Ultimate Nightlife Guide To Laos For Tourists

Laos is a well-known country for being a landlocked nation that has full of surprises and if you are looking for a place to spend your holiday or just simply chill-out and have fun with some friends.

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Laos is one of the best places in where you can find mountainous northern highlands and of course the famous 4,000 islands of Mekong river which gives the country an incredibly diverse geography that perfectly matches it colorful culture.

Just like some other touristy countries and cities we knew, Laos is also trying to magnet and attract tourist people to visit their place and achieve a good market through them, Laos has also been into the stage of developing and innovating to be able to contend with other countries and cities and a lot of travelers and backpackers where also able to discover this untapped gem in Southeast Asia and part of its developing stages are its natural highlights, beautiful temples, ethnic villages, museums, night and morning market, and of course, the night life in Vientiane.

After the evolution of the beautiful city of Laos, the sleepy little Mekong fishing town has finally found its voice and made a big attraction to tourist people.

We can already find a lot of bars and pubs in the city in where we can spend the entire night when staying at Laos. As Laos tries to go with the trend we are in today, we can already find a nightlife that is located at the majestic river in the city’s heart which is truly one of the city’s major attractions to its visitors. I actually have a list of bars here which I highly recommend.

Lists of Bars and Pubs at Laos

Spirit House

Spirit House is a well-known bar and restaurant which can be found in Sikhottabong District, Vientiane and is open from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening.

A lot of people loves this bar for it do provides a nice waterfront breakfast, local delicacies for lunch, and a selection of tapas upon watching for the beautiful sunset which made this bar and restaurant available for its customers for the whole day especially during the Laos nightlife.

What people also love in this stylish lounge bar is its wooden interior and great background music which creates upmarket feeling that magnets local and expat crowd without even thinking that they are splashing their cash. Spirit House offers food throughout the day that ranges from burgers to sushi and of course they also serves spirits, wines, cocktails and international beers which are perfect while watching the sunset with some friends over Mekong and wait for the awaited Vientiane nightlife.

Lao Bowling Centre

One of the most visited bars in Vientiane is this bowling alley which can be found in Boulevard Khunbulom where you can find a lively night out with cheerful locals, cold beer and loud music. This bowling alley in Vientiane is the best place for you to go if you are finding for middle-class Laotians having fun which opens from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and sometimes later especially when the place gets busier.

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Lao Bowling Centre is made with a 10-lane bowling alley which is perfect for family bonding during the day and specifically great during the night in where the place really comes alive. Upon entering the alley, people can already hear the very loud music from the inside which would surely excite tourists even more. There are also some people who just sit there and enjoy some drink whenever the place gets busier and there will be no more spaces to play.

You can visit their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bor-Pen-Yang-restaurant-bar

 Bor Pen Nyang

Bor Pen Nyang is actually the most well-known bar can be found in Vientiane that is typically made with a four-floor bar which makes the place overlooking with the very stunning and beautiful Mekong River and Laos nightlife. The bar is a great place to chill-out over its roof terrace where we can enjoy the sunset.

If you’re looking for someone to spend the moment by simply chatting, the place is what you are looking for because it is consists with a lot of travelers, backpackers and even locals to whom you can spend your time with. The bar is open until 12 in the midnight which makes it a good place to spend the night. It has a nice roof terrace and balcony area that usually gets full and brimming when night comes.

As the night gets late, the bar is also becoming a place for working girls that are said to be usually around the place waiting for tourists to play with.

Kong View Restaurant

Kong View Restaurant is also the place where travelers, backpackers and locals can enjoy the very beautiful Mekong River from its riverside setting. The restaurant is open from 12:00 noon to 11:00 in the evening and serves different mix of cuisines from Thai, Laotian, and Western food. They also have two kinds of setting which customers can choose from which are there air-conditioned setting and tree-lined garden setting.

And because watching the sunset is highlighted in Kong View Restaurant, it is advised to visit the place earlier to attain a very good place just beside the riverside while enjoying some snacks and drinks that everyone would surely love. You can also enjoy the night and Laos nightlife with friends here in Kong View Restaurant for aside from delicious menu, they also offers drinks that group of friends would savor upon enjoying the scenery.

Future Nightclub

Do you want to spend the night with loud music while having fun with your colleagues? Well, Future Nightclub is the place for you for Future Nightclub is especially made for party-lovers that is found in Luang Prabang Road and near in Novotel Hotel which do opens from 5:00 in the afternoon and closes at 1:30 in the morning but can be extended when the place goes busier.

What people love about this club is that it has a live indie bands with a mix of hard house beats that made the place fantastic for people whose into Vientiane nightlife. Entrance fee during standard nights in the club is also free which attracts locals and travelers to spend the night in the club and share some drinks and have fun with some friends and even strangers who are also spending the night in Future Nightclub.

Vientiane Night Market

When travelers is in Vientiane, the Mekong river is definitely a “must-go” place in there in where we can find different kinds of Laos nightlife and one of those is their Vientiane night market or also called night bazaar which can be found in the newly renovated riverside promenade at Mekong river and next to Chao Anouvong Park.

This red roofed market is a place for those who are looking for food to eat with their food stalls, souvenirs for their loved ones, a place to chill-out, and a drink to share with others. Vientiane Night Market is operational from 6:00 in the evening until 12:00 midnight. Since its opening for Laos nightlife, a lot of locals and travelers do spend the night in this place and because this is an open area, working girls are also found in here which isn’t avoidable in Vientiane.

laos nightlife, Ultimate Nightlife Guide To Laos For Tourists

Travelers and backpackers can also find other bars and pubs in this beautiful Vientiane nightlife that I didn’t include in my list such as Beer Gardens, Deja vu Bar, Lunar 36 and many more. Visitors and locals just really have to walk along the downtown and look for the best place for them that would catch their interest and attention. Bars and pubs in Laos don’t just serve drinks and fun to their customers but they also serve food which is their country’s original specialties. Travelers can find cuisines in there which can depend on their preference from Thai, Laotians, or even Western foods.

Laos doesn’t just have great bars and pubs but they also have great people that would surely make their visitors love the city even more. One of the possessions that made Laos nightlife famous is its working girls that’s not inevitable when you are in the place.

As what they say, working girls are looking for prospects in the busy town of Vientiane in where they can benefit to and most of their target are travelers and foreigners who are also looking for fun when traveling to Vientiane.

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With Laos’ evolution from a quite small town, they are now a city that is full of fun in where we can see how modern and trendy the place is today and with the phase we are in today, I know a lot of us would really enjoy visiting this beautiful city of Laos especially their bars and pubs where we can meet new friends or just simply enjoy the day with a complete stranger and for those who are not really a party-lover, they can just sit there and chill-out and savor the moment watching the very beautiful Mekong river while it lasts.

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