Where To Find Russian Girls in Pattaya

Finding Russian girls in Pattaya is easy and in this article I’ll show you where.

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russian girls in pattaya, Where To Find Russian Girls in Pattaya

Over 8 years ago Thailand and Russia opened up an agreement to waiver Visas for either of their nationals visiting the others country. It has and was always going to be a one way deal.

Thailand wanted the Russian Rouble and it’s tourists.

And If I be honest, I’d rather like their Russian girls!

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Since 2007 and the start of the agreement 190,000 Russians visited Thailand, in 2012 that number had increased to nearly one and a half million Russian tourists. And the Pattaya nightlife is one of their favourite destinations.

russian girls in pattaya, Where To Find Russian Girls in Pattaya

It is true that number has declined in the past couple of years due to the Russian economy but it is destined to rise back up again when better times hit Russia.

After the Invasion as many call it, and there are a lot of folk that are unhappy with so many Russians visiting Pattaya.

So with more Russians girls in Pattaya coming to visit it was obvious more business had to spring up to cater for them and girls were no exception.

Where are they to be found and what do they offer are questions I will try and answer for you as we progress.

Where can you find Russian girls in Pattaya?

Unlike a great many of Pattaya’s tourists the Russian’s are not here just to enjoy the sex trade, and a demand began to grow for Russian girls in Pattaya, not just by Russian men but from other westerners also.

Therefore it was only time before bars and clubs were opened to cater for this new demand but it has one major drawback, the cost.

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Finding the best Russian girl in Pattaya is one thing but affording her could be quite another issue. Bear in mind who will be operating these girls.

Beach road

Beach Road in Pattaya can be a dangerous place at night with many Thai hookers and Thai ladyboys plying their trade. I must stress this is the garbage end of Pattaya’s sex industry and not to be toyed with lightly.

Regularly the police heard them all up put them in vans and take them to the station further up Beach Road. Here they are detained for a couple of hours then released with a 100 Baht fine.

It is purely a marketing ploy as these girls could never be driven away from their patch.

However, a few Russian girls in Pattaya have started to work down there and can be found at night lolling around the trees looking for punters. Regularly there are robberies and assaults in this area and instead of a red light district it is more like a blue flashing light zone.


I would not advise anybody to look for sex on Beach Road, some are illegal immigrants and quite a number are ladyboys who would just as soon rob you as mount you.

Walking street

This is the higher end of the Russian girl in Pattaya revolution. Clubs such as A GoGo and Galaxy cater for the European market and specifically for the Russian trade.

But is comes at a very high price, prices for a bottle of beer are around 250 Baht and spirits are ludicrous.

A dance on stage from a pole dancer will cost 1000 Baht and 7000 Baht for a private lap dance. Add another 4000 Baht for the bar fine and 7000 Baht for “Private Time” then you can see it is not the average man who is able to afford it.

Perhaps it would be cheaper to take a plane to Moscow for the night.


It has been mooted that there are several freelance Russian girls found down MIXX club also on Walking Street. Again the drinks are not cheap here but it is quite a good club and you can always enjoy the music and have a dance or two.

Here there are no set rules and fees, you will have to pay for a Lady Drink then negotiate from there directly with the girl.

Again do not expect this to be cheap, the lady is Russian and knows she can charge a premium price for that starting at 5,000b+.

It’s better value and experience meeting Thai Pattaya freelancers  or going to a blow job bar in Pattaya than paying the high price for Russian girls.

russian girls in pattaya, Where To Find Russian Girls in Pattaya

All in all the price for a Russian treat seems far outweighed by the ludicrous cost. But as everywhere the price is justified by lack of supply.

It may all change when eventually the average Russian Igor returns to these parts and demands sexual services. There is no way a Russian ship worker from Vladivostok could afford these ridiculous prices and I can see an alternative option on the cards.

However, there is a problem with this theory. Thailand is very strict allowing aliens to work in the country. And if a Thai women is capable of doing a job then you will have a hard job securing a work permit for somebody from outside the Kingdom.

This could all lead to one thing, more street walkers on Beach Road and Soi 6 Pattaya. That would be a catastrophe as none of this sex trade is regulated. It is both dangerous for the punters and the girls in Pattaya.

The whole scene really baffles me, why do people come all the way to Thailand to experience the exotic East. Then once they are here try to pick up Olga from the same town back home. It is really like going to a French restaurant and ordering Pizza.

I’d rather date a Thai girl any day.

Perhaps it is just a fad, Russian girls in Pattaya are new and in Vogue. Perhaps once a few more thousand come over to the streets of Pattaya then prices will tumble but it is really your choice.

If you plan to visit other areas of Thailand, read my guides on the nightlife in Krabi and Ao Nang’s nightlife guide, they are both an hour away from Pattaya by plane.

Pay over the odds for something that is probably not as good as you can get from a Beer Bar.

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russian girls in pattaya, Where To Find Russian Girls in Pattaya

In conclusion there is no real Russian revolution. The average Joe cannot afford these girls and where they are available the places are not the sort of establishments that I would recommend you to frequent.

Take my advice if you want a Russian lay then go to Russia, and if you are in Thailand and particularly Pattaya just enjoy fun with the locals.

You will not find Russian girls working in Pattaya inside sex massages or nuru massages unless you use an outcall escort agency.


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