Sex in China – Everything You Need to Know

In this article you’ll learn where to find sex in China.

China may seem to be the country who’s not into the prostitution industry but after you give the country a visit, you can undoubtedly unveil a lot of their secrets.

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, Sex in China – Everything You Need to Know

Sex is actually illegal in the country but if you’ll just check on their pornography revenue, you would find out that it takes about 30% of the worldwide pornography revenue while when it comes to their prostitution income, they earn 8% from their GDP (gross domestic product) from the prostitution industry.

From the early years in the mainland of China particularly during the 20th century, sex in China has started to take over the country and since then, sex and prostitution in the country continue to grow and grow each year. The government was actually able to make a survey on how fast prostitution was able to take part on their population and they have recorded about 3 million prostitutes in the country.

Where to find sex in China?

With the very large number of prostitutes you can find in China, you won’t surely have a hard time finding one. There are actually a lot of ways on how you can find sex in China and that includes going to bars, clubs, erotic massage parlor, karaoke bars and even in some online dating sites.

Bars and Clubs

If you are able to meet some Chinese people, you’ll then know that Chinese people love to party thus you can certainly find a lot of bars and clubs in the country where sex in China can surely be found as well.

Ophelia – well, Ophelia is actually at Hong Kong, China and since the place is now one of the most visited places in the country, you can certainly find a lot of expats and locals hanging out here in Ophelia.

I love how the place makes you dance all night with their music and great party ambiance. They also have their cocktails and beers that would help you enjoy every minute of your stay in the place. Ophelia might be a bit hard to track down but you can always ask the locals especially the vendors on how to get there.

, Sex in China – Everything You Need to Know

Great Leap Brewing Original 6 – the place is indeed a wonderful one. It is found in Beijing nightlife, China what would really make your night a good one in Great Leap Brewing Original 6 are their beers that would surely make you relax a bit. Their beer might be a cozy one but it is definitely worth it.

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I also love the place’s atmosphere where every expat feels the warmth Great Leap Brewing Original 6 is giving them. If you’ve looked for a place where you can hangout with some friends and find some girls for some sex in China then you can surely give this one a try.

Ozone Bar – if you wanted to experience the perfect view of the sunset when in China then you should go and try rooftop bars in the country and Ozone Bar is one of them. The bar is at West Kowloon and aside from the scenic view that can be found in the place, they also have their menu that is indeed one of the best in the country that everyone should truly try for themselves.

Slow Boat Brewery Taproom – although this place in Beijing, China is a bit small, you can still find a lot of locals and foreigners visiting Slow Boat Brewery Taproom. As what they say, Taproom may not be big in size but it surely is big in taste and that is all because of their menu too.

Slow Boat Brewery Taproom is visited by many for the food they serve and one of their best sellers are their burgers and they can serve you with this in a fast pace which makes customers wait no longer for their food. If you really wanted to try everything in the country aside from sex in China then you should definitely include Slow Boat Brewery Taproom in your next destination.

Sugar Bar – this one is actually a rooftop bar as well that can be found in Taikoo Shing Road, Hong Kong and what I also liked with this one is that it isn’t that crowded to compared to some other bars in China thus you can absolutely have a quality time with you friends or a girl you’ve meet China perhaps. They also have their fabulous drinks that everyone should give a try when visiting Sugar Bar.

Erotic Massage Parlors in China

You may get confused with some barber shops or beauty salons who also offers sex in China well, they are all the same for these barber shops and beauty salons do also have their massage services with some extra ‘services’.

Erotic massage parlors can actually be found everywhere when in the premises of China but so far, there are these three erotic massage parlors that I already have tried and I surely find their services as a good one.

Allure Spa – if you wanted to relax a bit and have a good time in China, you can definitely try Allure Spa that can be found in Graville Road. The Spa has their great amenities from their Jacuzzi and independent rooms for those who wants to have their privacies and also, aside from their extra ‘services’, they have their Swedish, french, and Nuru massage techniques offered to their dear clients.

Jin De Yuan – what I really like with these massage parlor are their girls which are indeed beautiful and attractive compared to some other massage parlors in China.

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They also have their clean and well-maintained rooms for their clients which I think is one of the qualities you should check when going to these massage parlors. You can find Jin De Yuan and avail their services at Lifa Building, Portland Street.

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Aqua Moon Massage – also an erotic massage parlor that can be found in Johnston Road, Wan Chai and what actually made the place a known one are their masseuse which are certainly well-trained ones who can give you not just a great massage but extra ‘services’ as well.

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Karaoke Bars

Having your night spent in a Karaoke Bar is surely a good idea especially if you’re the person who loves to sing your heart out with your favorite song but these karaoke bars might look just alike with those ‘normal’ karaoke bars found in China, it also has its difference with these ‘special’ karaoke bars is that you can ask the mamasan assigned in the karaoke that you and your friends are staying at their girls and they will then give you a line up of girls for you to choose from.

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If you are the person who is in China on a budget but wants to try sex in China then karaoke bars are the answer for you. Karaoke bars are honestly a much cheaper than clubs and other bars in the country where you only have to pay the hourly rate for the private room and girls who are usually priced low.

Online Dating Sites

If you wanted to meet girls in China for free in a very easy way then these online dating sites are the best choice for you. There are indeed a lot of online dating sites you can find on the internet nowadays but as I was able to check and try them, I actually was able to find this one online dating sites that was really able to give me everything that I need when it comes to online dating which is the China Love Cupid.

It’s also a great place to meet Chinese ladyboys.

China Love Cupid has around 1 million members as of the moment and with this large number, I am sure that this online dating site would definitely help you a lot with the finding the perfect match for you. What’s also nice with China Love Cupid is that it’s totally for free thus you can feel free to try this dating site anytime and anywhere.

After using China Love Cupid, I also find it very easy to use from joining or signing up from the website and up to finding the perfect match for you. After you have signed up, you can then make your own profile where you can place all your necessary information and photo as well and from there, you can already find all those single women registered in the website easily.

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, Sex in China – Everything You Need to Know

China has indeed a lot to offer you when it comes to prostitution and sex but aside from these, the country is also visited for their tourist attractions which I also find very great and if you really wanted to have the best time in China then you should also include these tourist attractions in your bucket list upon visiting the country and have a lot of fun on your journey.


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