Do Thai Girls dislike Black, Indian, and Arabs?

A comment on my blog a few days ago asked me if it’s true that Thai girls dislike Black, Indian, and Arabs? The short answer is yes. But before I go into detail why, let me first mention generally most Thai girls like guys with white skin.

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White skin in Thailand is considered attractive and you have a high status. Thai logic works like this, if you’re dark skinned you work outside on the farm, these are generally labour type jobs with bad pay, so you’re not considered affluent or attractive. If you’re light skinned that means that you have dodged working outside and instead work in an office or some other “high status” job, making you more attractive.  There are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking that’s how they see it.

Are Thai’s racist?

I don’t think they are. They are extremely ignorant, but once you show them that you’re a nice and caring person, they will open up their hearts and show you respect regardless of your skin colour or background.

Why do Thai girls dislike Black people?

Black people are not getting a chance anywhere, what’s a brother gotta do right? Thai girls play to stereotypes a lot, and the stereotypes of Black people in Thailand are that they are either a footballer or a drug dealer. The irony to that is every Black person who has ever talked too me has either been a footballer, or has been trying to sell me drugs or a African princess (bar girl) for a very reasonable price of 1,000 baht.

Some Thai girls also think that Black people look “scary”, and they some are scared that their dicks are too big and that they will rip them in half (true story).

Black, Do Thai Girls dislike Black, Indian, and Arabs?

Okay, so why do Thais dislike Indians?

From most Thai people I spoke too, they dislike Indians because they are smelly, rude, tight with their money and most want to haggle for everything. Let’s just call a spade a spade, and agree with them on this one, most indians are (who are from India) are like this, especially the ones that come to Thailand. I’ve visited India myself several times, and it’s a great country and there’s a lot of great people, sadly the men who come to Thailand, really do them a disservice and have given Indian men this negative shadow.

Thai girls say that Indian guys in general treat them bad, have terrible hygiene, and show a huge lack of respect towards them. This is Indian men from India, not Western Indians, although you’ll be lumped into the same category to begin with, but once you show them respect and talk politely there feelings will quickly change to positive thoughts.

What about the Arabs?

I don’t ask too much about Arab people, but when I interviewed a Thai girl on my site, she said there were roomers that they have sex with animals (uwotm8?), and are rude too.

So does this mean we have no chance with Thai girls?

Not at all. I have Black, Indian, and Arab friends who have met me in Thailand and had sucess with Thai girls. Sure they had to do a bit more leg work and had a bigger hill to climb, but it’s not impossible, quite far from it. Here’s some times you should take on board if you’re Black, Indians or Arab coming to Bangkok:

Dress well: dressing well in Thailand is important, since you’re not white you’re going to have to dress well to make up for it. Opt for a shirt and jeans, over a t-shirt and shorts.

Shave: Thai girls think Indians and Arabs are dirty people, most Thai girls prefer clean shaven guys to hairy dudes, so shave your mustache or beard before you come here.

Hang with white dudes: sometimes all you need is a little bit of social proofing, if you’re hanging around with Thai people or white people, that will be enough for girls not to be so “scared”, or think of you in a negative light.

If you’re are western you’ll be okay: If you’re Black, Indian, or Arab from a western country you’ll be fine for the most part, it’s more about the natives from Indian, the Middle East, and Africa that girls hate. They bring there dated customs to Thailand and don’t always show too much respect to the girls, which is why they’ve given everyone else a bad rep. Follow my tips, and just be yourself, and you won’t have too much of a problem.

Just pay: sometimes ain’t nobody got time for the tips I’ve just given you, money talks in Thailand, so just pay a girl if you don’t want to play these stupid games or think they are idiotic.

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Like I’ve already said, I have seen my Black, Indian, and Arab friends all manage to easily get Thai girlfriends in their time in Thailand. Some even to this day have Thai girlfriends. Thai girls are not racist although they do believe stereotypes, but once you show them you’re not like that, they will open up to you fairly quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below and I will do my best to answer. For tips on talking to Thai girls in night clubs click here.


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