5 Places To Meet Laos Girls

Laos girls are super easy to meet if you know where to look. The captial, Vientiane is definitely the liveliest part of Lao but even the nightlife here is far more low-key than elsewhere.

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laos girls, 5 Places To Meet Laos GirlsThe country as a whole is far more conservative than Thailand but has several affinities with Issan in the north east of the country, even the language is very similar.Laos girls look very similar to northern Thai women.

A fact that many visitors do not know, that it is illegal for a Lao citizen to have sex with a non Laotian.

In fact it carries a fine and possible deportation. Now having said that I do not know of anybody that this has happened to but still something to bear in mind.

This is simply a law that never ever gets enforced but something you should know.

Do not expect a thriving dating scene in Vientiane and picking up a chick is definitely harder than elsewhere in South East area, unless you use dating sites. But there are places and things to do that will help you to find a Laos girl and possibly get laid.

Laos girls are very friendly and are open to speak to westerners so engaging somebody of the opposite in conversation should not prove too difficult.

A slight problem is that during the day the Laos women tend to wear the traditional dress the Sinh, and trying to get a proper look at a girls figure sometimes is hard.

So where do you begin to find and meet a Laos girl?

Well Vientiane is the place to go. It is not the only place but Laos is very rural and picking up a partner elsewhere in the country will be extremely difficult.

1. Dating sites

This is a must if you are visiting Laos, before you travel find one or two girls on the web and set up dates to meet them when you arrive.

laos girls, 5 Places To Meet Laos Girls

Asian Dating is probably the best, it is genuine and very few hookers tend to advertise on it.

2. Meeting Laos girls in bars

There are not a lot of bars to visit. In fact there are only two.

Many are lazy riverside bars along the Mekong but downtown Vientiane there are a few up market establishments that local Laos girls go to.

However, there is an growing collection of friendly bars and pubs that you can spark up a conversation with a chatty stranger. Most of the nightlife revolves around the Mekong at this cities heart; it’s here where you’ll find the Night Market.

laos girls, 5 Places To Meet Laos Girls

Most of the very popular Beer Bars have now been closed down by the government as being seen to be too unruly for the capital. It is a great pity because many Lao girls used to frequent them to let their hair down. They were cheap, noisy, very friendly and good places to meet the opposite sex.

The best bars now to pick up Lao girls are the more upmarket ones and are better at the weekends. During the week they tend to be a little quiet and are a bit expensive for the backpackers.

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The best bars Downtown are: Blue Sky Bar, Deja Vu, Martini Lounge and On The Rock.

Be aware the bars in Laos all close at midnight.

Sala Sunset Khounta Boat is well worth a visit as it is the closest thing left to a Beer Bar that Vientiane has left.

Plus also about 10k out of town is the popular Salakham Beer Garden which is mostly frequented by Laotians and your Laos chick could be there ready and waiting for you.

3. Nightclubs in Laos

There are not many true clubs that exist in Vientiane and they all tend to close early around 3am. You will probably need a taxi to get to them also as they are not really walking distance from downtown Vientiane.

The biggest club in Laos is called @Home Club.

Laos girls in the clubs are easy to approach and if you want to chat to them just buy them a drink and they will be happy to spend time with you.


The clubs are also where most of the hookers go to pick up tricks, they are easy to recognize and if you want to take one off there is not a problem as they are all freelancers. Going rates are from $20 / $40 depending on service of course, a little more expensive than Cambodian prostitutes.

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A word of warning, after the clubs close there is nothing left open, Vientiane closes down for the night.

I was caught up in a bad situation in Vientiane once after a night’s revelry on the town. After leaving a club with a group of Thai friends we wanted the party to continue so took some whiskey down to the river and just sat quietly chatting and drinking.

Within 20 minutes the police came and were not very amused. It is against the law to drink outdoors at that time.

If you want to know more area to party read my Laos nightlife guide.

We were all getting carted to the police station to spend the night when a $20 dollar per person bribe was suggested by one of the officers.

All of us were pretty skint so we negotiated $18 for eight people as that was all that we had. They tookour money and confiscating the whiskey we were released.

4. Bowling Alley and mall

Believe it or not, a bowling alley is quite a good place to pick up a Laos girl in Vientiane. They are very popular places with the local Laos girls and quite often a hen night out is arranged to go bowling.

Most have a bar so it is just like chatting somebody up in the pub whilst you are sipping a cold Beer Lao. You don’t even have to pretend to go bowling and are forced to put the sweaty used shoes on.

If you’re looking to get laid with Laos girls for free, check out this article.

Basically that is it, Vientiane and Laos girls are very similar. Both very friendly, beautiful but agonizingly just out of arms reach. I love visiting Laos, and trying to meet somebody I just take the attitude relax, and what will happen will happen. I’ve not been to Laos for a while, where do you think the best places are to meet Laos girls?

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