6 Places to find Shanghai hookers

Plan to visit China and want to know where to get laid by Shanghai hookers? Well here is all the information you need.

Want to get laid for free in Shanghai, check out this article.

Shanghai hookers, 6 Places to find Shanghai hookers

People talk of China as being a bustling metropolis suitable for a business venture. While that is true, China is a great tourist destination with a vibrant entertainment scene.

Our guide today explore Shanghai adult entertainment, from happy massage Shanghai to street hookers, brothels to strip clubs. Did you know China has more than 5 million hookers with roughly 700,000 working in Shanghai?

Finding Shanghai hookers is easy if you know where to narrow your search. It’s worth to mention not all sex venues in China are hospitable to foreigners.

Again, most of the girls do not speak English, and if they do it’s at a basic level. This means you might need a translation tool to inquire for a specific requirement.

Hookers in brothels

Prostitution is illegal in China and so are brothels. This is why you will you will barely see an establishment offering sex openly.

Instead, brothels disguise themselves as massage parlors or Saunas with most located in the red-light areas of Shanghai.

If you walk in the red district you will get approached either by pimps or the hookers themselves. Here are some of the best parlors:

  • Qin Massage, 815-8, Jianga’n District
  • Hai Lng Sauna, 1277 West Zhongshan Road
  • Yi Quan Massage, 1461, Shuidian Road, Hongkou District


In most of the red light districts, $20 to $25 is enough to get a short time sex. Note the price vary between these red light districts.

Shanghai hookers in Hostess bars

Hostess bars are quite common in Asian cities. Here Shanghai prostitutes  dressed as a hostess are paid by the management to entertain clients.

While most of the men get too drunk to shag with these, you can agree with the girl to escort you back to your hotel.

Note that the girl expects you to buy her drinks, which are considerably higher in price compared to other venues.

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This makes it an expensive way to get laid but a good way to spend an evening. To have more fun, go easy on the drink and remain on the course of getting into your favorite Shanghai hooker pants.

Shanghai hooker in happy ending parlors and sauna clubs

Many foreigners prefer to use adult massage as a way to have sex with Shanghai hookers. The game is easy, pick a girl in the “fish tank” and have a massage then Handjob, Bj or sex at the end.

You don’t have to spend a lot like in KTVs and hostess bars. To tap the growing demand, there are hundreds of erotic massage salon in Shanghai.


Any parlor with a 400 RMB means there is a happy ending Shanghai. In the standard areas, 250 RMB will get you laid by a Shanghai hooker of choice.

On the menu ask for happy massage Shanghai with these words, YOUYA, YANGSHENG AND TUIYOU.

Look for those parlors with masseuse dressed in sexy uniforms. Tight, short skirts is a good sign.

Shanghai hookers, 6 Places to find Shanghai hookers

Prices are fixed but expect to incur more in tips. Here are out recommend adult parlors in Shanghai

  • Hot Sea Sauna on Damuqiao Rd.
  • Yunguan Club on 6F Nanjing Lu 580
  • Cypress Hotel Club on 2419 Hongqiao Rd
  • Jun Hao Sauna Club on 3rd F, C 2131 Long Ming Rd
  • Ding Sheng Yuan 127 Datian Rd, Jiangan District

Hookers in Strip clubs

There are no strip clubs in Shanghai, or at least I have not come across one. This is not to mean Chinese hookers don’t offer strip dances.

Instead, you have to pay for private shows individually or as a group.  You can pay specific Shanghai hookers to strip in your place of stay if a group or pay for a love hotel if alone.

I hear there are underground strip clubs, but they do not last long or stay in the same place due to legal issues.

The best people to ask which strip clubs are happening are taxi drivers. They can give you directions or take you there.

Like any other strip clubs, drinks price is higher and there is an entry fee. How much these two costs depend on the club.

If not you can go with the escort option for a private show at your hotel. This is more expensive if covering the cost alone.

Also, like a majority of other strippers, they are here for lap dances and pole dances. However, most are willing to ride you if you offer them enough money.

Street hookers in Shanghai red light district

Shanghai has a population of close to 34 million people. With more and more men willing to have extramarital affairs, the prostitution industry is growing leading to mushrooming of more red light areas.

These ones will satisfy your fantasy, from happy massage Shanghai to BDSM Escorts.

Jingan district

Jingan is a prime red light district in Shanghai nightlife with everything from nightclubs, bars, KTV to street hookers.

Shanghai hooker here can go as high as 1000 RMB to as low as 130 RMB.

Chaojiadu red light district

Chaojiadu is another hot spot area to pick prostitutes in Shanghai.  Expect to pay around 500 RMB for a short time.

Xianana Road

This is a budget-friendly area to pick prostitutes in Shanghai. Depending on the girl and your negotiating skills, you can pay anything between 70 and 250 RMB.

Central New railway station

Commuters attract a lot of street hookers, with the area now lied with “barbershops”. The cost of sex here is cheaper compared to the main tourist areas. They are not the most attractive though.

Other red light districts are Meilong, Fahuazheng Rd, West pearl, Wusong, Ganquan village, Nanhui town, Golden Bridge etc.

Note: Street hookers are the safest girls to have sex with. You need to use protection regardless of how innocent she looks.

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Be aware of promoters promising to take you to beautiful girls offering sex for almost nothing. Fake ones will take you to an isolated alley and rob you.

Where to go for sex?

Love hotels are a good option. You can choose to rent the room for hours with the standard ones clean and pocket-friendly.

Love hotels in the red light district are cheaper. If you let the hooker choose, it will, of course, the rate will be higher.

If going out and getting a girl for sex sounds too much, online escort service and China cupid is the way to go.

China cupid allows you to meet a lot of girls offering sex for money. You can chat with many and choose the most beautiful and with the best rate.

Escort Shanghai hookers are categorized as:

General escorts (e.g. Rain in Shanghai, Uber girls, top escort babes, city of love) price: 1000-1300 RMB.

VIP escorts (e.g. Mynt models, VIP Asia, Supermodel Companion, Platinum models, and SHE internationals) price: 1200 – 2400 RMB

Specialist escorts (e.g. Escort escorts, Royal Patten Club, Golden dolls, Russian Escorts) you can find BDSM escorts too.

Hey, I hear Shanghai KTVs are a nice place for a girlfriend experience rather than a quick and simple bang.

Want to get laid for free in Shanghai, check out this article.

Shanghai hookers, 6 Places to find Shanghai hookers


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