6 Places for Best Sex in Beijing

Are you looking for sex in Beijing or a happy ending massage?

China may be one of the most populous countries not just in Asia but also in the whole world and with all these numbers of people living in China, some of them is now having a hard time finding a job and may opt to try various jobs even if it is a bit risky such as prostitution and such.

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, 6 Places for Best Sex in Beijing

As we all know, Beijing is the capital of China where we can find the country’s cultural, political and educational centre but as tourists go in and out of the city, Beijing today has been becoming one of the top sex trade city of the country where you can definitely find a number of prostitutes all over the city premises.

If you would stroll around the city of Beijing, you would surely notice how normal it is for the city to have prostitutes all over Beijing such as in their bars, happy massage parlors and even in the city streets thus if you are an expat who wants to check and experience sex in Beijing, you would surely have fun in here.

Beijing Happy Ending Massage Parlors

Are you looking for a relaxing time in Beijing? Then why don’t you give Beijing happy ending massage parlors a try?

Here, you won’t just have a nice and relaxing massage but you can also have a ‘happy ending’ from their pretty and hot masseuse.

Wonderful Massage Club

This Beijing happy ending massage parlor is located in Sanlitun, Beijing and so far, this one is my favorite amongst the other massage parlors you can find in the city. Aside from the experience and training their masseuses had, you can also find their masseuses pretty and sexy which made the place a perfect choice for all the men out there.

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Wonderful Massage Club offers different massage services for you to choose from such as their sensual massages with their aromatic oil and the best one is their body to body erotic massage where you can have a very relaxing massage with the use of your masseuse’s whole body, isn’t it great?

B2B Massage Parlor

B2B Massage Parlor is also a nice Beijing happy ending massage parlor but this one is more on with outcall services where you can just give them a call and have a massage at your own place or hotel room just exactly like with escort services.

This Beijing happy ending massage parlor offers both Asian and Oriental massage but if you wish to have more, they too have a body to body massage and also a full service afterward. When it comes to their masseuses, rest assured they are able to pick hot and sexy masseuses just for you.

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With all the Beijing happy ending massage parlors you can find in the city, their price may range from parlor to parlor but it usually ranges from 500 RMB up to 1000 RMB but if you are able to find a Beijing happy ending massage parlor who doesn’t have an extra service in the menu, you can directly ask the masseuse and give her extra payment for the service given.

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Also, aside from the massage parlors, you can find all over the city, you can also have a great Beijing happy ending massage through some hotels in the city such as with Hannahan Internation Hot Spring Hotel and may more hotels within Beijing premises.

Beijing Barbershops

Yes, you can absolutely find sex in Beijing with some barbershops in the city. As you visit these barbershops in Beijing, you may find some of them that are simply just a barbershop but most of them are not because of those barbershops that also offers a happy ending massage and extra services.

, 6 Places for Best Sex in Beijing

If you are wondering how you can find one, you can easily identify it since barbershops who offers extra services have a number of sexy Beijing girls wearing short skirts sitting inside the establishment. Some of them can also be found at the shop’s doors calling and inviting costumers to come in.

When it comes to their prices, prostitutes from these barber shops tend to be cheaper with only 300 RMB to 500 RMB and if you wish to bring the girl with you to your hotel room, they can also available for taking out.

Escort Services

Escort services are indeed one of the easiest ways for men to find sex in Beijing and also with the other cities in China where what you only have to do is to check on all those websites for escort services you can find on the internet and choose the best one for you.

Although escort services is an expensive way to have sex in Beijing as you meet their girls, your money would surely be worth it because escort services tend to have the prettiest and hottest girls in the city and some of them may even be models and such.

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Fiona in Beijing

What I love with Fiona is that their girls know how to speak English hence it won’t be difficult for all the expats out there just like me to communicate with my girl. This independent escort services as well gives you the chance to make some qualifications for the girls and they will then meet your demands and give you the girl that best suits your qualifications.

For the prices here in Fiona in Beijing, their full services usually price 1000 RMB and if you wanted to have your girl overnight (from 12 midnight until 8 AM), they usually charge 2000 RMB but it can really depend on the girl’s beauty and also with your bargaining skills.

Kitty’s Escort

This escort services agency is surely one of the top agencies in the city now where you can surely find a great sex in Beijing. What made Kitty’s Escort a good choice as well is that the owner definitely made sure that they have the best girls who are all well-mannered, trained, and of course gorgeous.

Kitty Escort is also cheaper compared to Fiona Beijing where you can have a one-shot session which is good for an hour of services with only 700 RMB and if you wanted to have more time with your girl or even have her overnight, you can contact their management and discuss the additional payment with them.

Street Walkers in Beijing

As what I have mentioned above, you can also find sex in Beijing through the streets in the city. If you are able to go along the streets of Beijing, you would surely find a lot of girls in the area who approaches men and offering sex at a very cheap price especially if you are a foreigner.

Some of them may also be in the parks and you can easily notice them with what they wear. Streetwalkers in the city usually wear high heels and sexy outfits. When it comes to their services, they may offer you a hand job or a blowjob but if you want a full-service, you can have it with just 250 RMB and take note that you can still negotiate with this price.

If you are looking for the best streetwalkers in the city, you may find a lot of them in Beijing red light districts where you can choose and compare from one streetwalker from the other. After you can choose and negotiate with the streetwalker, she can then bring you to her small room or may also opt to have her brought to your hotel room too.

KTV Bars

You can also find a lot of prostitutes in Beijing KTV Bars. If you in one of the KTV Bars in the city, it is somewhat required for you to have one of their girls as your ‘companion’ that prices 200 RMB to 300 RMB where she will sit with you and may also have a drink if you’ll give her one and if you wanted to have sex with her, you can ask the KTV Bar’s management if its allowed or not.

Sex with girls from these KTV Bars tends to be a bit pricey compared to those Beijing streetwalkers and barber shops where you are expected to pay about 600 RMB up to 1000 RMB for a one-shot session but if you are good in negotiations, you may even have a sex in Beijing with a lesser price.

There are also some other ways for you to look for sex in Beijing such as visiting their malls or night market where there are also a number of prostitutes strolling along the area or even girls who are willing to have fun for free.

you want to get laid for free in Beijing, check out this article.

, 6 Places for Best Sex in Beijing

With this Beijing sex guide, it would surely be easier for you now to go around the city while looking for the best place you can find sex but aside from sex in Beijing, you should also give the city’s tourist attractions and destinations a slot on your schedule for you would surely get amazed as well with all the attractions the city can offer you.


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