China Love Cupid Review

If you’re planning to visit China or Hong Kong for a holiday or business trip, in this article I’ll show you how to meet up with local Chinese girls who speak English with ease.

I’ll show you how to setup dates with local girls before you land in the country and what you should do to ensure the greatest chance of hooking up.

Why China Live Cupid

If you cannot speak or write Chinese there are few better platforms than China Love Cupid to meet girls that have the ability to speak English at an okay level, Chinese girls who this dating so do so with the intention of meeting western guys.

You’ll find thousands of Chinese girls on this site, using their filtering system you can focus on girls in a certain location.

How to setup dates before you arrive 

I suggest joining up to the site 10-14 days before you plan to visit, this will give you enough time to talk to girls and setup dates when you arrive.

Tell them why you’re here and casually suggest that you need a tour guide or would love someone to show you the local nightlife, sights or food., China Love Cupid Review

If a girl is interested she’ll be more than happy to meet up.

After signing up and uploading some photos, within a few hours I’m flooded with messages, I filter out the girls I don’t like them send a few message to the ones I do.

I’ll ask for their LINE or WeChat ID to take the conversation offline and then meet them when I arrive. The biggest benefit to using China Love Cupid is that you don’t need to waste hours while in the country meeting up with girls, as you can do it all before your trip.


China is a huge place and most of the girls you’ll meet outside of the business areas will be able to speak little English. If you want to meet local girls and have a good time, check out China Love Cupid and see what response you get, if you’re white skinned you’ll have at least a dozen or so girls messaging you within 24 hours., China Love Cupid Review


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