Cambodian ladyboys can also match every man’s libido and this is just one of some foreign sexpats fantasy.

Cambodian Ladyboy Hunting

If you are one of those men who are looking to meet Cambodian ladyboys, then you have come to the right place. This article is focused on ladyboys – how to spot them, where to find them and how to have fun with them. This can be your quick guide with hunting Cambodian ladyboys if you want to be discreet.

How to Spot Cambodian Ladyboys

Cambodian ladyboys are not different from Thailand’s kathoeys. As mentioned before, most of these ladyboys actually look like real women and some are even better. This could also be a guide for you in case you would like to avoid meeting ladyboys. Here are some pointers of how you can quickly identify Cambodian ladyboys.

  1. Height – if you see a woman who is really tall and somehow the same height as yours, she is probably a ladyboy. Genetically speaking, only few women would stand towering tall as any foreign men unless you are a guy.
  2. Voice – let’s face it, ladyboys would actually try to sound like a girl so they would speak in an octave higher than their normal tone. You can also be able to see if they have an Adam’s Apple then that is most likely a ladyboy.
  3. Hands – ladyboys’ hands are actually bigger than a real woman. If you try to touch their hands, you will be able to feel that a real woman’s hands have a silky feel. A ladyboy’s hands might feel rough.
  4. Behavior – ladyboys are not shy to do what they want to do – touch your dick! They seem to be more interested with sex and it seems that their priority is to get laid but getting paid is just a plus. They would speak out if they want to have dirty fun with you and they are not ashamed to declare it.

Also, Cambodian ladyboys are not afraid to tell you what they are. If you are quite unsure, you just have to ask and they are always honest about it.

Where To Find Cambodian Ladyboys

Now that you know how to spot a Cambodian ladyboy, the next focus is where to find them. It does seem easy to find ladyboys since there are several bars and nightclubs that actually have ladyboys working for them. It is just the same scenario as with any normal bars: you visit a bar, order a few drinks, a ladyboy would approach you and accompany you, you negotiate and you take her back to your hotel and have sex in Cambodia.

One of the advantages of seeking out Cambodian ladyboys is that they are very pleasant (the same as with Cambodian working girls). If you compare them to their counterparts in Thailand or Bangkok, they are less commercial and more genuine.

If you are hunting for Cambodian ladyboys here are some of the places where you can be able to find ladyboys in Cambodia.

Bars – there are some places in Cambodia who are actually employing ladyboys as part of their working girls. Back then, there are only a few places which have this service but the industry is picking up which is why bar owners are scouting ladyboys to work for them. A lot of sexpats and mongers are actually asking for ladyboys to hook up and seeing it as a lucrative business and the demand is increasing.

  • There are some ladyboy bars on Street 136 called Bar 136 which has a few Cambodian ladyboys working there. They are actually stunning as in Bangkok or Pattaya ladyboys.
  • On Street 104 (called Top Ten Bar), has a tall Cambodian ladyboy working there. She offers to do kinky stuff and is well-endowed (for those who are interested to know).
  • There is also Candy Bar located on street 136 which is a little bit famous for their ladyboys – but most of them working are Thai ladyboys, however there are still a few Cambodian ladyboys. You can be able to hang out with a ladyboy which you can buy them drinks for about $3.
  • Blue Chili is also famous in the ladyboy bar scene. They are not just mainly focused on ladyboys but it also attracts gay Khmer. If you visit them during Fridays and Saturdays, you can also enjoy their cabaret show.

If you want to bar fine these ladyboys, expect to pay around $10. Short time rate with a Cambodian ladyboy (or even a girl) would cost around $20 to $30. If you prefer to hang out with her long time or overnight, the normal going rate starts at $30 to $40. If you get lucky and the ladyboy likes you, you might be able to do her for free.

Fans of ladyboys might not be able to find a full on ladyboy bar perhaps in the near future when they see the demand for these workers, there might be a bar or two that would sprout up. Fingers crossed to those who are into ladyboys.

Street Hookers/ Freelancers – some ladyboys who are not employed in bar can be found on the streets or working as a freelancer. You can only be able to see them during the night time. They are most likely to approach you if you are walking towards a bar, etc. Just ask if you think they are a ladyboy and you can be able to discuss the price with them. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to pay any bar fine, etc. You can just pay them with the price you have negotiated and pay for a short time room somewhere near these bars.

The only downside of hooking up with a Cambodian hooker is that there are risks involved such as they might steal from you or they are into some kind of a scam, etc. Otherwise, they offer just the same out of this world kind of fun and pleasure.

Normal rate for a short time with freelance Cambodian ladyboy usually is around $10 and a short time hotel would cost about $5. This would save you the convenience and give you discretion of hanging out with a ladyboy.

, Where to find Cambodian LadyboysOnline – another best place where you can be able to find Cambodian ladyboys is through online dating. There are several online dating apps which offers you full discretion and convenience of hooking up with a Cambodian ladyboy. You can be able to scroll on ladyboy profiles if you are looking to date a Cambodian ladyboy for the night. In fact, these online sites does not only give you access to Cambodian ladyboys but they actually have ladyboys from Thailand and the Philippines too.

You can be able to find thousands of Cambodian ladyboys just by browsing around these sites and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. You can chat up to how many you want. You might also be able to find someone who is local or near from where you are staying. Then you can arrange for a date or take her to your hotel for a movie, etc.

The advantage of getting a date online is that you would be able to know that some ladyboys are looking for dates not just for the money but more for a long term relationship as well.

Meeting Cambodian ladyboy is not too difficult. It just really depends on what you want. Most of the Cambodian ladyboys who are absolutely stunning are actually working at bars. Not so good looking Cambodian ladyboys can be found on the streets or working as a freelancer, but they are doable.


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