Malaysian Cupid Review – Meet Hot Locals

Are you’re a white male looking to get laid for free with normal Malayan girls? Then you’ve come to the right place

The problems with meeting western friendly girls in Malaysia

While Malaysia is more westernized than most countries in South East Asia, you need to understand that most of the population is Muslim.

This means two things, most girls you meet on the street will be Muslim and you’ll have no chance. And most Muslims girls won’t even date guys before they marry, so getting laid as a western male is difficult.

However, the girls who use Malaysian Cupid are not Muslim girls and they are into western guys.Malaysian Cupid, Malaysian Cupid Review – Meet Hot Locals

Local Malaysian men don’t use Malaysian Cupid as the girls on the site don’t want local guys. It is only used by tourists and expats who want to meet Malaysian girls. It’s flooded with girls who are open to meeting guys and having short-term and long-term relationships.

I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur several times and it’s really hard to meet normal girls in bars or clubs that will go home with you or even talk to you. Most are very reserved and it’s very hard to find ones that are receptive due to the strong Muslim culture.

Most are very reserved and it’s very hard to find ones that are receptive due to the strong Muslim culture. Not to mention that drinking in bars and clubs is quite expensive given the tax on alcohol.

And that’s where Malaysian Cupid comes in.

Setup dates with girls before you land

The best thing about using Malaysian Cupid is you can setup dates with girls before you land.

Malaysia has a high population of Chinese girls, Indian, Thai and even Malayan girls (who are from a Chinese or other background) who are up for meeting western guys and having fun.

If you create a profile of you wearing a nice dress shirt and you’re clean shaven, you’ll get tons of messages (yes they will message you first) asking to meetup when you land. It’s ideal to setup a few dates and getting them back to your place isn’t that hard either.

Before each one of my trips, I’ll join up to the site 2 weeks before I get there and start networking with girls and setting up dates.

It’s really that easy.

All the girls on the dating site speak good English and 95% of girls are normal regular working girls. If you want to come to Malaysia and get laid, Malaysian Cupid will be your best bet.


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